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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jacksonville Airport
3.9/5104 Reviews

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jacksonville Airport

We drove from Pennsylvania and already called to let the front desk know that we would arrive late maybe past midnight. The gentleman on the phone was very pleasant reassuring us the service is 24/7 so we should be fine getting our room when we were there. We reached the hotel around 2:45am and the lady at the front desk had so bad attitude saying we had to wait 35-40 minutes because she was having an audit without checking if we already called to check in and to inform the hotel our situation. I was speechless of how thoughtless she was looking at us all exhausted after the long drive reaching the hotel so late at night and still asked us to wait for 35-40 minutes. She made us accept that audit was something important for her and we had to wait until she finished her audit. I’m sorry but this is unacceptable for regular customer service let alone Doubletree managed by Hilton which always has top of the line service. I was so upset and later apologized for it with her and told her I was driving so far and I was tired but she didn’t even glance at me and just threw such look-down-upon attitude at us. She should be the one who apologized for the wait but I was decent enough to do that first. I just can’t really can’t imagine how such a person with poor communication skills, poor interpersonal skills can work as a front desk, the key role for customer service at hotel industry. The 3 point on the scale I put was for the comfort of the room itself.

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Red Roof Plus+ Jacksonville - Southpoint
3.7/5103 Reviews

Red Roof Plus+ Jacksonville - Southpoint

We arrived in Jacksonville earlier then expected for our son's birthday/father day weekend. Front desk needs to atleast fake niceness couldn't even say hello and not be on their speaker phone, asked if it was possible to check in early (12pm) was told it is too early to check in asked to preregistration since we were already there the lady couldn't even answer she just started typing them asked for my id. We were told to come back around 2pm (didn't even offer is to use the pool while we waited for our room). Came back to the hotel around 2 pm front desk was in shift change the next lady I spoke to I told her I had pre-register and was just wondering if my room was done. the lady (different lady from my 12pm pre registration) She said that I was there early they they don't have any pet friendly rooms ready yet (mind you front desk should of communicate with housekeeping so the housekeeper knew to get a room ready) i mentioned that check in was at 3 the lady snapped back that check in was not till 4. I snapped back well that is what I received in my email maybe they gave me the wrong time in my email and she then point to the wall and says it says check in 4pm and walks away. The lady asked if our dog had any issues with being on the third floor cause most of their guest would rather be on second or first floor I said oh no they dog dosent get a choice and I am just trying to get into a room. Got into our room, meh I am a housekeeper my self so I noticed our full mirror had two hand prints on it the little bit of carpet they did have had debris on it and my son found a previous guest perfume bottle under the bed. One of the beds fitted sheet had what I had hope was a stain from the laundry room and not hot complaints on bathroom I asked for a privacy please sign and towels so housekeeping knew they didn't need to go to our room and we were told that because we had an animal in our room we wouldn't of received service (we could of had our animal with us all day instead of in the room and wouldn't off received service if we wanted it). It must depend who's working cause Friday night guest were at the pool till after dusk. sat everyone was kicked from the pool area earlier then dusk. Other then that the pool was at a great temp Sunday the morning front desk lady was the only decent encounter I had Cleanliness 3/5 Staff friendliness 1/5
Courtyard Jacksonville Airport Northeast
4.2/578 Reviews

Courtyard Jacksonville Airport Northeast

First, I do not understand how the rating for this property is good on TA. TA reviews are fairly honest; which is why so many travelers depend on these reviews for their travel needs. However, a takeaway lesson here is do not go by TA reviews alone anymore. We looked at various properties, and selected this for the excellent rating as well as for it's proximity to our meeting venue. Besides being a terribly wrong decision, it was a huge health risk. As we entered the elevator, we smelt a moldy smell. Thinking it must be because the elevator was old (creaky, frayed) we went on to our room. However, the damp smell was replaced by an unpleasant smell of cheap air freshner in the corridor, that only got over-poweringly stronger in the room. But it was very late, we were extremely tired after a full day of driving, so we decided to just deal with it in the morning. During what was left of the night, we had trouble sleeping and attributed it to the loud noise the air-conditioner made. But upon waking, we had stuffy noses, a headache and feeling of heaviness and had trouble breathing. We soon found out why - the carpet was sticky wet and the damp stench in the room had only worsened. Besides this horrifying discovery, we also saw in the daylight what the very dim lighting in the room masked - how worn out the room was. Not only the furniture was dated and worn out, but the basin water pooled, bathroom shower doors were unclean, etc . and the room had an overall feel a cheap sleazy motel. The manager was herself attending the front desk when we went down to ask for a different room. She was surprised we had been put in that particular room – apparently, it was a past problem the room had. The manager told us she would move us, give a $50 credit and take breakfast off (which didn’t matter since when we checked in, we were told the room rate included breakfast) . We did not expect nor want any freebies, so we simply thanked and went on to our new room. As we processed the exchange with the manager and the fact that the employees were aware of the problem with the room , we were disturbed and horrified that a hotel employee would knowingly risk a hotel guest’s health by rooming them in a room with a moldy stench and a sticky wet carpet! The new room too had the same musty smell, although much fainter. We debated for a few minutes whether to brave out another night but decided against it and checked out without using the new room. This hotel is definitely not Marriott standard - it is really really run down and almost like a cheap motel.

