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Beautiful palace 🇮🇹

#2024wish Just left the Royal Palace of Naples and, wow, it was a royal experience! In the city's center, a 12-euro fee allows you to see Naples like it was once ruled by royalty. The palace is a big building with wonderful paintings, fancy furniture and rooms that have lots of history. The Royal Rooms look like they're from an old story, and the Throne Room is a great place that makes you feel like you are in the kingdom's best times. 🤴👸 Be sure to visit the palace gardens - they give a peaceful break in busy Naples. The beautiful city and bay views from the terrace make for great photos. 🌳🌇 After enjoying the feeling of royalty, go for a quick walk to Castel dell'Ovo near the sea. The castle, which has a famous round-like beginning, brings more to Naples' long past. 🏰🥚 Hungry for more culture? You need to visit the nearby San Carlo Theater, one of Europe's oldest opera houses. It is a must-see place. Even if you don't watch a show, the beauty of the building is still worth looking at. 🎭🎶 Finish your day with a walk down Spaccanapoli street - the busy, tight road that goes through the old part of town. From colorful markets to cozy cafes, it's the best way to finish a day of royal and cultural adventure. 🍝🛍️ Naples, you've been very kind to me! #RoyalPalaceNaples #RegalExperience #CulturalJourney #ExploreNaples
Posted: Dec 31, 2023
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Royal Palace of Naples

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