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4.4/5Excellent10 Reviews
0.1km from The Butterfly
SAMI!!!! Hats down! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! You truly are a man of your word and DELIVERED! I’m so grateful that Jess and I experience at the ROXY Hotel was made all possible and all thanks to YOU! Thank you for taking the time to support my vision of this surprise for my partner, making our stay so memorable. Thank you for going above and beyond, being such a pivotal component to a memorable moment in “our” History✨Words can’t explain how thankful and grateful I am 🙏🏽 In addition, I’d like to thank the amazing staff, everyone, so welcoming from the moment we’ve set foot in the hotel, the staff at the door, to the front desk, to the housekeeping, to the restaurant and the amazing artists’s solos playing so delicately their musical instruments, truly music to our ears, allowing the essence of what to us The ROXY Hotel stands for. My partner Jessikah was just in awe and felt so inspired, definitely recharged, to continue her craft at creating as an artist herself. Truly you all set the tone for quality service even during a pandemic! Such a central location to experience NYC, Thank you! Thank You! We are so grateful and are so looking forward to many more stays. With Gratitude, Lo and Jess
4.6/5Outstanding8 Reviews
0.18km from The Butterfly
Smiles, smiles, smiles ??? Greetings, greetings, greetings ??? Upon arrival at the hotel at 1520 hours, I had to ring the bell as the sliding door was locked. When the desk clerk asked for ID, I tried to give it to her through a hole that the ridiculous plastic divider has. Annoyed, she said "just show it to me". She must be 20-20 to see the ID from where she was. For the most important part of the check-in, she asked for a credit card. I did the same thing as before - through the hole. She said "just do it in the credit card terminal". I did that. Phewwwww. Done. When she finished registering me she said "enjoy your stay". Say whaaaaaat? She was nice to me later on. Maybe she had had a problem before. It is upsetting to me that people think when we are very old we do not understand anything (thinking about the holes). Not so. I am very smart for a 78 very old woman. Miss Esmeralda from housekeeping went to my room (with a happy face) as I could not heat water in the coffee machine. I did not know I had to push the blue button after it lit. I guess I am not so smart - or that was too simple. Ha, ha, ha. During the day, I went out three times and had the same problem with the locked sliding door. The hotel should install a card reader so its customers can open the sliding door with the card as Hampton Inn (now Hampton Hilton) does. I had checked-in online and picked out room 614 king "deluxe". The room is not huge but not a shoebox either. The pillows are too soft. Maybe the hotel should buy from My Pillow. The side little windows open a little bit. That is a plus. I always reserve the -14 rooms on the Avenue of the Americas side. The subway station is across the street from the hotel. To get to that station, we have to "Take the 'A' Train" (like the Duke Ellington song which was his orchestra's opening theme). You will need the Canal Street Station, A, C or E train. Exit: Avenue of the Americas/Lispenard Street. It used to be Avenue of the Americas/Beach Street but that station on the same sidewalk of the hotel is closed. There are different subway stations to Canal Street for other subway lines. To check-out at 0645 hours on 10.15.2020, the guy was extremely nice and knows how to smile. I felt like asking "what's your problem". Keep being nice to the hotel "guests", young man. I hope you had been there when I arrived on the 14th in the afternoon.
4/5Very Good1 Reviews
0.33km from The Butterfly
So, oddly enough - I chose this hotel based on a variety of factors, including price, and other reviews. I had it down to three or four, but I knocked my number one out for price (which with hidden fees - this would have been the same) and I took out another because there were repeated problems with billing. Well, that should have also been a non-issue, because after trying to resolve the minibar problem with the Soho Grand, I tell you - I passed on the $8.50 Snickers candy bar, but got charged for it - or heaven knows what, anyway. Plus, the amenity fee of around $40 per night that gets tacked on, at - wait for it - check-out. So, add $50 to your room charge in your head when you book here, per night. The room was fine. It was comfortable enough. I tried calling the front desk and the concierge desk in the morning without answer for a long time. No one was near the ground floor at check-in. The front desk staff was average and slightly confrontational, long before she got to me and my amenity fee problem, because lots of people had problems and solutions seemed difficult. I won't stay here again. I was ready to like, heck - love it, but the aftertaste of trying to sort this out - it's not good. I read another review that said that they were surprised after several nights with several rooms with $700 of amenity fees (in a pandemic, when you can't enjoy half the hotel, anyway) - I bet that was delightful and I saw I'm not the first person to get charged for the minibar without any resolution. So, instead of enjoying whatever it was that I was supposed to have enjoyed from the minibar, I'll share that you might have billing problems - you might like this hotel, but - I've stayed at quite a few hotels in New York over the past month, I've been in NY for a few months this summer for business - this is the only one getting a bad review. You can do a lot better for quite a bit less. I promise. I recommend choosing your runner-up.
