Top 10 Guanlan Hotels

Top 10 Guanlan Hotels


2611 Reviews
No.5016 East Shennan Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
38.1km from Bao'an International Airport
3.4km from Shenzhen Railway Station
460m from Grand Theater
"Since staying at the St. Regis in Zhuhai once, the family has a special liking for St. Regis, which occupies the landmark high-rise buildings of various cities. This time they asked to stay at the St. Regis in Shenzhen. Located in the former commanding heights of the city, the Kingkey 100 Building, St. Regis provides unparalleled and charming scenery, which is undoubtedly satisfactory when taking pictures. The first floor of the hotel has also taken measures to allow staff to clock in to go upstairs, restricting some people who hit the stairs and clocked in. It may be that the land price in Shenzhen is expensive, so the room is smaller than the St. Regis in Zhuhai, and the layout is not so reasonable. The bathroom door of the toilet has a chance to be caught. The most surprising thing is that the door separating the toilet and the living room is actually translucent, directly facing the toilet inside. It would be very embarrassing if the same room is not a couple or family. The swimming pool is not big, so don't think about swimming well when there are too many people during the holidays. The water is constant temperature...cold! Girls basically go down to play around and can't stand it, they can only use the water. The hot spring pool next to it is too mini. The locker room is not like a Zhuhai store. There is no hot spring bubble pool or heated stone bed, and the cabinets are also difficult to lock (it teaches you how to lock it with a password, but it is actually useless). The food is commendable, the breakfast products are much more than that in Zhuhai, and the afternoon tea is also very rich. However, there is no hot chocolate provided, and the yogurt does not know why the staff always hides it, and asks for a limited amount before putting it out and putting it on. The macaron was gone and was not made up in time. Finally, I will focus on the front desk service (tu cao): I am still a more tolerant person, but I still don't understand why the check-in efficiency at the front desk is so slow. I just operated and played on the computer for 20 minutes. I didn’t know that I entered my 5,000-character resume into the computer for the record. The guests nearby were impatient, but fortunately, modern people still have the quality and patience. The front desk staff was obviously unfamiliar with various hotel package services. I asked three questions about the parent-child content in the Ctrip product I booked. In the end, I had to ask the housekeeper to get the answer, but in the end the layout of the parent-child room was still not provided. The gift of 300 yuan was almost lost because I thought I could continue to spend the day after checking out, but it turned out not, but Ctrip and the front desk did not inform, when asked how to operate, the front desk lady just answered coldly: System regulations , No way! Fortunately, at the end, Miss Truda Guan, the receptionist in the lobby, eagerly helped to find the manager, Miss Yoyo, to solve it, and let us use the remaining more than 100 yuan worth of courtesy. In fact, with all that said, I still hope that the St. Regis brand can continue the purpose of butler service, so that guests can live comfortably, so as to truly protect the brand's reputation and allow guests to keep coming back and staying. Looking forward to a better experience next time staying in another St. Regis."
"To commemorate the 10th anniversary of my wife and I, I specially chose the 3888 package of St. Regis. The friends of St. Regis were very considerate to help me upgrade to the Caroline Suite, and also prepared a welcome gift. The landscape is really invincible. Watching the sunset, the lights are beginning to appear, taking care of the bustling day and night of Shenzhen. The Italian restaurant on the 99th floor of the set menu is also very good. The service is also very considerate and will be considered for customers. It also gave the children a tiramisu dessert~ The SPA is a suite with a separate panoramic bathtub, shower room and toilet. It is also prepared For refreshments, the technician’s technique is also very professional~ The pool view faces Hong Kong, and the sky pool can shoot many blockbusters~ This time the 10th anniversary is full of pleasant memories. St. Regis’s friends are great."
"The hotel itself is very good, the staff are professional and courteous. During the telephone consultation, it was recommended to add money to upgrade the room. After the refusal, there was no entanglement, and it did not affect the service. The requirements were also met as much as possible, especially the gift of a very thoughtful little cake. Thank you, the breakfast is very rich and delicious, the service is prompt and fast, the room windows are designed to prevent rain, rain will not affect the view too much It’s just that the booking process is a bit tossing and going, the order is confirmed early, but the booking information has not been confirmed (not a hotel issue), and there is no need to book a hotel package for a simple dinner"
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No.10 Yingbin Avenue, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
44.6km from Bao'an International Airport
13.6km from Zhangmutou Railway Station
"During the children’s holiday, I invited a few friends to meet in the mid-levels of Sanzheng, and booked a lake-view room. Thanks to sister Wenwen at the front desk for upgrading the room type for one of us. Welcome fruits, protective gift packs, and mascots feel warmer and feel "going home"! Looking around, there are green mountains and green waters, lakes and mountains, water shining, lush, scent of birds and flowers, and a fairyland on earth! The room facilities are all available, the hardware has nothing to say, the highlight: there is actually floor heating, drying racks. Hot springs, playing in the water, boating, fishing, cycling, rowing, tennis, badminton, basketball, field battles, etc., let the children enjoy it and linger forever! A good place to walk your baby, absolutely hilarious! The breakfast buffet is rich in variety and delicious! The nearby Vanke Commercial City, which is 2 kilometers away, is very convenient for shopping and dining! The sister of the hotel said that it covers an area of 6000 acres and the greening rate is as high as 80%. It is a veritable "natural oxygen bar", very suitable for summer vacation!"
