Top 10 Cuiyuan Hotels

Top 10 Cuiyuan Hotels


74 Reviews
4-104, Wanda Plaza, No.3200 Taibai Avenue, Ma'anshan, Anhui, China
53.8km from Lukou International Airport
7.0km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
7.3km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
1.8km from Downtown
"The Longting Hotel was recently opened in 2019, making it a fantastic choice for those staying in Ma'anshan. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 7km from Ma'anshan Railway Station and 54km from Lukou International Airport. Seeing Ma'anshan's sights from this hotel is easy with Ma'anshan City Museum, Ma'anshanshi Culture Square and Donghu Park all close by. This hotel makes a great place to kick back and relax after a long day of sightseeing. Guests of this Ma'anshan hotel can make use of the parking facilities. There's never a dull moment at this hotel, our guests indicate that the facilities are excellent. "
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2993 Reviews
No.3200 Taibai Avenue, Ma'anshan, Anhui, China
54.4km from Lukou International Airport
6.8km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
7.2km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
53.9km from Lukou International Airport
6.9km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
7.5km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
1.7km from Downtown
"I chose Wanda Realm Hotel for a holiday trip. The hotel’s transportation is very convenient. It is next to the shopping mall and one-stop service for eating and shopping. There is also a large park near the hotel. The next day I take the children to play. The room is relatively large and the view room is very large. Comfortable, specially equipped with children’s slippers, which is very heartwarming. Children like swimming. The hotel has its own swimming pool, which is small, clean, and strictly controlled. The breakfast is good and rich. I chose a table by the window. Comfortable! The breakfast tastes good, with many varieties and tastes. Thanks to Xiao Wei from the front office and Manager Zhou for their service"
"Bring your child to play, the hotel is tall and the room is very good, with children's slippers and toothbrushes. I am very grateful to Anne Beauty and Manager Liu for the check-in at the front desk. I gave me the patience to introduce the hotel and the nearby eating. The concierge in the lobby also enthusiastically helped with the luggage. In short, the hotel I stayed in was very satisfied."
"Ma'anshan R&F Wanda Realm Hotel can be regarded as the best hotel in Ma'anshan! As soon as I walked in, the supporting facilities around the hotel are very comprehensive. Shopping malls and restaurants. Going out, it is also close to the high-speed rail station and convenient for taxis. Wanda’s bedding is very comfortable. The little Hu who checked in was enthusiastic and praised."
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1666 Reviews
No.99 Huayu Road, Ma'anshan, Anhui, China
56.2km from Lukou International Airport
4.4km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
5.1km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
1.3km from Downtown
5.4km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
"The first business trip to Maanshan, online booking, the hotel in the city center, from the high-speed rail Ma On Shan Station to the hotel taxi is very convenient, directly said that the overseas sea will know. The hotel has a large ground parking lot, next to the Chongqing hot pot restaurant and the local restaurant of Anhui local flavor and a small supermarket, it is convenient to eat and buy small things. The lobby is very large, check-in and check-out are quick, the room is clean, the air is fresh, there is no occlusion and unpleasant smell of the common air-conditioned rooms. For one night stay, there was no room for breakfast. When I checked out, the front desk gave me a lunch box with a small snack. It was a small surprise."
"Hotel location is good, from Ma'an Shandong Station, it will be about five kilometers, playing 13 or 14 dollars. Because it is a working day, the occupancy rate is not very high, the front desk lady gave us three rooms and all the executive suites (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) than the heart. The room is very spacious, or the lake view room, you can directly look at the South Lake, the scenery is good, the evening is very lively. The front desk service was very welcoming and we also recommended a special restaurant. The hotel room is very cost-effective, it is relatively cheap in the five-star hotel, there are not many people nearby, suitable for relaxing slow travel. In short, it is beyond the expected occupancy experience."
"Every time I come to Maanshan, I live here. It is located on the south bank of the beautiful Yushan Lake. The room is clean and tidy. The scenery outside the window is pleasing to the eye. This time I went to the front office manager Xiao Chen to see me with my children and upgraded the lake view suite for free. From entering the lobby to staying in the room, all the staff were very friendly. When the check-out, the daughter's hand was pulled in the room and the floor attendant found it in the lobby. Breakfast is served in the revolving restaurant on the roof. Later, I will continue to choose this hotel in Maanshan."
