Sichuan's first Indigo Hotel | The golden years of the last century

If you happen to be a retro fan, a fan of the Republic of China, or a homebody, don't miss this heartfelt recommendation... This is the internet-famous hotel newly opened by the fashion brand Indigo in Heilongtan: 1⃣Location and transportation: Heilongtan Scenic Area is just over an hour's drive from downtown Chengdu. Take the Tianfu Avenue all the way. There is a saying in Chengdu. West to the second ring road, north to Australia.. 2⃣Room view: Built by the lake, it consists of 8 independent western-style buildings from the Republic of China period in western Sichuan, with a total of 91 rooms.. 3⃣The courtyard is full of flowers, winding paths, vintage cars, rickshaws, typewriters, phonographs, vinyl records, Shanghai-style posters, red wine cigars, and there is a huge chessboard in the atrium... It feels like one second ago I was still in a city building. Shuttle back and forth, the next second you will rush into a mansion in an alley with a hundred years of history, and participate in a waltz dance party in the 20th century.. 4⃣Check-in suggestion: Hotel lobby, spiral staircase, adjacent to the restaurant, two days and one night immersed in script killing. 5⃣Swimming pool: The hotel next to the Intercontinental Hotel is the same hotel, so the swimming pool is shared. There is also a 6600 square meter super infinity pool. 6⃣In the early summer dusk, the setting sun shines on the green plants on the clock tower and balcony, showing harmony and tranquility.
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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