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Chiayi is a charming town located in the central part of Taiwan Province. It has convenient transportation and has a hilly terrain that faces the sea. There are many scenic spots in Chiayi, such as the Buddhist holy land Amitabha Temple, Lord Land Nunnery from Mt. Chiu Hua, and so on. Many unique festivals are held in Chiayi year round, and there are also a lot of night markets with even greater attraction to visitors. The eastern part of the city's terrain is a fertile plain. The plain descends from the east to the west and it is flat and wide, except on the edge of the Meishan fault zone in the Chianan Plain.

The city has a subtropical monsoon climate with the highest temperature is in July and the lowest is in January. The average annual temperature is 22.6 degrees Celsius. The climate is mild and pleasant. Although it is located in southern Taiwan, the temperatures often fall below 10 degrees Celsius during winter when cold current occurs. The winter season is dry season, and the northeast monsoon is the main one. Because of the high temperature, thunderstorms often occur in the afternoon. In July and September, typhoons often strike. The average annual rainfall is 1696.9 mm.

The main rivers are Bazhang River and Puzi River, both of which originate from the Central Mountain Range and flow through the city's north and south respectively, forming the natural boundary with Chiayi County. The groundwater of this Municipality is not abundant, mainly because the formation of the Chianan Plain is composed of very fine silt and clay, and the water-bearing property is poor. The water resources are mainly used from the Lantan Reservoir and Renyitan Reservoir of the Bazhang River.

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