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About Harbin

Harbin is a scenic city that has gradually reached perfection over the years. In few other cities do people get as obsessed with being in a world of ice and snow. Every winter Harbin Ice and Snow World on the frozen Songhua River is full of happy banter. Here, it is as if people can forget the cold while still enjoying the frozen landscape. Here there are lively ice lantern shows and vivid and lifelike ice sculptures, as well as also mountain skiing and glacier skating that spread excitement all around. As soon as the sun goes down, walk down the central avenue surging with crowds and admire the elegant European architecture adorned with lamps and the magnificent Orthodox Church or try a Martell Popsicle to enjoy the enchanting cultural mix of East and West.

Popular Attractions in Harbin

Harbin Ice and Snow World
28,114 Reviews
Theme Park
Entertainment Center
Harbin Ice and Snow World is a destination that cannot be missed! It offers a variety of ice sculptures, snow entertainment projects and theme performances. The attraction holds an annual ice and snow theme carnival, which is opened from Christmas to early March. Here, you can admire the beautiful ice sculptures and snow sculptures that light up at night immersing you in a fairyland. You can also enjoy a variety of snow-themed entertainment rides that gives you added thrill to the already stunning views you have there.
Harbin Wanda Theme Park
2,043 Reviews
Theme Park
Harbin Wanda Theme Park is located in Songbei District of Harbin. The five theme areas - Harbin Street, Xing'an Xueyuan, Wusuli Fishing Song, Lilac Fairyland and Celebration Time - perfectly combine the folklore of Northeast China and the essence and joy of Longjiang culture. You can enjoy the passionate Baroque architecture on Harbin Street; feel the Northern snowy scenery in Xing'an Xueyuan; feel the unique culture of Hezhe in the Wusuli Fishing Song; relive your childhood dreams in a carousel ride in the Lilac Fairyland and leap in excitement in Celebration Time.
Harbin Polar Museum
5,792 Reviews
Although the Harbin Polar Museum is small and has only two floors, it has created various interesting scenes. Apart from seeing polar animals and marine fish such as polar bears, penguins, and squid, you can also enjoy the world’s unique beluga performance “Heart of the Sea” and see the two beluga celebrities “Mira” and “Nikola” with beautiful lady trainers creating a romantic and beautiful story.
Zhongyang Street
7,229 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
Zhongyang Street begins at the flood control memorial on the bank of Songhua River, then continues south to meet Jingwei Street. This pedestrian street is has ashlar paving down both sides, and his home to many European Renaissance and Baroque style buildings, lending it a romantic flavor. During the ice festival, there are interesting ice and snow sculptures to be seen everywhere along the street, just waiting for you to come and have your photo taken next to them. When you visit Zhongyang Street, you must taste its authentic Russian cuisine, and the celebrated Modern brand popsicles. Many classic European style buildings are clustered along this more than 100 year old commercial street. It is also crammed with all kinds of department stores. As night falls every evening, the whole street is lit up with a rich display of light and color. It is a place you must visit when you are in Harbin.

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Top 10 Trendy Streets in China
Outdoor Recreation
Business Districts
Hong Kong
Not to be missed: Chunxi Road in Chengdu is a super popular Internet celebrity gathering spot. This gorgeous commercial street has a sense of “everyone bustling about enjoying the great scenery” and is home to Chengdu’s stylish advertisements. The street draws in a huge number of attractive guys and gorgeous women from all over China who come to visit this “Internet celebrity gathering spot.”
TripBlog   Dec 10, 2019
Feel The Culture and History of Harbin with These 6 Places
Cultural History
Historic Landmarks
Religious Institutions
Laodaowai Block: A Typical Old Harbin Block Laodaowai Chinese Baroque Historical and Cultural Protection Block, located in the central core area of Harbin Daowai District, is the block where the most distinctive features of old Harbin can be found. Whether in terms of the number of baroque buildings or its historical significance, its value exceeds that of Central Avenue. The only eligible circumstance in which Harbin could receive the UN Habitat Scroll of Honor is by boasting the Laodaowai Chinese Baroque Building Area. Additionally, Laodaowai's folk culture is displayed in the form of sculpture in every corner of the block. Those sculptures make you feel as if you were walking through a scene in an old movie, and such feelings still linger in your mind once you’ve left. |
TripBlog   Nov 25, 2019
Snow Village Around Harbin - The Best Place to Play in The Snow.
Outdoor Recreation
Snow Village formerly known as "Shuangfeng Forest Farm" is 290 km from Harbin. Every winter in Harbin Central Street there are shuttles direct to the snow village, where playing in the snow, seeing the best snow, and hiking through the snow village are the best activities.
TripBlog   Nov 25, 2019

