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Things To Do in Tibet

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Historical Architecture
_We***31nice and cozy place, great view from the bottom.of palace, only one restrictions, cant get it without a local guide
3,503 Reviews
王旭东KevinNamcuo is the second largest lake in Tibet and the third largest saltwater lake in China. The lake is 4718 meters above sea level. It is approximately rectangular in shape. It is the largest lake in the world. Namcuo is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet. It is the first sacred lake of Buddhism and Buddhism, and is one of the famous Buddhist holy places.
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Historical Architecture
一叶落而天下知秋The Jokhang Temple, built in the 21st year of the Tang Dynasty, was built by the Tibetan King Songzanganbu in memory of the Princess of the Sage, and later built in a large group of buildings. The Jokhang Temple has the style of Tang Dynasty architecture and also absorbed the architectural art of Nepal and India.
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M48***46Must punch!! The scene is magnificent and the singing is beautiful! There are Tibetan dances, especially exotic! Beautiful!!! Well worth it!!! Must bring thick clothes when you are in the theater on the open-air mountain!!!
2,157 Reviews
E41***85In order to see the Shammy Peak, we have chosen the best autumn and winter season! ! ! Surely we have been lucky to see the South Peak all day! ! ! Many of the scenic staff are local Tibetan compatriots, the service is warm and patient, will take the initiative to greet!
2,137 Reviews
豆花鱼头Under the background of Tanggula Mountain, Namco shows a slightly interesting lake, but I prefer the soft and quietness of Yangzhuo, and the world's loneliest temple ~ Dayto Temple, a lake, a mountain, a temple, a monk, let me think of the circumference rate, the mountain, the temple, the pot of wine, Of course, wine is not, but really can not appreciate the taste buds of the pudding tea. Fortunately, the female Han paper accepted the blessing of a monk representing Ludum [10] Tashidler National Day to Lhasa, this road is more beautiful than a stroll!

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Tibet MuseumLhasa,China

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Zongjiao Lukang ParkLhasa,China

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Pillar Rock in MidstreamNyingchi,China

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Anitsangkung NunneryLhasa,China

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Lulang Sea of Flowers RanchNyingchi,China

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Zhi GongtisiLhasa,China

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