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Things To Do in Hailin

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    Xueyuan ParkMudanjiang,China

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    Juyuan Huanlegu Water Amusement ParkMudanjiang,China

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    Snow Town (Xuexiang)Mudanjiang,China

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    Yangcao MountainMudanjiang,China

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    Hengdao Ski FieldMudanjiang,China

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    Xuexiang Hailanghe DriftingMudanjiang,China

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    Popular activities include skiing, ice sledging, eating popsicles at approximately twenty degrees below zero.These are the reasons why Harbin in winter is powerful, and you can experience this during the Harbin winter.
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    About Hailin

    Hailin City is located in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province. The banks of the Hailiang River are considered one of the birthplaces of Manchu culture. Ninggu Tower, which can be found here, served as the seat of generals and an encampment for troops during the Qing dynasty. The city has 16 historical sites dating from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and has been imprinted by the cultures of Jinyuan and Bohai as well as those passing through Ninggu Tower. The story from the book Tracks in the Snowy Forest and the subsequent film The Taking of Tiger Mountain takes place here. This place is known as “a snowland among a sea of forests,” “China’s snow country,” “the home of tigers in China,” and “the home of lion’s mane mushroom in China.”

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    Here are the best places to visit in Hailin, including: Hengdaohezi Siberian Tiger Park,Snow Town (Xuexiang),Weihushan City
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