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2 Reviews
"Opened in 2018, the Jin Yu Xuan Guanlanlou offers travelers a pleasant stay in Dangtu, whether for business or leisure purposes. The hotel is only 4km from Dangtu East Railway Station and 53km from Lukou International Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. The nearby area boasts an abundance of attractions including Zengshan Ecological Garden, Lijing Hot Spring and Dangtuxian Museum. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. For guests' convenience, airport pickup can be arranged. This Dangtu hotel features parking on site. According to our trusted guests, the facilities at this hotel are first-rate. "
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4982 Reviews
No.8 Hunan West Road, Ma'anshan, Anhui, China
57.0km from Lukou International Airport
4.3km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
4.6km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
2.1km from Downtown
56.5km from Lukou International Airport
4.2km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
4.8km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
2.0km from Downtown
"Golden Eagle Summit Hotel should be the best hotel in Ma'anshan, I feel pretty good. First of all, the geographical environment is good. The hotel also helped us upgrade the lake-view room for free, which has a good view; the rooms are spacious and the sanitation is also very good, and they also gave free fruits. Secondly, next to the hotel are Yushan Lake Park and Nanhu Park. It feels good to walk in the morning and evening. Also, the hotel’s breakfast food is plentiful and varied. However, the only downside is that the service in the breakfast room can’t keep up. There is no black tea. It takes a long time to still be unsatisfied. The bread test machine is not turned on. It takes a long time to heat up after opening. Some foods are unprofessional and close to the window. The best seat is actually reserved. There should be no reserved seats for breakfast, if you should go to the overhead glass room for isolation and safety! 👌"
"The hotel upgraded the room type for free, and gave away fruits and small specialties (dried tofu). The hotel is especially suitable for a short 2-day self-driving tour around Ma'anshan on weekends. The Yushan Lake scenic spot is under the window. After breakfast on Sunday, you can spend half a day traveling around the lake, which is great! The hotel has a special area on the third floor of the free underground parking lot, which is very convenient. The breakfast is plentiful, especially the breakfast pastry, which is very good! In addition, we had a Chinese dinner at the hotel, which was also very good."
"The location is very good, there is a park next to it, and there is a shopping mall below. Guests staying in the hotel have a 20% discount for eating at a Chinese restaurant, but they must eat before checking out or they will not be able to enjoy this discount, so everyone pay attention, but the hotel’s cuisine is very good 👍, worth eating, the room is large, and the most interesting thing is that there is a robot to deliver things, which is very fun!"
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239 Reviews
No.19 Jinshan Road, Gushu Town, Dangtu, Anhui, China
52.9km from Lukou International Airport
3.8km from Dangtu East Railway Station
20.8km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
7.4km from Downtown
21.0km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
"As soon as I entered the hotel area, I felt very tall, and there were many independent villas next to it. We ordered a twin room with breakfast and hot spring. The room was very clean, the service was good, and there were welcome fruits (one orange, one cucumber, three small Tomato), breakfast was okay. At night, many of the hot springs pools were not open, the light was a bit dark, and the road was not clear, so we went to the swimming pool for a while, but the hot springs did not soak."
"The attitude of the front desk is very good. According to the request, it should be checked out at 12 o'clock. I called the front desk to apply for an extension to check out before 2 o'clock. It was great, and the experience was very good. I gave it a good comment."
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1295 Reviews
No.188 Middle Taibai Road, Dangtu, Anhui, China
56.3km from Lukou International Airport
5.0km from Dangtu East Railway Station
19.9km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
830m from Downtown
4.9km from Dangtu East Railway Station
"the Changjiang International hotel was clean and nice hotel. the breakfast was rich and the restaurant in the 2nd floor offered a broad selection of food. More importantly, I really liked the hotel staff, especially Ms.Xu Qinghong. She was impressive young lady who knows how to serve the guests with efficient service and positive attitude. If I come back to this city, I would definitely stay in this hotel. I highly recommend you this hotel. "
"The hotel is one of the best in the local area. The lobby of the hotel is high-end and atmospheric. There are also many parking spaces and lots of green plants. You can walk around the hotel in the morning. I heard that the hotel also has pick-up service and car wash service. The sweet soup and yogurt, the waiters are also very enthusiastic, it is worth experiencing! !"