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Courtyard Jacksonville at the Mayo Clinic Campus/Beaches
4.1/569 Reviews
The agent making the reservation assured us the beds were firm - FAR FROM IT, they were very soft. Room service is only every other day - for a place costing well over $200 per night - that is ridiculous. No complimentary breakfast either. So many cost cutting measures that for this price, we will stay elsewhere from now on. Told housekeeping about a sulfur rotten egg smell coming from bathroom drain in our disabled access room, but nothing was done about it. And - furthermore - beware when making your reservation - if you think you will get military discount - be advised that only applies to active duty military, not retirees. I complained to Marriott about being denied the military discount at the Courtyard Mayo Marriott in Jacksonville FL. Number 1 - Their own agent handing the reservation knew we were retired military yet quoted us the military rate - that alone should have enabled a refund. Their agent made the mistake, not us. Number 2 - I looked at the website just the other day and it just says ”government/military” does not specify ”Active Duty military” - the Marriott's response said their ”policy” is active duty, etc - but nothing about making sure the drop down menu online makes that clear. Number 3 - Our daughter's husband is at that same Marriott - checked in on Sunday, 26 Feb - and RECEIVED the military discount and he is retired military. This policy is not being applied equally, that is for sure!! Very disappointed about the ”bait and switch-ness” of all of this.
Delta Hotels Jacksonville Deerwood
3.6/5103 Reviews
TOP: Rooms very clean and very large! No tape in the room! Attractive facilities! Great beds! Free parking! Flop: Breakfast should be qualitatively better and with less waste!!! Leitwater very, very strongly clorified and unsited! No water in the lobby! Only a tea place for breakfast and in the lobby!
Sleep Inn Jacksonville Airport
3.5/5100 Reviews
When booking the hotel I booked 2 rooms for a 1 night stay. During the online booking process I gave my credit card information because the booking that I did stated that payment was to be made in full for a 1 night stay at time of booking. Right away after booking I receive a confirmation stating what my total was, then stated ”less deposit amount”(amount that was to be charged, amount ”due at Check-In” $0.00. It also stated that ”The same credit/debit card that was used to pay for the room at time of booking must be present at check-in. Followed by ”Funds for at least the 1st night need to be collected at the time of booking”. So with all of that being stated on the confirmation from the hotel would you expect that your card would then be charged at time of booking for your stay?? YES! So we show up for check in only to be told that we have a balance. After traveling hours all day I am now tired and not ready to deal with this. The lady at the desk was kind but honestly seemed very unsure of exactly what she was doing. I proceed to explain to her that this was paid at time of booking. Was told that it was not. Showed my confirmation, and was still told it was not. I should have just went to another nearby hotel at that point. Had to take time to search my credit card history to find out that my card did not appear to be charged. Now is that portion my responsibility(yes it is). However. For them to send out poorly worded confirmations is not at all proper. I definitely feel mislead. Then my receipt from check in stated ”Deposit Transfer”? ”Charges” $0.00, and” Credits”(amount that I thought was paid at time of booking)? With a ”Balance” of negative the amount thought paid? So that alone would also appear as if I had paid the amount due at time of booking. After the lady at the front desk asked for assistance from another staff member with my check in(and I paid at check in) I was just ready to get my room for the night. The quality of the hotel has seemed to go down over the years we have been there. The rooms were okay minus the shower water not coming out well. In the morning we were just ready to leave and get back on the road. Proceeded to the front desk for check out. Of course I was thinking that all I needed to do was return my room key and be on my way....but that was not the case. A different lady at the front desk then told be that I HAD A BALANCE!! Are you kidding me? I just laughed at that point. I told her that their was no way I had a balance. I just went through the ringer at check in about the amount ”owed”, and was not going to be told again that I owed. The lady at the desk had to call for assistance with the matter. After that call I was told that I was good to go. I feel as if the front desk staff needs more or better training in regards to the processes that take place at the front desk. This stay was such a headache. I will be looking elsewhere when needing to stay in Jacksonville again.
Days Inn by Wyndham Jacksonville Airport
2.9/5103 Reviews
Always my go to for airport travel. Love it 🦑 If you ever need a hotel near the airport, this is the one. Cheap, clean, and nice cats.
Marriott Jacksonville
4.2/5101 Reviews
Overall, I think this hotel is a solid choice, especially if staying on business. * Hotel staff - friendly and helpful * Rooms - a bit above average * Food - not much of a selection on-site, but plenty of other options near by * Club level - this is where ”staying on business” comes into play. Nice, easy and quick breakfast. That's really the only reason to visit the club, the rest of the day they don't offer much, not even bottled water. Would I stay there again? For that price....on business... yep I would!
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jacksonville SE- Med Ctr Area
4.1/5104 Reviews
Our stay was pretty great! The only negative was that the hot tub was out of service temporarily, but the pool made up for it. From the welcoming of the staff upon check in to check out, it was all up to par! I would highly recommend the hotel to anyone if they needed to stay close to the Mayo Clinic, etc.. it was Very convenient and reasonably priced.

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