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4.4/5Excellent69 Reviews
Yamanakako|2.73km from downtown
(repost from My family (with 2 kiddos) boarded the community bus on a sunday evening Dec 8 from Kawaguchiko bus terminal towards Gotemba station. Intending to drop at Bus stop 138 for Hotel shuttle bus pick-up. Unfortunately, I went pass the stop and unable to communicate with the non-english speaking driver, I press the bell and get off the next stop. With 4 luggages to bring down the bus and 2 young girls, I made the most regretful mistake of leaving my 30l packpack (with money and 4 PASSPORTS) on the bus. It was cold and dark at a bus stop which I dont know where and I walked to a nearby Denny's restaurant and called the Hotel. To my comfort, the hotel staff told me to wait where I am at the Denny's restaurant and will detour the shuttle bus to just pick my family up. At the hotel check-in, I explained my mishap to the hotel manager Mr Seiji Watanabe, and though the bus office hotline was closed after 6pm on sunday, he tries other means to contact the bus company and leaving his cell-phone number with the bus company to help me search for my backpack. The night went passed without any news and I was really depressed with Passports lost. The next morning at 8am when I was going for the buffet breakfast, I met Mr Seiji Watanabe at the lobby and he told me that my bag has been found at Gotemba Station and he has already sent a driver to help collect my backpack. By 9 am, I have gotten back my bag and most importantly, the passports. Thank you so much Mr Watanabe.
4.3/5Excellent9 Reviews
Yamanakako|6.41km from downtown
They have only 1 restaurant serving customers, should be no problem in normal days. But in holiday period, that’s a big problem. We came to restaurant at 9:30, but got a table around 1 hr later, but could serve food till 10:40. The most weird thing for me is they don’t have elite lounge serving breakfast for membership, and no spare space for peak time, but just let all customers waiting outside. Another bad experience for me is when we arrived hotel, no body came out from hotel to help us get down the luggage, and we need to take care by ourselves. In short, as a Marriott Elite Titanium member, rarely, this is not a pleasant visit for me. Another blemish is they have only 1 employee could use English to communicate with customers. This also created lots inconveniences to us. Since they joined Marriott group already, don’t they expect there would be more foreign customers, who can’t speak Japanese? 他們只有1家餐廳為客戶提供服務,正常情況下應該沒問題。 但是在假期裡,這是個大問題。 我們在9:30來到餐廳,但是大約1小時後才得到一張桌子,但是可以供應食物直到10:40。 對我來說最奇怪的是,他們沒有精英休息室為會員提供早餐,也沒有空閒時間來度過高峰,而只是讓所有顧客在外面等。 對我來說,另一個不好的經歷是,當我們到達酒店時,沒有人從酒店出來幫助我們放下行李,我們需要自己照顧自己。 簡而言之,作為Marriott Elite Titanium會員, 很少見的這一次不怎麼愉快的拜訪。 另一個缺陷是他們只有一名員工可以使用英語與客戶交流。 這也給我們帶來了很多不便。 由於他們已經加入了萬豪集團,難道他們不期待會有更多不会說日本的外國客戶來入住嗎?
4.7/5Outstanding8 Reviews
Yamanakako|2.45km from downtown
The hotel is far from the village of Yamanakako, and the taxi is about 1,300 yen. Although the hotel can pick up and drop off, the language communication is a problem, the manager is very enthusiastic, but the place name he said in English I don't know where it is, but later I learned that it was in the sun, so we finally took a taxi. I don’t have a shop in front of the village. I suggest booking a dinner at the hotel. It’s still very rich, and the rice is especially delicious. The first floor and the second floor are blocked by trees, and there is no Mt. Fuji. On the third floor, there is a small overlooking attic, which can clearly see Mount Fuji. Although it was very close to the Yamanakako Lake, it was blocked by the dense woods. It went far to the right hand side and found a deserted road. It was only at the lakeside and found that there was a very good walking path along the lake. Unfortunately, it took a while. Knowing how to get back to the hotel, I had to return. Hot springs are average. The room facilities are relatively old, the size is not 16-20 mentioned here, it feels three or forty flat. Once again, the hotel's service is really good, suitable for self-driving friends. The picture below shows the front yard and Mount Fuji seen in the attic.
