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Things To Do in Laoting

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M32***30The island was soon attracted by rows of buildings, the water structure is neat as a textbook on the water Venice. The wind blows through the island with a faint fragrance of flowers, every corner can take beautiful pictures. Play sand with children at the beach, sand is very delicate, barefoot walk very comfortable.
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M24***17I didn’t book a ticket online because I decided to go there. I bought a ticket and got 30 tickets. The train can drive to the island. There are 20 small trains for one person. There is no limit to the number of rides, every half an hour, and the scenery is mediocre. What surprised me more is that there is a Buddhist art museum under the lotus-shaped building. It is free to visit. Many travel notes don’t mention this place. Maybe most people are not interested, but I am different. There are many dynasties in it. The Buddha statues and historical relics made me fascinated by ancient history and culture. Even for this museum, 30 tickets are worth
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世界美食游走达人It is said that there are 11 islands in size. The famous Bodhi Island is across the sea. The area is about 3.2 square kilometers. There are also legends that when the eight fairies cross the sea, they scatter the flower baskets here.
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Memorial Hall
快乐天使lhm- no . Li Dapeng Memorial Hall, which is located in the county town of Leting County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, was opened on August 16, 1997, is the pioneer of Chinese Communist Movement, the great Marxist, the outstanding proletarian revolutionist and one of the main founders of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Li Dapeng Exhibition Center, Research Center and Patriot Education Base for Ping Performance
Nearby City
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Ornamental Hot spring
眼泪琥A must see the stunt show... It's very beautiful! It's almost like Universal Studios' future water world... There are children's water park and hot springs... It is recommended to buy a joint ticket... After playing in the water park, I have enough to go to the beach, it's good to wash the hot springs and eat self-service! Haha! The arrangement is clear and full...the premise is that you must go early... There are more thieves in the peak season and holidays... When you enter the door, buy a small train ticket, it will be much easier! Go to the hot spring and bring your own waterproof bag (which is quite expensive inside), Hey,
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恰似您的温柔Grabbing the tail of summer We haven't been to the beach in the hottest two months, and I feel that summer has been less. Last weekend, we caught the tail of summer in time, went straight to the Repulse Bay in Leting, Tangshan, and had seafood barbecue [色] Bring parasols, folding tables and chairs, ovens, spray guns, mini gas stoves, outdoor kitchen utensils, incubators, large bottles of water, fruits, seasonings, etc., and of course my small gas orange lamps. There are so many, but I finally forgot A few things, but it didn't delay us. There are always more ways to eat than difficult. On entering the island, we bought 8 crabs, nearly 6 jin (I estimate that the scale will not be too accurate). The crabs are very lively and satisfied with their size. The boss filled the bag with a lot of crushed ice... in just a moment When I was cleaning the crabs and preparing to bake them, the crabs were motionless, just like they were dead. We were a little bit blinded (wasn’t it that livelihood just now?), anyway, the sea crabs just died and can be eaten, so we comforted ourselves The fire was turned on, hahahaha, with the rapid increase in temperature, the crabs were alive and their limbs moved...Finally, the crab legs were almost completely lost. The sea breeze on Saturday was very strong. We basically used three stoves of charcoal to cook the crabs. The spray gun was useless, and the middle part of the crab shell was crispy. It was absolutely delicious. In the end, there was no time to take pictures. Eating is king. On the same day, I also used a mini gas stove to make seaweed egg flower chive soup. I cut the vegetables and make it now. It’s delicious. We joked: seaweed is also seafood...Although the sea breeze is so strong, the windproof gas stove is very good. With the small pot of the heat-gathering ring, the water will boil after a while. The convenience brought by technology is really good. In the afternoon I was sitting in the shadow of the car, blowing the sea breeze, listening to music, watching the boats passing by in the distance, and fully enjoying the happiness brought by the slow pace. Of course, the sea must go. We go out to play with the things that are usually useless. I bought them as soon as I liked them. My husband said they were all my toys. Traveling is considered Toy Story. In fact, there are many toys that I haven’t played with. The little orange lamp I brought was useless (I arrived at the hotel after dark). I specially lit it on Sunday night to feel the warmth in the orange light. I bought this lamp completely because of its name: Xiaoju Deng. I like this lamp because of Bing Xin’s prose... Two days out on weekends, about 630 kilometers round trip.