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Things To Do in Puyang

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M24***65There is a big circus show very interesting, playing tigers, goats, monkeys, bears, etc., all have their own characteristics. The black brothers work very hard. They only know that they are not afraid of heat. Now they also find that they are not afraid of cold. The sea lion show is also of great ornamental value. The sea lion has always been considered to be a relatively clumsy animal. I did not expect it to be so flexible. There is a bird language forest, where various birds are very beautiful, and there are birds cooing similar to turkeys. It seems to be fighting. Stay away from her when you look at it. I suspect they are aggressive. There are various cute pet animals in the docile zoo area. The bigger highlight is the parrot talking, which is funny. After a bridge, there are The beast bus, you can feed the tiger face to face, pay attention to face to face! Very thrilling and suitable for young people to play.
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a3781338113Xiangyang Shuixiu Acrobatics, world famous, watched once, really unsatisfactory trip, wonderful. I bought a discount ticket much cheaper than the ticket office, so worth it. The photos I took on the spot are beautiful, look carefully at the way I contact you for the discount ticket.
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City Park
werther、In the city of Xiangyang, there is nothing fun as we all know. Open the map and you can find the Qicheng Cultural Relic Scenic Area. Don't need tickets. It is a antique architecture group. If you go in, it is almost the equivalent of a park. Local people walk here for a cooler. But the Huimengtai and the museum are still a bit interesting. The place of knowledge is really shocking, the first dragon of China. A stranger can come and see if he is bored.
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中原星Playing in Xiangyang Green Manor is still good, it is not convenient to park quite satisfied, the quality has passed, with a daughter-in-law and a baby are good options. Logistics are also timely, no long waiting. Consultation before coming, very enthusiastic, explanation is very good, will give relevant advice, very human. Family and friends said it is good.
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钱旋1The aquarium covers an area of 9 acres, with a total area of 6000 square meters, divided into more than 10 exhibition areas such as crocodile, dolphins, sea turtles, seals, sharks, ornamental fish, Chinese sturgeon, and baby fish. There are also mermaid performance halls, dolphin and sea lion performance halls. Performance area. At the same time, all ornamental fishes are equipped with mobile viewing channels, and people can have a "zero distance" close contact with these marine animals. The completion and opening of this aquarium has added a new classroom for young people in Puyang to learn popular science knowledge.
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钱旋1Pushang Ecological Park is a large-scale ecological leisure scenic spot with green as its main focus, water as its soul and leisure as its function. More than 700 acres of water are dominated by Leize Lake, Xixiu Lake, and Dongling Lake, with Pushui, Chanshui, Fanshui and other rivers as links, rivers and lakes crisscross, blue waves are rippling, fish and gulls gather. The hills with Longshou Mountain as the main body are undulating and majestic. There are dense forests, sparse forests, grasslands, creeks, and sketches everywhere in the park. It is lush and green, shaded by trees, and mountains, water and green together form a giant landscape picture scroll of Pushang Ecological Park.