"I saw the Internet celebrity hotel on Xiaohongshu. I immediately booked a two-night itinerary. The room type is a deluxe lakeside room. The room is large and the balcony can be directly down to the swimming lane. It is not too convenient! The welcome gift sent by the hotel and the daily necessities specially for the little pots were warmed up. It was very heart-warming~ The water in the swimming pool was very clean, without the smell of bleach, and every place I swam was a feeling of changing scenery. Affected by the epidemic, there are not too many guests on weekdays. It feels like a private room. Whether it is a restaurant, a house or a battery car, the service is very good... There is a feeling of Thai hotel service, I really like it! Because the hotel is surrounded by mountains and water, the ecology is very good, except that there are a lot of mosquitoes, the other is no problem~ it is very suitable to bring a small pot of friends, just do a good job of mosquito prevention"
"When I entered the lobby, I started with the young lady at the front desk, who was polite and gentle, served very well, and patiently helped me solve all problems. The hotel director also made me an upgraded suite for free. After checking in and entering the room, I prepared a big surprise for me. The bed made a very delicate cake arrangement. Fruits are also prepared. Everything is nice and warm. Thank you Sanzheng Mid-Levels Hotel. Push Sanzheng Mid-levels. Very pleasant stay"
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836 Reviews
No. 184, 1st ring road, longhuadong, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
30.9km from Bao'an International Airport
5.7km from Bantian Railway Station
1.8km from Longhua
"Very far from the subway station, a taxi 15 yuan, a little distance from the bus station, the traffic is extremely inconvenient, the hotel facilities are a bit old, cost-effective, called to send a pair of slippers, the results did not send management one night"
"There are three Vienna hotels in a town at the crossroads. I took it too. Thank you for your recommendation. It ’s a pity that the decoration is a bit smelly"
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182 Reviews
Huaxun commercial building, Ailian Community, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
"The Huaxuanli Hotel (Shenzhen Universiade Center) was recently opened in 2021, making it a fantastic choice for those staying in Shenzhen. The hotel is approximately 51km away from Bao'an International Airport. The nearest airport is Bao'an International Airport, approximately 51km from the hotel. With multiple attractions nearby including Longcheng Park, Shenzhen Ruanjian Yuanlonggang Fenyuan-Dayun Ruanjian Xiaozhen Center Square and Universiade Shenzhen Gymnasium, guests will find plenty to keep themselves occupied. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city. This Shenzhen hotel offers parking on site. There's never a dull moment at this hotel, our guests indicate that the facilities are excellent. This hotel is particularly popular with those traveling on business. "
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4047 Reviews
No.4088 Yitian Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
32.6km from Bao'an International Airport
560m from Futian Railway Station
410m from Shopping Park
"I came to Shenzhen to visit the pet exhibition by car. I searched several hotels near the exhibition center and found that the parking lot of this hotel was very convenient, so I booked it. Talk about the advantages: In addition to the really big parking lot, the parking is really very convenient. Drive directly to the third floor of the basement. There is an elevator next to the car wash to the lobby. The room booked also comes with fruit and red wine. The drinks in the refrigerator are free. The room is clean and the scenery at night is very beautiful. My friends and I also ordered the hotel's meals, which tasted good. Let me talk about the disadvantages: the breakfast is not very rich, but my friend said that after checking out, the hotel had a return visit and told that the breakfast place was on the first floor. At that time, I went to the 37th floor with my friends and it was not a place for breakfast. After this, I felt a little awkward. Unfortunately, I didn’t taste the real breakfast in the hotel."
"Futian Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen, a very good upscale and high-quality hotel! Located in the center of Futian District, very close to the Civic Square, surrounded by tall buildings, it should be the most prosperous area in Shenzhen. Parking is very convenient, just in the underground parking lot of the hotel, there is an elevator directly upstairs. The hotel’s high-quality service is impressive. Both the front desk and the waiters in the restaurant are very warm, friendly and efficient. The whole hotel is clean and tidy, and the room is fully equipped and comfortable. The breakfast has many varieties and tastes good, and the dining environment is good. The view from the window of the room is very beautiful, you can see the Civic Square and the tall buildings. There are also large underground shopping malls near the hotel, there are many restaurants, the taste is very good, the price is also cheap, which brings great convenience to life. In short, it is a worthy high-quality hotel."
