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Nanguobinglang Manor

Nanguobinglang Manor

4.4/516 Reviews
Baoting Top 7 in Amazing Natural Scenery
"I am very fortunate to visit this attraction. I really feel that this trip is worthwhile and a good place to relax on the weekend. Here is the unique rural scenery of the Li people, as well as the largest and oldest betel nut garden in Hainan Island. There are many subtropical ancient trees planted in the manor. The mountain springs and streams here flowed out from the garden as multi-level waterfalls, impacting and forming groups of strange rocks of various shapes. You can enjoy the groom’s addiction in the "Dragon Boudoir House" (a place where Li girls live and entertain); you can also participate in the ancient Li family’s crossbow shooting competition, taste Li family bamboo rice and Li family mountain tea, and watch the colorful Li family Singing and dancing. Betel Nut Garden Appreciation Project in Lizhai See the century-old betel nut, the millennium iron tree and experience the wedding customs of the Li nationality. Visit the traditional winery of the Li nationality, taste the ancient bows and arrows of the Li family. Visit the Hainan Provincial Museum of Ethnology. See the wonder of the world "People climb trees faster than monkeys" and Li nationality The girls took a group photo to watch the traditional handmade brocade of the Li nationality, appreciate the song and dance of the Li nationality, visit the kingdom of bees, and watch the surprising and interesting bee man performance. Watching the Miao Village with strange shapes, ascending the Shenying Terrace, climbing the Miaowang Terrace, hitting the Miaowang Drum, watching the ancient Miaowang Cave and climbing the viewing tower, looking at the corner of Wuzhi Mountain to enjoy the tropical pastoral scenery and the Miao girl swinging on the swing to watch the "Savior Stone" Gossip house, guide your life, watch Miao singing and dancing, taste bamboo rice and Kuding tea. Natural landscapes include: Li nationality’s pastoral scenery, Hainan Island’s largest and oldest Liuliu Garden, a variety of subtropical ancient trees, mountain springs, streams, and multi-level waterfalls. Groups of strange rocks formed through the flow. There are: "Aoya Palace" (the house where the head of the Li nationality lives); "Long Boudoir" (the place where Li girls live and entertain), etc. Participate in the ancient bow shooting of the Li family, taste the Li family bamboo rice and Li family mountain tea, and watch the colorful Li ethnic singing and dancing. ." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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