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Things To Do in Stralsund

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M33***52You need to participate in a group visit to enter the city hall. You can register at the entrance on the same day, and there are timetables and timetables for explanations in various languages. You need to bring your passport to check at the time of ticket purchase. The explanation is very detailed and you can learn more about the history of Stockholm. Afterwards, you can also visit the beautiful city scenery on the tower. A place worth visiting
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M30***93It is full of history. The moment you walk into the church, you really feel calm. Hidden in the alleys, it is known as the most perfect Gothic building in Barcelona. It is said to be the guardian of the navigator. The security inside is a bit wider than Barcelona Cathedral, and it's not so depressing.
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M32***23Ozennoim Marine Museum is a great marine museum, divided into two parts, the cultivation of marine life, and the display of many biological fossils, you can see the smallness of human beings and the vastness of the world!
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Nearby City
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88topThe seaside scenery and the very beautiful white buildings are worth enjoying slowly. The seafood feast is not to be missed. There is a locally produced sea buckthorn juice that is sweet and sour and worth a try. You can take a cruise to admire the white cliffs of the World Natural Heritage Site, which is very shocking.