"Love drinking and having fun one-stop! Breakfast is average, and you can eat until 11 o'clock! The administration is good, the service is particularly good until 12 o'clock in the evening without shrinking. In particular, the waiters are very nice, polite and proactive! The chef, Ms. Jiang, is very kind and will take the initiative to introduce various foods, and can also match you according to your needs! Great! There are plenty of shopping malls nearby to eat, drink and play is not a problem, China Unicom is also very convenient! Good choice! I have booked again!"
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1016 Reviews
No.4088 Liuxian Avenue, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
23.5km from Bao'an International Airport
8.0km from Shenzhen North Railway Station
720m from University Town
"The overall environment is excellent, the hotel is novel in design, all have belt fasteners as themed design, the room is comfortable and clean, the dinner is self-occupied with Parkway, the dishes are rich, Boston lobster and oysters are all you can eat, the desserts are very beautiful, the breakfast is meticulous and varied, and the service is good , Suitable for family outings The last time I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel was in Shanghai in 2010. Later I stayed in other hotels of Marriott Group. I stayed again after 11 years. I feel that the overall situation is very good. Some service details have room for improvement, for example: a few chefs’ answers have been improved. Space, housekeeping did not say hello in the aisle, the lobby did not take the initiative to ask whether the luggage is sent to the room, etc., there is still room for improvement, next month’s Dragon Boat Festival will stay at the St. Regis of your group, hoping to maintain the standard of the hotel brand."
"Overall feeling very good First, Daisy. Irene. The services of the ladies of Shiny are very good, and they remember their names decisively. If you remember their names, maybe you can upgrade the room too! Hardware: The opening time is not long, the whole is very new and beautiful, it is very good from the lobby, the lobby restaurant is very beautiful, the room is fully furnished The photos were taken by my husband I have to say it’s breakfast. I can’t say that I have stayed in many star hotels, but it’s not too few. It’s definitely better than the breakfast at a certain pit in SH. There are Chinese and Western varieties, and each product is very good. The key varieties are really real a lot of By the way, the pool can be played, there are bright spots"
"The hotel has an excellent location, quiet surroundings and abundant parking spaces. The room type booked this time includes two breakfasts and two nights. Although there are not many self-service areas, the categories are quite fresh and the ingredients are fresh. The bedding is comfortable. The room has a complete range of daily necessities. After locating the birthday, the hotel arranged in advance and presented small cakes, which was very touched. Thanks to the front desk manager Nancy and Bernice for their excellent service, free upgrade of room types and help (cake storage, birthday decoration, late check-out). Generally speaking, it is a very pleasant experience."
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2792 Reviews
No.1 Fuhua Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
33.0km from Bao'an International Airport
930m from Futian Railway Station
160m from Convention & Exhibition Center
"Booking by Ctrip, Marriott is good. It recognizes members and upgraded high-level open suites. The hotel is a bit old but the software (service) is good. Parking is free. Needless to say, the front entrance is the Metro Line 1 Convention and Exhibition Center. There are a lot of hard dishes in the happyhour lounge. The porridge and rice rolls made for breakfast are more suitable for my Chinese stomach than many international five-star chains. Finally, praise the caring service and enthusiasm of the switchboard Connie and Anita~ If you want to make comments, there are two points: 1. There is only one elevator going down in the second-floor garage, and the lobby is pressed. Often you have to go to the negative one and then turn again to reach the negative two; 2. , The concierge can consider using robots to deliver food to guests instead of letting guests come down and pick them up by themselves."
"First of all, the location of the hotel is quite good, the room is relatively large! Good environment! Rich breakfast! The service is warm and thoughtful. I want to thank Miss Jenny at the front desk! Because it was a moving bed, we arrived early in the morning, and the room has not yet exited. Ms. Jenny saw that we were tired and told us to have morning tea first. She would help us arrange the room as soon as possible. If the room exits, it will be the first time inform us. It really feels sweet! I hope I can continue to get to know this hotel next time I come to Shenzhen~I hope I can enjoy Jenny's warm and caring service again~"
"The sanitation of this hotel is very good. It is worthy of being a five-star hotel. There is also a gym and swimming pool indoors, as well as breakfast. You have many choices, the hotel is magnificent and magnificent, the bathroom and bathtub are very hygienic! 🙃 Convenient transportation, very close to Ping An Building. (You can also see the night view🌃) Lianhuashan Park only needs to take the bus for two stops, so you don’t have to worry about eating. You can park for free on the day after check out🚗"
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3852 Reviews
No.28 Fuhua 1st Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
31.4km from Bao'an International Airport
530m from Futian Railway Station
330m from Futian
"The location of the hotel is very good, in the central business district of Futian District, next to the Futian high-speed railway station and subway station, civic center, shopping park, you can meet the needs of traveling, dining and shopping on foot. Staying here during the May 1st holiday is quiet and quiet Very comfortable. Crowne Plaza's service quality is guaranteed, and will choose to stay."
