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Things To Do in Basu

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enjoyzentRanwu Lake is located in the southwest corner of Basu County, Chamdo, which is caused by landslides or mudslides blocking the river. There are many similar types in the southeast of Tibet, but it has the unforgettable charm. It is narrow and long, 29 kilometers long, average width less than 1 kilometers, the lake is quiet and clear, not deep, generally not more than 6 meters, the mirror-like lake reflected the distant overlap of snow mountains, the top of the snow will not melt all year round.
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Miranda-zmThe first bay of the Nujiang River presents a real rainbow, which is the second time in several years to capture the most beautiful rainbow in the first bay of the Nujiang River, and in spring, it used to be only seen in summer, the weather and the place are a bit lucky [hexue] [hexue] [hexue]
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慧仔The magnificent glacier, is really shocked to me, do not need tickets, from the parking lot into the ice lake about ten or twenty minutes, if it is late December to mid-March, the lake is covered with thick ice, can also go into close view glacier.
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滇国剑客Bonda grassland and the strawberry plain of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in the momentum and scale, is two different worlds, but still with the summer green rich color, attracts people's eyes and footprints.
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enjoyzentDora God mountain is located in Basu County, Changdu City, Tibet, hiking route divided into outer circle, middle circle, inner circle, according to the middle circle around a circle takes about 4 hours, all the way up the steps, can watch the celestial burial table and various stone carving art along the way. On the main peak, you can get a bird's eye view of the whole Dora God Mountain, along the way there are various Buddha statues, pagodas, six-character Zhenyan and Tibetan prayer scriptures, mainly by Lotus Peanut Master.
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滇国剑客From the scale of county construction, Basu County is not too 𠂇, but, the management of the place is not too small, and various scenery, and various activities are not wide, to provide more playful space for the majority of tourists friends.

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Gaxue Rock Painting of BasuQamdo,China

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72 Curves of Nujiang RiverQamdo,China

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Laigu GlaciersQamdo,China

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Ranwu LakeQamdo,China

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Nujiang MountainQamdo,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Basu, including: Ranwu Lake,72 Curves of Nujiang River,Laigu Glaciers
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