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Terraced Field
_Ea***omBeautiful scenery. Definitely worth the early morning hike to watch the sunrise. We arrived a few minutes before sunrise and were treated to a glorious view of clouds rolling over the fields.
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旅の径Guhuai township, by the two villages across the river-Shantou village (Guhua) + Dagangtou town (Huaxiang) composed of the scenic area, the government led the construction, to make every advantage of geographical advantages, a shot and red, reputation, see more. Flexible water. The water between the ancient painting township is the essence of the scenery on the two sides of the Lijiang River in 800 miles. The clear water surface, the shimmering light, the white sail, the layers of mist; the long banks, giant cranes, pieces of reeds, houses; or the boating river, or the beach of the walk, the picturesque scenery came ~ beautiful. Curious trees. The giant pythons are densely packed in the scenic area, with the ancient python "thousand-year-old cypress trees" and painting township of the largest cypress trees are most eye-catching. By the Lijiang River and the Yanqu, the tree-age 1000 ~1500 years, 20 meters high giant python rising up, straight into the sky. Strong and strong (the largest tree diameter exceeds 4 meters), lush scars, shade like a cover (the largest canopy is nearly 50 meters), branches and leaves are lush. The sun is shining through the leaves of the shading light and shadow, and the short guns and guns to sculpt the modelling of the forgetful tourists, the contrast is a good scenery ~. Ancient oysters. Tongji Tong, built in 505, irrigates countless good fields downstream, benefits countless people throughout the generations, is a large water conservancy project with Dujiangyan. The arced dam is like a glittering silver chain that binds the Songyin River. The level behind the dam is as mirrored. The waves in front of the dam are rolling. The pavilion beside the dam is elegant ~ spectacular and beautiful. Colorful painting. Since the 1980s, Dagangtou town has gathered a group of young painters, guarded their homes, depicted the locality, painting as the carrier, sketching as the technique, painted beautiful green mountains and green water, created a group of art known as "Lishui Barbizon", Achieved the famous "painting town" of Dagangtou town. Stop under the trees on the riverside and watch the attention of the youth of sketching; Guoji Gallery, enjoy the colorful paintings ~ thick artistic atmosphere surrounded, there is a flavor. Different street. The ancient Tongji road of the ancient town, everywhere is the quaint and elegant courtyard, the huge tree of leafy trees cover the small shop of scale; the riverside street of the painting township, the folk house of the house of the water, the taste of the studio with the delicious food; stroll the street, stroll the patting, the fun. Tip: Visit the ancient painting township, half-day tour, a little limited; day tour, free and easy; live overnight, the most leisurely.
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旅の径Xiandu Scenic Area, 5A level tourist attraction, Qingshan Green Water, simple and quiet, the scenery is charming like a fairyland, the perfect place to visit and relax. Pick up the card, pick up the remnants, share one or two. There are five scenic spots in each. Integrated and optimized Xiandu Scenic Area, divided into small red wall, Xiandu view, Caiweng Cave, Dinghu Peak, Zhutan Mountain 5 sub-scenic areas, along the N curved good stream, from the west to the east second row. Landscape has a thousand autumns, the viewing quality is a bit different. 5 stars: Zhutan Mountain, Dinghu Peak; 4 stars: Xiao Chibi, Tunweng Cave; 3 stars: Xiandu View. Exquisite and thoughtful ticket design. Touring Xiandu Scenic Area, generally: 1 day tour is compact, 2 days tour is soothing, 1.5 days just right. Tickets for the scenic area are combined with tickets, valid for 3 days. I think: it seems that few tourists spend 3 days in the scenic area. Thinking: Better skills. Maybe can encourage tourists to swim slowly, deep; more can help tourists to efficiently combine, three days interspersed into the clouds and terraces, ancient painting township and other 70 km within the sights, and stay in Jinyun County. High-recognition scenic area LOGO. A pillar of single peak + a small peak, is the Xiandu Scenic Area - Dinghu Peak's landmark landscape, but also like the living and free of the word "Xian". So LOGO, abstract and representation seamless integration, fairy gas full, memorable. A pair of cartoon mascot in Xiandu scenic spot called "Fairy" and "Dudu", there are said to be a boy and girl growing up in good streamside, and like the peasant costume Huangdi + village girl dressed as the ancestor, both with the filial piety and rural atmosphere. The mascot with a good sense of joy is watching and welcoming tourists at the hills, streams, pavilions, paths, stations ~. It's too immortal. Convenient and comfortable traffic in the scenic area. The traffic car in Xiandu Scenic Area, set up the tourist service center (jingjiao car transfer terminal) + 5 sub-scenic area + Tongwenhua Street 7 stations, round-trip operation. After buying 20 yuan of scenic car ticket, unlimited rides within 3 days, car capacity station appearance is all OK, convenient and comfortable and affordable.
