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Things To Do in Haiyan

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滇国剑客This sand island in Qinghai Lake is a bit interesting. The islands in the inland provinces are not very large. However, this place has an alternative style of scenery, an ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River, which attracts tourists here.
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Memorial Hall
关裕年guanyunianThis is a very famous place, want to graduate from the aviation school, two students were assigned to the second plane department, from this day each side do not know what they are doing, then know, they assigned to Qinghai Province of the seagull is this place. Traveling from Ningxia to Qinghai Lake, passing here, I saw the legendary atomic base, now a normal town.
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格格Located in Haiyan County, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Jinsha Bay in Qinghai is a desert on a plateau. There is the Golden Sands Bay Amusement Park, where you can carry out many sand activities, such as sandboarding, horse riding, camel riding, beach motorcycles, shooting, archery and so on. Even if you don't play these amusement projects, it is very beautiful to take a walk on the sand dunes and take a look at Qinghai Lake. The scenery is spectacular and beautiful.
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Memorial Hall
巨行星I am very sorry that the main exhibition hall is not allowed to enter for the time being, it is said that it opened on July 1. I heard that the former nuclear weapons assembly workshop is under the exhibition hall, and I look forward to the opportunity to visit again in the future.
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伊來This is a Tibetan singer Lausanne built a scenic spot, all under the flag of the village selling things so-called "scenic area", this is the commercial taste of the lightest, folk features the most strong, so the peace of mind is worth a visit. Recommended reason: The prairie honeysuckle is still worth a visit. Tips: Hada is neck-dressed, but you have to pay for it when you walk.
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E40***48Perfect spot for sunset...... With breezes blowing from qinghai sea... Blue sea.... Sun and moon mountain...

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Qinghai Husha IslandHaibei,China

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Jinshawan Amusement ParkHaibei,China

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Qinghai MuseumHaibei,China

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Jinyintan Water Amusement Park Ski FieldHaibei,China

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Qinghai Lake Bike RentalHaibei,China

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Yuanzicheng Memorial HallHaibei,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Haiyan, including: Qinghai Husha Island,Atomic City Scenic Area,Jinsha Bay
I recommended Jinsha Bay, Jinyintan Grasslands, Qinghai Husha Island.
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