"The breakfast is plentiful, the room has turn-down service every day, but the bathroom is too small, the TV should be changed to a larger one, it is too old. The breakfast room service is very good, can remember my dining habits, and take the initiative to prepare coffee for me as soon as I enter."
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1157 Reviews
No.49 Yanyang Road, Ma'anshan, Anhui, China
56.5km from Lukou International Airport
4.7km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
4.7km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
1.5km from Downtown
4.9km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
"Maanshan is a very beautiful city. The whole city is very green. The city is very clean and people are very polite. Nanhu Hotel is the first four-star hotel in Maanshan. It used to be a glorious time in Maanshan. The hotel has just been upgraded recently, the courtyard is large, parking is free and convenient, the hotel is in the city center, the most prosperous area of Maanshan, eating, playing, shopping, and the hotel lobby is very stylish, there are several couples married in Nanhu on the day of the stay. Very stylish and lively, the hotel rooms have been replaced with more environmentally-friendly wall coverings. The carpets are also hippocampus. They are very comfortable, the fruits and yoghurt are very good, the breakfast is also rich, and there is a local meat noodles with golden vegetables. The side dish is very good."
"The garden-style hotel is very beautiful. It is close to the park in the city center. It is very convenient to play, buy and eat. The hotel introduces new autumn dishes, which are delicious and cheap. The hotel has a large courtyard and convenient parking. The staff at all points of the hotel are very warm and courteous. When I checked out, I went to the Angong University to sign up. The front desk took the initiative to help me call the car to the Angong Dadong Campus. Because there were more luggage, the concierge took the initiative to help me to the car. The hotel room was very clean. Very good, playing the game is very stable. The breakfast is also very rich, and the next time my parents come to see me, I will arrange it here."
"The hotel is my favorite, the door is the park, and it is also in the downtown area, the hotel parking is free, parking is convenient, eating, playing, shopping is very convenient, the hotel is very beautiful, the large hall, the waiter is also very enthusiastic, Very fast stay, high efficiency, the rooms are quite large, the carpet is very clean, the walk is very comfortable, the yogurt is delicious, the fruit is very fresh, the breakfast is also very good, the variety is many, there are local characteristics. The waiter was also very warm and courteous. Very good hotel!"
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10 Reviews
Maxiang Road, Sanlian Village, Ma'anshan, Anhui, China
54.0km from Lukou International Airport
5.9km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
10.2km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
7.1km from Downtown
6.1km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
"Because in the mountains, it is estimated that it is usually better, especially in the summer. Because I went in winter, I was still in the snow, so it was extraordinarily cold. There is a dog on the hill, and walking after dark is a little scary."
"The room is too bad, the service is not good, the price is not high oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh"
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1394 Reviews
Building 4, Hetai Plaza, No.759 Yushan East Road, Ma'anshan, Anhui, China
54.1km from Lukou International Airport
3.8km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
5.7km from Ma'anshan Railway Station
2.5km from Downtown
4.0km from Ma'anshan East Railway Station
"The rain is particularly heavy. Driving on the road is not very safe. Nine stayed in the hotel. This is the first time I stayed at the Orange Hotel in Ma'anshan. The hotel service is really good. I am patient with us, because the road is not familiar. Don't know the location of the parking lot. Patiently tell us where to park. Parked in the basement. Come pick us up again from the basement. Missed the time for breakfast. No meals. Quietly took the elevator back to the room. But this brand is very good and very user-friendly"
"Ma’anshan is home to me, and couldn’t find a better and more affordable place to stay, after returning from a long trip. I only stay at Orange Hotel chains in China. Simple and nice decor. I’m so into music, so I loved the bluetooth speakers. The rooms were neat and front desk staff was helpful. I’ll definitely stay again next time"
"Stayed on a business trip, the front desk staff were very friendly, the room was very clean, and the facilities were complete. It is a very cost-effective hotel. Next time I come back on a business trip, I will still choose Orange~"
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