"The facilities and sanitation are good, breakfast and afternoon tea are average, and the high-rise view is okay. The shortcoming of management and service is that the room rate was added to the consumption of the minibar, but there was no prompt or price list in the room, and there was no reminder at the front desk when checking in. Later, I communicated with the hotel, and the room manager reported that this part of the consumption would be refunded, but it has not been refunded. I called again to confirm, and I haven't refunded it yet."
"My friend came to Shenzhen to do business and booked it on my behalf. My friends reported that they were very satisfied, and the front desk of the hotel directly upgraded the executive double room, and the service was great! My friend is very satisfied, saying that I will live here next time I come on a business trip. Have the opportunity to book again! ! !"
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3255 Reviews
No.1003 Shennan Avenue, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
36.5km from Bao'an International Airport
3.0km from Futian Railway Station
640m from Gangxia
"The hotel is very good in all aspects, Shenzhen CBD, the front desk alva is enthusiastic and professional, I introduced the political lounge courtesy in detail when I checked in, but I didn't find it when I booked the room. The lobby manager Zora is also very enthusiastic. As soon as I walked in, I heard her warm greetings and would help me take nice pictures. Haha, wink~The concierge service is also very considerate, and the lounge brother is also very warm and handsome. Sure enough, it was Hilton, and the service was as usual. I would like to show you my heart, thank you for making me have a pleasant journey."
"I came to Shenzhen on a business trip with the leader and booked a twin room. Because it faces the residential building behind the hotel, it is quite quiet. I forgot to take pictures of the room. The room is clean and hygienic. The front desk and guest room services are pretty good. The breakfast style is not much. The service staff basically have no time to take care of others. They have been busy collecting the tables. This point needs to be improved. The rest is pretty good, it is recommended to stay."
"I have always liked the Hilton brand, so I ordered this Hilton in Futian. I came to the store at night. The handsome concierge Kris was very enthusiastic and polite. He took the initiative to guide the parking lot to help with luggage; when checking in, Lyric was very meticulous and gentle. Helped me consider many questions that I did not expect. The beautiful and generous Zora also enthusiastically answered all my questions. The whole process was very pleasant. Thanks to the two beautiful ladies"
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519 Reviews
No.A11 Building B, No.5001 Huanggang Road (Shenye Shangcheng), Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
39.0km from Bao'an International Airport
5.2km from Futian Railway Station
380m from Donggualing
"There is no need to compare this hotel with a 5-star hotel, a scene hotel, and experience the simple Japanese aesthetics of "sex cold wind" and "unconscious design". The ones used inside are sold in the muji store next door. If you are comfortable with them, you can buy them directly. The breakfast is simple, the best choice is not the best choice for the difficulty of choosing, and eating also implements minimalism. Designer Naoto Fukasawa said, “Succinct things can effectively alleviate the gap between people and product operation interfaces, making people use the product a process of enjoying functions, and the higher level of simplicity is to abandon the manual and realize the product function with intuition. This is the higher realm pursued by'unconscious design'." There is no need to insert a card when entering the room, the lights are on, the curtains are opened, the toilet is automatic, and the CD box that sounds when you pull the music~~~ The surrounding environment is good, eating and lodging are convenient, and many Internet celebrities take pictures. The hotel has a small gym, a wall of books, get up in the morning and cross a covered bridge, you can go to the park for a run, and it’s convenient to travel..."
"The location is very good. It’s Shenye Upper Town when you go out. You don’t have to worry about eating and drinking. The two clearing bars opposite the hotel have a great atmosphere at night. Opposite the hotel is Sony’s experience shop, I also bought a 35GM lens by the way. The rooms are clean and hygienic, and the corridors are simple and generous, which I like. The front desk and service staff are very enthusiastic, answer all questions, and actively help you solve problems. It should be reminded that the parking lot of the hotel is shared with the mall. Go down to the second floor and there is a place to park at will. When you go out, remember to report the license plate number to the front desk to avoid parking fees."
"When I chose muji hotel at the beginning, I wanted to experience the minimalist style of Japan, so when I entered the room, I didn't feel the problem of low cost performance like other friends said. The celling in the room is relatively high, so it feels more spacious. All the decorations are also minimalist, no carpets are used, and they are relatively clean and hygienic. The only general feeling is that the floor tiles in the bathroom are made of granite, so they look dirty and old. The hotel service is good, because it is low season, we have been upgraded for free, but the breakfast is really not as good as we wanted. The hotel is located in the upper city of Shenye, you have to go shopping when you go out."
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