Hotels in Marina del Rey Reviews

4.5/5Excellent33 Reviews
Venice Beach
Convenient to the 405 and the 10 and streets in all directions if the freeway traffic is unbearable. The hotel location is very convenient to the airport. My understanding is that room renovations are scheduled. I was very impressed with this hotel and hope to visit again in the near future.
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4.1/5Very Good13 Reviews
Venice Beach
Very good & #128077; The front desk customer service is very warm and patient, the lobby has fruit, the restaurant is also good, sleep very comfortable, and sleep until 12 noon. Very good experience.
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4.2/5Very Good20 Reviews
Venice Beach
Mainly to go to the beach for surfing. The location of the hotel is very close. You can reach the seaside. The environment is good. There is also a small balcony. The price is also very reasonable. I will go next time.
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4.3/5Excellent16 Reviews
Venice Beach
All in all a good hotel in a good location with great transport connections. The friendliness and attentiveness of the staff was second to none. The cleanliness of the room was well kept. I would recommend this hotel to anyone and everyone, it is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a family stay.
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4.4/5Excellent11 Reviews
Venice Beach
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4.3/5Excellent10 Reviews
Venice Beach
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Marina del Rey Hotel Guide

Book hotels in Marina del Rey via the website or app, it's easy and hassle-free. New and popular hotels in Marina del Rey recommended by Marina del Rey may not be a metropolis, but there are still great hotel options on Marina del Rey is a quiet city. You'll definitely feel relaxed during your visit.

There is no civilian airport in this city. You can visit a nearby city first, and then head to Marina del Rey using other means of transportation. It's easy to travel by bus in Marina del Rey. There are buses to surrounding cities available every day.

Marina del Rey is not a tourist city, so the hospitality industry there isn't very well-developed. Many hotels can only be booked on location. When looking for hotels in Marina del Rey, there are likely good options at a nightly budget of just 297 USD. There are 1 five-star hotels in Marina del Rey at an average price of 394 USD per night. There are 2 four-star hotels in Marina del Rey at an average price of 270 USD per night. There are 4 three-star hotels in Marina del Rey at an average price of 293 USD per night. There are 1 two-star hotels in Marina del Rey at an average price of 241 USD per night. There are many well-known chain hotels in Marina del Rey. Those who favor Ramada can choose a hotel under its name. In Marina del Rey, there are hotels under the Ramada brand. Travelers who favor this brand can choose to stay there to enjoy the luxury services provided by Ramada. Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles Marina Del Rey is one of the most popular hotels in Marina del Rey. If you're still unsure, recommends Marina del Rey Hotel.

You can also visit top-rated attractions like Bluewater Sailing, Fisherman's Village, 60out Escape Rooms.

Average seasonal Temperature

• Spring: 61.99°F during the day, 53.31°F at night

• Summer: 68.41°F during the day, 60.62°F at night

• Autumn: 74.46°F during the day, 66.6°F at night

• Winter: 64.9°F during the day, 56.08°F at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 35.342518 cm

• Summer: 3.8582678 cm

• Autumn: 0.511811 cm

• Winter: 15.618111 cm

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