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Snow Mountain
M16***49Many people say it is the least worth the 5a scenic ticket. This can be seen for a person, but really pay attention: General travel agencies drive themselves, take you to the north bank, that is, opposite the river, really only a few observation decks to see the Nangabawa Peak, then look at the Grand Canyon, if you can't see this summit, it feels boring and losing. The north bank is suitable for accommodation, waiting for the Nanjiabawa Peak to reveal the beautiful scenery of the luck of the Sunshine Mountain, the north bank of SuoSong Village is the best observation point to go to the visitor center, you must take a sightseeing bus, it is the Grand Canyon 5a tour, the river side, that is, the Himalaya Grand Canyon Hotel side, there are 4 stops, A site a view, the second station love square, there is the world roof cliff swing, bold can try, ticket price is not expensive, 35 yuan every time. Here to see Nanjia Bawa peak, very near very sacred, and the north shore far view is different, the third Nanjia Bawa peak observation point, too beautiful. The fourth station, the hydrophilic platform, see and listen to the rolling river of the Brahmaputra at close range~ I wish you all good luck, Nanjabawa Peak, about 60 days a year can see the true appearance, also known as Sister Peak~
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轻轻的一个蚊Nanyigou scenic spot. Located in the south of Linzhi Milin County, Nanyigou scenic area surrounded by mountains, ancient trees, water grasses, beautiful scenery, is known as "China's green peak-level forest bathing" and "the highest green secret on the earth", walking on the forest path to feel the plateau oxygen bar fresh nature. Nanyigou is also an important origin of mysterious Tibetan medicine culture, "Tibet medicine king valley" called, the ecological protection is intact, the climate is humid, the animal and plant resources are very rich, is the national AAAA tourist attraction.
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Ancient Villages
魔女三号babykikileeSousong Village: most of the people who enjoy peach blossoms in Linzhi will think of the village of Suosong. The village is located in the Grand Canyon Scenic Area of Brahmaputra, with a peach forest, is a good location to photograph Nanjabawa Peak and peach blossoms. After arriving at Tunbai Village, 5 km drive along Panshan Road to Suo Song Village, Suo Song Village in the middle of the mountain, facing Nanjabawa Peak, beautiful rural scenery, the village next to the Yarlung Zangbo River, there is a lush peach forest. In the spring, the peach blossoms bloom, fusing the surrounding river water, snowy mountains, like the snowy mountains and peach blossoms wrapped in the world of peach source. The village has a homestay, every time the peach blossom festival is booked in the morning, and the price doubles, to stay here remember to book in advance. Sunrise and sunset in the village of Suomatsu is also a good choice.
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Observation Deck
轻轻的一个蚊Tibet Nyingchi Buddha Palm Dunes. Located on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River, near the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, the Buddha Palm Dunes are named for their shape as the hand-in-hand Buddha Palm. In fact, because the dunes are in the strong wind mouth area of the middle and lower reaches of the Brahmaputra, the wind is such as hurricane in the late autumn to late spring. The sand that appears on the river bed before and after the dunes due to the dry season is blown and transported and accumulated year after year, thus forming this special landscape. ​​
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enjoyzentIn Zhibai Village, you can see the Nanga Bawa Peak. There are mountains that block the mountain and cannot be seen as a whole. You have to go up to see it. The villages are basically family hotels run by Tibetans. When the weather is good, you can take the scenic tour bus to arrive, but it is not convenient to go by car. You need to wait for the scenic tour bus to stop before you can go.
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Historical Site
IvanFCDaduka Village is a must pass through the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon trekking route. On the bank of the Toka River, there is the remains of an old castle. It is said that the manor castle of King Gongbu was destroyed by artillery during the war and it was just a ruin.

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