3.6/53 Reviews
0.36km from The Butterfly
We are just back from New York and has a fantastic stay in the Walker Hotel. It is in a great location on the edge of Chinatown and is great as a base for walking or using the subway. There is a rooftop bar and restaurant that are due to open within the next few weeks and there is already a really cool coffee shop based on the ground floor. The staff were young and informal and could not have been nicer - and they were really helpful when I lost my wireless earphone in the bed frame! The rooms are small - we were in a king room and the bed was raised in a platform and you had to be a bit organised but it was really modern and very good value - we were under £100 a night which is amazing value for what we got. We would recommend
4.5/5Excellent5 Reviews
0.41km from The Butterfly
The staff and location of The James is fantastic! But the room quality has seemed to decline. Our dead bolt was almost busted off the door, the blowdryer was a fire hazard, no bottle opener provided in mini-bar, dry cleaning tag and staples sticking out of comforter....not that any of these were major, but it all starts to add up! The food situation is also dire. The restaurant AND the Jimmy were BOTH closed down. Room service was bodega quality. Hope they can turn this property around to its former glory!
4.3/5Excellent16 Reviews
0.49km from The Butterfly
My wife & I stayed here for 6 days on our honeymoon. On first impression, it was a nice hotel with modern interiors. On the final morning of our honeymoon, we were packing up and the receipt attached was put under our door amounting to $278.40 for expenses that we didn’t incur. I read swiftly through the receipt and became very angry. I don’t take well to being scammed or to someone trying to scam me out of $278.40. We both couldn’t believe our eyes. After staying at their hotel for six nights and giving this hotel our business…this is how they behaved. I would strongly advise either; NEVER STAY IN THIS HOTEL or alternatively STAY IN THIS HOTEL IF YOU’D LIKE TO BE SCAMMED. Having travelled extensively, I’d seen this kind of thing in some shadier parts of the world, but never would have expected to see this in New York! So, instead of leaving our room in a good mood after our honeymoon, we left with an incredibly bad taste in our mouths knowing that we now had to have an argument with the receptionist…brilliant! We had a full blown argument with the receptionist and she said initially that we can pay half…you’ve gotta be kidding me. We then continued arguing and the receptionist finally said we’ll waive it this time. Thanks for that! So, it was a case of the hotel chancing their arm that an unsuspecting customer would be happy paying an additional 300 bucks. On entering the room, we noticed a tray with snacks and drinks on it with extortionate price tags. For example $10 for bottled water! (Attached photos) We immediately put this tray into the cupboard so as not to accidently use any of it and be overly charged. This left a slightly bad taste in our mouths. There was no free tea & coffee available in the room which I’ve never seen before having previously travelled extensively. In the middle of the room was a door which led into the room beside us, this had no sound proofing whatsoever…which we found out. Three days into the holiday, a group of adults came in at 230am in the morning and were shouting loudly. We called reception and security came and told them to be quiet. About ten minutes later, they again started up until 5am. The next morning we complained to reception; there was no apology whatsoever and we were told that the group next door wouldn’t be staying another night. In other hotels I’ve been to this would have warranted a 20% discount or more on the rate of the room for that particular night. This again left a pretty sour taste in our mouths as we were both exhausted for the entire day due to this occurring. In summary; the only good thing about this hotel was the view from the 24th floor & I’m very surprised that they don’t try and charge customers for the view. (Hopefully they don’t get any ideas from reading this review).
