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Things To Do in Leiwuqi

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City | ​​landmark
enjoyzentLeiwuqi is known as the "Paradise in Eastern Tibet". A dream buried deep in the soul! That mysterious land, there are pure lakes, blue sky, fresh air, cotton-like white clouds; there are prayer flags fluttering in the wind, majestic snow-capped mountains, and cattle and sheep on the grassland leisurely and piously creeping. People...that is heaven! In fact, in my eyes, the beauty is not only the county seat of Leiwuqi, but also the scenery on the road from the county seat to Kham Huadu and Dingqing. I like the blue sky and white clouds here, but I don't know when I will be bored. It's a pity that this time I didn't photograph the wall of flowers that came into the city. I don't know if it's not yet open. I think everyone will like it here.
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enjoyzentThe Chajema Hall is square in appearance, with an area of 2856 square meters (56 meters long and 51 meters wide), giving people a sense of calm, solemnity and sacredness. On the ground floor, there are countless prayer wheels around the temple for men and women to pass through the pilgrimage. The Red Hall and the White Hall gradually converge inward, and they are decorated with flying eaves and golden roofs, showing a tendency to rise elegantly. There are many statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva in the Tiaohua Hall. Chajma Hall has always been famous for its majestic and majestic vibe and collection of numerous Buddhist classics. In the past, there was a saying among the local people that “go to the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa first, and then go to the Chajma Hall”, which shows its reputation.
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格格巴Kamado Tallinn is located along National Highway 317 in Leiwuqi County, 25 kilometers away from the county seat. Tallinn is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with beautiful scenery, towering ancient trees, green pines and cypresses, and evergreen all seasons. In the lush green cypresses, there is a unique small sutra hall, where the main statue of Guru Padmasambhava is dedicated, and there are several tall prayer wheels on the left and right sides. According to legend, there were 108 towers here, but dozens of towers have been restored and constructed. It has different shapes and unique styles, including the strict eight stupas and the square strange towers; there are large towers several meters high and small towers less than three meters high. Many local old people were turning mountains, turrets, and prayer wheels, casting friendly eyes on us strangers, and we also greeted them with "Tashi Delek".
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客The surroundings are really very good, no wonder there will be so many people like to come here, the reason that like this place, in addition to the beautiful environment, is like the hot springs here, it is so beautiful.
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Nature Reserve
格格巴We came to visit the Changmaoling Deer Farm, which is located in Changmaoling Township, Leiwuqi County. There are many virgin forest areas in which there are many wild deer and other wild animals. In the past, the deer was regarded as a "mountain of a bodhisattva" by Tibetan Buddhism, and was regarded as a sacred and inviolable "divine object". In addition, the deer is a very clever and agile animal, so the hunting volume is very small and it is often seen. A group of deer was jumping around in the forest. Soon after the Changding Highway was completed, there were often flocks of wild deer gathering and running on both sides of the highway.
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滇国剑客Deqing Pozhang is only one of many Yunshen Mountains in Tibet, but in addition to its magical existence, it is a beautiful scenery that attracts many tourists to visit.