2.9/56 Reviews
Yamanakako|1.04km from downtown
We loved staying at Ryozan Yamanakako Ryokan whilst at the Fuji Five Lakes area. The price can’t be beat, especially compared to other accommodation around the area. Pros: - spacious family room (it cost the same as a double room so I booked it, even though for just the two of us). The double room would have been sufficient for two anyway! - super clean - every sink had hand soap and paper towels. Not common in the many Japanese guest houses we’ve stayed at...! - the lady at the reception was very friendly and helpful :) - good internet (good enough for Skype video calls) - homey feel- like a cross between a good backpackers hostel and a ryokan because it still had free amenities like green tea, towels and toothbrush/toothpaste and toiletries - Good price - about 7,500 yen per night for two people. Good price for one of the Fuji five lakes and last min booking. - Owner speaks great English (spent some time living in Australia) and has a cute dog (Australian kelpie!). - Has in room fridge and the kitchen area (however it only has microwave and kettle) is open between 3-9pm and 7-10am to reheat your meals. - Lots of info re buses and getting around. - Cheap bike rental: 1,500 yen per day compared to at another place we saw charging 2,500 yen per day. - Has vending machine for drinks and she sells some instant noodles and coffee pods at a reasonable price. Cons: - a bit far away from bus stop (10 minute walk) and is away from main shops on the Main Street. Not a problem if you have a car. - 20 min walk to the nearest kombini (7-11). - Unfortunately does not serve meals: otherwise this would be perfect! (For the convenience) - check in / staffed only from 3-10pm but allows baggage storage. - Only shows up in Japanese characters on Google Maps. - Public bath available from 7-10pm, best just after 7 when the water is freshly drawn. Otherwise it’s a bit cool later in the evening (logically, because the bath water is just sitting there). But you can also have a shower (Japanese public bath style) from 6-9am. If you’re not used to not having your privacy when you shower, this might be a problem... however other guests weren’t in the shower when I showered. All in all a great stay for a great price in the Yamanakako area which is much less busy than Kawaguchiko.
4.5/5Excellent5 Reviews
Yamanakako|1.38km from downtown
The hotel is by Lake Yamanaka, the view is very good, it is a bit far from Lake Kawaguchi, but the transportation is quite convenient, about 30 minutes to Lake Kawaguchi, about 400 meters away from 7-11 and denny fast food, the hotel's hot spring is great, Mount Fuji is very It's cold, I ran a soup quickly when I came back to the hotel, saving a cold, especially good, the room facilities are a bit old but the sanitation is very good, the courtyard is very style
4.8/5Outstanding9 Reviews
Yamanakako|4.41km from downtown
Very typical older Japanese Ryokan, with no elevator. We were on 3rd floor, but view was worth it. Hotel was full with tour buses, and breakfast buffet was strictly oriental in variety, with one poor little toaster oven serving 60 people for toast. We used public transport and arrived at Yamanakako-Hirano Visitor Center, where we asked the nice lady there to call the hotel for pick-up. Within a few minutes, our ride arrived, and check-in was smooth. Our room did not have a shower, only toilet and separate wash basin. Hotel let us use room's shower across the hallway the 1st night, and we did without for the 2nd night. Mifuji is a 10-minute walk to bus, so the shuttle is handy. Our room was large - 15 tatami mats in size, with flat-screen TV, fridge, and usual amenities. We didn't use the traditional public bath, reportedly a natural hot spring.
4/5Very Good1 Reviews
Yamanakako|3.42km from downtown
It was a wonderful hotel as expected. Location is very good. The employees were always happy to serve customers with a smile and were very satisfied.
3.7/510 Reviews
Yamanakako|1.43km from downtown
Fuji Hokin Kaikan, where you can fully enjoy the tranquility of nature. You can see the magnificent Mount Fuji from the hall. The hall is surrounded by natural forests, echoing the singing of birds in the clear air, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying a relaxing and enjoyable time.
