Alor Setar
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Things To Do in Alor Setar

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_AP***43Favourite. Everthing is here plus very cheap food. No other place have this vibe
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Famous Residences
碗碗The residence of former Prime Minister Mahathir has a good external environment. The interior can only be visited without taking pictures. Generally speaking, the original appearance is preserved. What is attractive is the gifts from various countries, such as the Chinese Tang Sancai. The prime minister is still very respected in the country.
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Frank的行囊【Scenery】Paya Island, as a Langkawi diving park, the scenery nearby is still good, not as good as Semporna. [Fun] Paia Island is suitable for traveling with children. It is relatively simple to travel here. The locals are very nice. Diving feels OK, mainly because of the water quality. [Cost-effective] relatively high!
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爱爱李The geographical location of Kuala Kedah City is very good. It is very quiet during the day and there are many people at night. They all come out to enjoy the cold. In very hot weather, many people wear very little.
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Allison RichReally beautiful place. The statue is huge and really great to take photos of. Nice shopping Centre close by with many places to eat and drink.
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coo***anThe air in the mountains is fresh and really good. Many locals come here with professional mountaineering or hiking equipment, camping and resting, a good place for leisure travel, away from the hustle and bustle, and a peaceful feeling.