4.6/5Outstanding4 Reviews
0.5km from The Butterfly
Overlooking that famous NY's skyscrapers' line - all of them together! - is a fantasy of many, and although I don't belong to that group, I was even more surprised and astonished by seeing them together from our 18th floor room. Empire, Chrysler, MetLife, Rockefeller... all of them at glance! We were not aware of that in advance and simply booked this place because of its location, just between SoHo and Tribeca, good score and exceptional price (although in February). Being there, we notified some shortcomings, yet overall impression is highly positive. We got even more than expected and fully enjoyed this comfortable, affordable and decent stay + unique opportunity to observe New York's skyline. Additionally, if you also appreciate contemporary architecture, you may visually explore adjacent Renzo Piano's condo building which is literally just a few meters away! The room was truly spacious, especially for the NY standards, and although they don't have a kitchen neither breakfast offer, you may find complimentary hot and cold drinks, with magnificent hot apple cider which we enjoyed each morning. Highly recommendable and be back for sure if we drop by to that side!
3.7/51 Reviews
0.57km from The Butterfly
We wanted a weekend away in Manhattan and this hotel is nestled in the heart of downtown Manhattan surrounded by shops and wonderful restaurants to choose from. Most importantly its right behind Laduree Soho, a lovely French dessert shop with the most amazing macarons! Once we checked into our room and settling in a bit, we were greeted with a bottle of sparkling white wine and two jars of treats with a small note thanking us for our stay. The room is also has a wonderful little Nespresso machine where we were able to enjoy a lovely cup of coffee each morning in the comfort of our hotel room. The room itself was very clean and charming and we loved the location we were in. We definitely would love to come back again to celebrate future occasions!
4.3/5Excellent11 Reviews
0.59km from The Butterfly
First time driving "into" the city - pulled right in front and was met immediately with a valet who unloaded our bags and took care of my car. Location - Soho area, VERY "in" place for restaurants, shopping, etc. 1 minute walk to the subway and 20 minute ride to times square, Broadway, etc. Staff - OVER and beyond my expectation! LOVE Amaris at the front desk! FREE wine nightly from 5-7, rooftop bar/patio, DELICIOUS restaurant in the hotel and you get FREE sampler mini-ice-cream-cones with your meal. Food is AWESOME! Room - we stayed in the bunk bed room - OMG so much fun for my friend and I! Extremely clean, and staff is ready to help with any need. Price - VERY reasonable for such a nice place! Did not expect everything including extras - one of the BEST places to stay. This was our 9th trip to NYC and we always try new hotels, but we will ALWAYS come back to Arlo Soho! Can't find anything better for the convenience (esp if you drive) and the extras.
4.2/5Very Good10 Reviews
0.6km from The Butterfly
Hotel location is good, no breakfast, but there is a nice breakfast shop opposite. It is close to Chinatown and Little Italy Street and has convenient eating. There are two subway stations nearby, with convenient transportation and security. There is a parking lot at the corner, 20 knives for 12 hours and 43 knives for 24 hours. The bad place is that the room is small, there is no refrigerator, the air conditioner is noisy, there is no airport shuttle bus, but you can help call the car, the airport to the hotel 60 knives. In general, it is ok.
4.5/5Excellent10 Reviews
0.61km from The Butterfly
Our stay at the Broome Hotel was nothing short of perfect. The quality and charm of the room, the hygiene standards they maintained during COVID, and the service were excellent. Couldn't write a review without mentioning the amazing complimentary breakfast as well!!!! Could not recommend a stay here more. Thank you for a wonderful few days!
4.4/5Excellent26 Reviews
0.69km from The Butterfly
My wife and I stayed here in March 2020 right as the U.S. COVID-19 infection rate was spiking. The hotel itself hits every note, gets everything right. The physical environment is gorgeous and tastefully decorated. Our view of the city from our room was amazing. The room was comfortable, stylish, well-maintained and clean. It lacked nothing. Customer service is second to none - every interaction we had, from check-in forward, was warm, efficient, and generous. This applies to everyone we interacted with, but a special shout-out to Felix! He helped us out and helped us save money when it would have been easier to just let us make our own mistakes. I can't say enough good things about our experience at the Dominick Hotel! If you're staying in SoHo, this is the spot.