5/5Perfect2 Reviews
Yamanakako|1.38km from downtown
We checked in on the 1/16th. When we arrived, the owner of the hotel had already put down slippers. The owner was very kind. He asked us to take a rest in the reception room and sit on the massage chairs. Only our family checked in on the day. There is a bathhouse, although the bathing pool is small, the family is very comfortable with bubbles. We have dinner at six o'clock. The boss’s son can speak English. The dinner is also very rich and there are many varieties. We can only make it through. We are too full. The breakfast is too rich. After eating, the boss will take us around the scenic spots of Mount Fuji near Lake Yamanaka. In addition, the transportation is very convenient. You can go to the OUTLETS at the station and turn left for two minutes. They can also park in their yard. It is very good, very suitable for bringing your baby to play, it is recommended
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Yamanakako|1.35km from downtown

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4.3/513 Reviews
Staff were very friendly. We arrived well in to the evening, as we had been travelling all day. We were tired and were ready to stop. We took the last available king room. It was a very large room with a separate bedroom. Jacuzzi tub was in the middle of the room and the bathroom was over by the entrance in to the suite. An odd layout. It was a comfortable room but nothing out of the ordinary, for the cost of the room. A little steep! Our own fault for waiting till after dinner to book accommodations. My first thought when we entered the room was it needed a good dusting. Overall a comfortable nights rest!
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3.1/52 Reviews
Queen Cottage was so very dark with insufficient lighting, giving it a gloomy drab feel. In contrast to the front rooms that have been recently renovated, the cottage needs renovating. The water in the bathroom was barely warm. When I phoned reception to report this, I was told to let the water run long enough to get it hot. When I told them I had done this already for 15 minutes and it was still only just warm, they then said there is nothing they can do. So no hot water. When we first moved in there were several mosquitoes in the room. The Cottage was quiet as it is at the back of the property away from the road. It was also handy to park our car right beside the cottage. The breakfast included was a good portion of scrambled eggs on toast. Having the cooked breakfast was very welcome rather than just the usual continental.
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3.9/53 Reviews
I’ll start by saying the location is pretty good. Easy to get around from. The room is very dated and not clean. The hair from the last person who shaved in the bathroom was still stuck to the wall. Our TV was broken and when I reported this to the front desk they advised they had never had any complaints and would fix it right away. We then had front desk staff in the room and then a ‘repair man’ who looked at it and brought in a box which had a tv to replace it, but he didn’t know how. Then the. Said they would do it first thing the next morning. The next night they said they forgot then went into the room and came out claiming it was fixed and took the box. It still didn’t work, picture was totally scrambled. The room smelt like mold and there was a pipe (not sure for what use) on our patio table. Our last day we were at the poll and over heard two other families talking about how their TVs also were not working and how hard it is to have kids in the room at night with no tv.. my complaint as well. The price was way too high for what they offered.. the spa.. oh boy! I dare you!
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5/51 Reviews
Our last stop. This place was a disappointment. Very plain lobby building. I say building because the rooms are three separate two story places behind the lobby building. The lobby was large with barely anything in it. Check in was easy enough. Drive around back, carry the suitcase up a flight of falling apart, rusted stairs to a door that either needed paint or a good cleaning. Looking around, ALL the doors needed this and probably more. Very, very dated place that could use millions in updating and repairs. Not sure who is rating this place a 4. The room was old looking. My top sheet had a small stain on it which may have been washed blood because it was brownish. The bathroom was small.. The door had plaster marks from where they lowered the hook and the paint job around the frame wasn't complete. More plaster repair in the bathroom where they lowered the towel rack and two holes in the tile where it looks like something was removed. Beds were comfortable enough and the AC wasn't overly loud. Fairly quiet at night. If you want ice you have to take your bucket down the stairs, go outside and hope it's not raining, to the main building where the ice machine, pop machine and washer and dryer are. Old, run down place in need of repair and friendlier staff. At check out I walked in and the woman behind the desk was speaking to someone behind the door. Didn't acknowledge me and continued to argue. She then got up and left me standing there. Two more people came in before she got back. She sat down, asked yes? and when I told her I was checking out, processed the papers without saying another word to me before I left. Not impressed. There are nicer places in town. Avoid this one
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4.3/52 Reviews
Nice clean hotel we had to stay two nights as our other hotel was booked over the weekend this was a great place. Friendly staff clean room my only real complaint is that the toilet needs to have more room to sit and think I’m a big guy but my friend who was with me is not and said it was very small area to sit. Large grass area that we had a patio door to would be awesome if you have a family and want a safe place to play. I would stay here again
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3.8/52 Reviews
Beautiful property with lots of birds and bunnies, I had a wonderful stay. Staff was very friendly and accommodating we had a room which allowed pets. We must visit the Restaurant the next time very affordable
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