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Things To Do in Lishui

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Terraced Field
_We***73Fantastic place with adorable view. It's definetely worth to visit this amazing place .
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Water Park
mackelEvery summer vacation will bring baby to play, the project is still those projects, but this year courage to play super-stimulus speed slide, from 22 meters high along 65 degrees steep slopes, very enjoyable!
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嘻嘻小宝Lishui Guyi painting township 20 Guyi painting township scenery is not bad, like taking pictures can leave more time to slowly wander. Want to see the morning fog or live in the scenic B&B bar a river water two villages, early winter season is still like spring, the rare tourists in the ancient town of Jiangnan is the best place to leisurely stroll and eat and take pictures. An old village, a big river, beautiful scenery, but there are too many tourists, no mood.
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嘻嘻小宝Lishui Yingxing Building 4 "Yingxing Building carries the thousand-year history of chuzhou, telling a thousand-year-old immortal legend, but now the reconstruction is also reflected the Lishui Municipal Committee, Municipal Government and Municipal Water Resources Bureau, adhere to the 'three cities together', 'construction of ecological civilization and a comprehensive well-off society' wisdom." Ancient Star Tower Millennium History
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Terraced Field
北极星As two local people in Zhejiang, rarely set foot on this land in the southwest of Zhejiang, this time we drove by ourselves a small number of Lishui Suichang. The average temperature in Suichangquan County is only 17.1℃. There is no hot weather in the alpine areas such as Baima Mountain and Nanjianyan. It is a real summer resort. You can feel cool by looking at the photos. I went to the three days and it rained every day. It was a bit cool in the morning and evening. Although it is not very convenient to travel on a rainy day, it is a good weather to take a large piece of scenery. You don't have to get up early, you can see the spectacular scenery of the mountain tips around the sea of clouds all day. Occasionally, I feel that it is a bit like Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. It has a very broad feeling. 📷 Attractions recommend [Wangcunkou Memorial] New Fourth Army into Shisuyu's guerrilla base, so it is also called the Red Army Village, experience the revolutionary history. [Jiaotan Village] is a yellow mud house built on a mountain, which is the best-looking village along the road. [Huangniling] No land passage, tourists and villagers are going to the Daxi Bian Pier to take the boat island, very interesting, the village has a Shungeng Academy. [Anshan Village] When the aerial photography found that the fields here are divided into pieces, like a palette, very good looking. There is a wild flower bush, the photo is very good, the background is cloudy mountains, there is a feeling of Xinjiang grassland. [Tea Garden] next to Shili Lake Mountain B&B, there are more than 60 acres, and the photo is quite good. The whole green road around Xianxia Lake, part is a plastic trail, part is cement road, I think cement road photographs better. [Peninsula Orchard] Hongxingping Hot Spring Boutique Hotel buys tickets, 120 yuan a person, you can pick and eat, then take a small blueberry, also go to the Daxi side dock to pick the island. The bridge is red and a large arch is reflected on the water of the lake, in contrast to the surrounding green hills, the aerial photographs are spectacular and beautiful
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_We***73Excellent place fot visting.It's so huge even some days is few for observing all the beauty of Dinghu Peak.We could visit only ropeway .The view is stunning 👍awesome👍 Defintely its worth to visit.Its very goos that its not far from train station easy to reach there 👍