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4.5/596 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
The hotel's configuration is good, dishwasher, microwave, induction cooker, refrigerator, dishes and cutlery are very full! It's just that the scoop and shovel are not easy to use, but you can do it! The hotel room is large, a dressing room, and two large closets. There is an anteroom in the entrance. The kitchen has an island and a dining table. The family is definitely very relaxed. But the shortcomings are too prominent, that is, the refrigerator is very noisy. At night, the noise is not good at all. The sound of the air conditioner is louder and the heat is very fast. It is sleeping in an air conditioner. The noise feels like sleeping in the open hood. Next to it, the booming night collapsed! If the air conditioner is turned off first, the second refrigerator is still very noisy and can't be turned off, so sleep and fear the noise to give up! In addition, the curtains are blinds, and they are not shaded at all. This is not human! Let's talk about the advantages. The hotel is just outside the Wall Street subway station. There is an exit on the 2. and 3 lines in the hotel. It is especially convenient. It is also very close to the 4th and 5th lines! The hotel is very convenient for transportation. It is a 5-minute walk from Trinity Church and a 10-minute walk from Wall Street Copper Bull. The opposite side of Tongniu is the Museum of American Indians. The building is particularly beautiful! It’s also about 10 minutes walk from the boat dock to see the Statue of Liberty. It’s really convenient, and the surrounding security is better. There are not so many tramps! The hotel has a big food supermarket for 3 minutes. The food for cooking can be fully purchased. Turn right and go straight for 5 minutes. There is a very complete daily necessities supermarket. It is also convenient. In short, in addition to huge noise, other The place is worth experiencing, the bathroom is easy to use, the toiletries are all L'Occitane, the mattress is soft but comfortable, the pillows and quilts are also very soft and comfortable, the bed is USB charging and humanized, except for the bathroom mirror I don’t know what to do with the nonsense owls. It’s very scary to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. The others are very human! In addition, I saw that there is a guest feedback that there is no smoke exhauster. In fact, I have not found a place. The switch of the smoke exhauster is on the microwave oven. The light is the light of the hood. The FAN is the switch of the smoke exhauster. The blinds next to the air conditioner outlet are seen. It is one piece, it is actually a cover, and the air conditioner switch is hidden inside.
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5/51 Reviews
Times Square
My boyfriend and I spent the night here awhile ago and we couldn't be happier with our stay. The hotel feels very sexy so it was perfect for our little staycation. We're right next to Times Square so we got to be tourist in our city. The rooftop is gorgeous. We had the king suite overlooking the street with wall to wall windows. It was a great change and escape from our tiny Brooklyn apartment. Would highly recommend for a sexy night in NY:) Also shout out to the GM Jeremy Poon if he's still there. Amazing hospitality from the bellman to the front desk to the housekeeping team.
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4.3/5428 Reviews
Wall Street/Financial District
1. Good location: 9/11 new building and Memorial Museum just outside the window. 2. Convenient for travel. It takes 3 minutes to walk to New York's line 1, 2, 3, E, R, W. Taking a taxi is also very convenient. 3. Good service: there are people in the lobby 24 hours, and a deposit of 250 yuan for 5 nights. 4. The room size is OK and the facilities are complete.
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4.6/568 Reviews
Upper West Side
It ’s not the time to come out this time to catch the epidemic every day. This hotel is not cost-effective. The deposit is 600. Breakfast is basic for more than 100. Every night, the food is delivered to the room for more than 130. The 600 deposit is not enough. I ca n’t say that the deposit is refundable. The bathroom is super small, especially the shower and hand basin. What ’s wrong? Drop the ensuite sofa into the toilet. The sofa can be turned into a bed. I think the next time I go I will choose to live in New Jersey across the Madison River to see the buildings in Manhattan. It was so noisy that at least ten policemen were parked downstairs 24 hours a day.
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3.8/527 Reviews
Times Square
I was going to NYC to see Elton John and was to stay at The New Yorker. Well... neither happened. I had made non-refundable reservations but called the hotel to see if their policy would change during this crisis. Every person I spoke to was so nice and helpful. One person that really stood out was Neida Aldama, a supervisor at the front desk. She was incredibly kind and compassionate about the situation, and offered that my prepayment be used as a credit that I can apply anytime in the next year (hopefully if/when Elton John reschedules!!). I feel that this was very generous, given the fact that they had every right to tell me I was SOL. Neida even went so far as to call me to directly answer a question I had. I know that they are dealing with a lot and are working with a skeleton crew, so that phone call really blew me away. Thank you Neida and The New Yorker!
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4.9/55 Reviews
Stayed here 3 times it’s a great place to stay away from Manhattan. Close by to a liquor store and supermarket for everything you need since all the rooms have a kitchen with utensils. The breakfast is great too
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