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Water Park
M23***20There is no danger, heart-rending day!!! First of all, thank you for your kind and good friend today, because of his carelessness, the child has lost 😂😂😂😂. Thank you for your nameless brother, thank you for sending my child to the customer service center in the first time. At that time, I found that the child was missing. It was really embarrassing. Just as I was preparing to call the police, the radio came to my daughter in the customer service center, so I could go and get it back. Thank you very much. Then praise the service staff of the scenic spot, very hospitable, very enthusiastic, really not easy, the hot day always hangs a smile on the face. Very professional, worth admiring!
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Terraced Field
穿白衬衣的薄荷星As two local people in Zhejiang, rarely set foot on this land in the southwest of Zhejiang, this time we drove by ourselves a small number of Lishui Suichang. The average temperature in Suichangquan County is only 17.1℃. There is no hot weather in the alpine areas such as Baima Mountain and Nanjianyan. It is a real summer resort. You can feel cool by looking at the photos. I went to the three days and it rained every day. It was a bit cool in the morning and evening. Although it is not very convenient to travel on a rainy day, it is a good weather to take a large piece of scenery. You don't have to get up early, you can see the spectacular scenery of the mountain tips around the sea of clouds all day. Occasionally, I feel that it is a bit like Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. It has a very broad feeling. 📷 Attractions recommend [Wangcunkou Memorial] New Fourth Army into Shisuyu's guerrilla base, so it is also called the Red Army Village, experience the revolutionary history. [Jiaotan Village] is a yellow mud house built on a mountain, which is the best-looking village along the road. [Huangniling] No land passage, tourists and villagers are going to the Daxi Bian Pier to take the boat island, very interesting, the village has a Shungeng Academy. [Anshan Village] When the aerial photography found that the fields here are divided into pieces, like a palette, very good looking. There is a wild flower bush, the photo is very good, the background is cloudy mountains, there is a feeling of Xinjiang grassland. [Tea Garden] next to Shili Lake Mountain B&B, there are more than 60 acres, and the photo is quite good. The whole green road around Xianxia Lake, part is a plastic trail, part is cement road, I think cement road photographs better. [Peninsula Orchard] Hongxingping Hot Spring Boutique Hotel buys tickets, 120 yuan a person, you can pick and eat, then take a small blueberry, also go to the Daxi side dock to pick the island. The bridge is red and a large arch is reflected on the water of the lake, in contrast to the surrounding green hills, the aerial photographs are spectacular and beautiful
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红配绿,绿配红Driving up a mountain road is very exciting, the scenery is good. It can cost 10 yuan to touch 25 jin of large gold bars. Go see the mining of the mine, there are Tang and Ming Dynasty. If you are interested, take a basin in the water to pan for gold. Finally take a small train out.

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Songcheng Longquan Mountain Tourist AreaLishui,China

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Window of She VillageLishui,China

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China Celadon Town · Phiyun Celadon Cultural ParkLishui,China

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Tongji WeirLishui,China

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About Lishui

Lishui was called Chuzhou in ancient times, first named in the 9th year of Emperor Suikai (589 AD). It has a history of more than 1,400 years and is the political, economic and cultural center of Southwestern Zhejiang. Famous for its landscapes and gorgeous scenery, Lishui has a reputation as “Zhejiang’s Green Valley” and “Zhejiang’s Sea of Trees”. There are 3,573 mountain peaks with an altitude of over 1,000 meters. The area is home to many historical sites, including cultural relics from the late Neolithic period, the remains of the Longquan celadon kiln, the ancient Tongji water conservation project and more. Jingning She Autonomous County in Lishui is the only autonomous county of the She nationality, as well as the only remaining ethnic minority county in Eastern China.

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Oct 20, 2021 Lishui Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 97%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:04/17:27
Lishui Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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