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E34***14A very large and impressive place for a very impressive historical figure. Genghis Khan's body isn't actually buried there, so it's more like a place of remembrance and worship. There's a museum with a very nice painting that goes through the various eras of Mongol history. You can also see (replicas) of Genghis Khan's gear. The original objects were sadly stolen/destroyed by a certain group of people. While the mausoleum is very large and impressive, I think it felt a bit too touristy .
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161***35Great views, fun, fun, good value for money, overall great, very close to the city, good walks, beautiful prairie, Ordos wedding is spectacular and beautiful, tickets are fast, buy and use
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Cultural Experiencial Area
_We***71The Mausoleum of Genghis Khan is very sacred. The interior of the main hall is very exquisite and gorgeous. It is recommended to ask a tour guide to understand the life of Genghis Khan, otherwise there may be no way to be touched if you don’t understand the history. It is too shocking about the Shouling family. The magic is itself. A large cloud of dark clouds are over the scenic area, a kind of rain is coming, I feel like it is about to rain, but it was taken away by the wind, and the sky is clear and beautiful. It is a pity that a large area of the park is under maintenance, so I regret that I did not participate in it. .
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阿鲁卡68In Kangbashi district, Xia Dynasty was the area of the tribal activities. In the Shang Dynasty, the tongue side, the ghost side and other tribes were nomadic areas. In the Western Zhou Dynasty, it became a Yanyao pasture. In the early spring and Autumn period, Lin Hu and other tribes occupied it. In the year of the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty (B.C. 215), the general of the Qin Dynasty, the army of 30 million soldiers, the north of the Hun, occupied the south of the Yellow River, the whole area of the ward belongs to Qin kami gun. At the end of Qin, the Hun returned to the south again, and the present ward was the land of Hun garrison.
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Modern Architecture
精光葫芦娃The Ordos City Library has formed a comprehensive information service system that integrates collection, sorting, provision and feedback during its years of document information service work. Received 80,000 readers every year, circulated more than 30,000 books, answered 240 readers’ inquiries, created various tabloids such as "Science and Technology Information", "Reference for Decision-Making," and "Information Window", which were distributed to all types of users in the city free of charge , Provide a large amount of scientific basis and reference value for the city's party and government, enterprise and public unit leaders, grassroots farmers and herdsmen and even laid-off workers. In addition, the library also used its collections to provide various information services such as telephone appointments, home delivery of books, and popular science education for farmers and herdsmen. The Ordos City Library has been commended more than 30 times. In 1994, it was named the National Civilization Library by the Ministry of Culture, and in 1998 it was rated as the National Secondary Library. In 2000, the National Knowledge Engineering Group awarded it the title of "Reader's Favorite Library". The new library of Ordos City Library was built in 2006 and officially put into use in 2009. The new library covers an area of 21,200 square meters, with a total construction area of 41,670 square meters, one basement level, eight floors above the ground, and a total height of 39.2m. Set up five major functional areas, namely, general document resource service area, electronic resource service area, characteristic document resource service area, film and television music report resource service area, and readers' leisure consumption service area. The general literature resource service area includes 5 service department rooms, namely the Chinese book borrowing area, the children’s literature borrowing area, the Chinese newspaper reading area, the Chinese periodical borrowing area, and the reference book reading area; the electronic resource service area includes 3 service departments, namely multimedia reading Area, Shared Project Resource Collection Service Area, Computer Center; The Characteristic Literature Resource Service Area includes 4 service departments, namely, Expert Literature Research Area, Mongolian Literature Borrowing Area, Local Literature Collection Service Area, Ordos Historical and Cultural Celebrity Manuscripts Museum; Film and Television Music The report resource service area includes 2 service department rooms, namely the film and television data hall and the multi-functional lecture hall; the reader’s leisure service area includes 6 service functions, namely the reader fitness center, the reader Chinese and western dining area, the reader printing center, the children’s entertainment area, Music Coffee Book Bar, Xinhua Bookstore Bookstore. A total of 15 functional service areas. With the opening of the new library, the 45 library management college students entrusted by the Ordos Municipal Bureau of Personnel and Cultural Affairs to train Inner Mongolia University for orientation, all graduated successfully and started to work. They will take on the important task of "intelligent and digital" library construction and contribute to the realization of the Ordos cultural city and the promotion of social development and progress.
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L&T My LoveWe went on May Day holiday, there are a lot of people, but it is still very worth going. The environment in the park is very good. The key is the giant panda. The zoo is relatively large. You can rent a battery car. It is also more convenient. The cost of renting a car is slightly expensive.