Harbin Weather

Aug 13, 2020
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Aug 14, 2020
Thunderstorms with Rain
Aug 15, 2020
Aug 16, 2020

Trip Moments

I lived near the central street this time, so the itinerary is based on this. I will first say the playing card 1 Central Street, and I recommend three >>> When I am near the Flood Control Memorial Tower, there are many people who give it to people. The portrait, carefully read the painting is good, the price is reasonable>>> to the riverside to the right hand side has a more network red old Jiangqiao, now the people who go to the card is not particularly many, personally feel that the night photo has a feeling than the day> >> At 7 o'clock in the evening, the Maldil balcony concert will perform a few songs. Listening to it is quite beautiful, many people will stop to watch. 2Sophia Church, originally thought that this time will not be seen, maybe the luck has been removed a lot of the fence, now can only pat outside, inside can not enter, but fortunately there are not many people in Sofia Square now, Be patient and wait to take photos of no one. 3 went to Jiangbei the next day, mainly for the Grand Theatre. There is a passage here that can go to the half-waist position of the Grand Theatre, but the photo should not only end to the end, the middle stairs are very beautiful. 4 Also recommend a nice place Harbin Station, not far from Sofia, the station in front of the station and the design of the station itself are super beautiful, so if you are from the station, take a little more time to take a photo nice. . Then talk about eating, eating a lot of homes in these three days, the direct consequences of going home fat a few pounds, spent a week to recover, but, um... is still to eat. 1 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , The name is a masterpiece, especially real. Recommended dishes, roasted garlic, chicken feet, fried fish, these are my favorite, the other look at the basics are delicious. 2 Ramie tavern, near the central street, the environment is fun all over the world. The whole dish is the Sichuan cuisine, it is very spicy, this drunk crab claw is the best I have eaten. The pot tofu is also recommended, and the taste of the chicken feet is simply delicious. 3 The German Pavilion in Fort Worth seems to be a boss with a long time, I guess, because this store also shakes beer at night. Hematemesis strongly recommend this crispy elbow, so delicious, especially the skin, as well as the vegetable salad is particularly high, the steak is delicious, and the fruit pizza is very good. 4 , , , , , , , , , . This stay is very good value, mainly two hotels, all near the central street. 1Junyi Hotel, the interior decoration is a bit of a business model, but the supporting facilities are still very good, the service is thoughtful five-star, the most recommended is his breakfast, visually stunning taste, semi-self-service ordering There are special requirements that can be met basically. 21903, this old-fashioned hotel has a history. It used to be a place where Russian nobles lived. The old elevator built by the Jews is still there, and it can run, as if through the old movies, the service of the hotel is very There is a sense of substitution, not only the food is delicious, the restaurant is also very beautiful, you must pamper yourself when you go out to play ~
Posted: Sep 28, 2019
Posted: Aug 30, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Jinlong Mountain National Forest Park, Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Garden, Hulanhekou Wetland Scenic Area, Snow valley, Pingshan Shenlu Tourist Area.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Harbin: Modern Coffee&Restaurant, Zhang Bao Pu ( Dao Wai ), Qian Dai Wu Japanese Cuisine( Kai Fa Qu ), Hang Yu ( International ), Yuan Ji ChuanChuan Xiang (Anguo Street).
Here are the best places to visit in Harbin, including: Sun Island Scenic Area, Poseidon Ocean Kingdom, Songhua River Sightseeing Cableway, Northeast Tiger Forest Park, Dragon Tower.