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Things To Do in Jena

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137***66Everyone who wears glasses knows Zeiss, so when you pass by this optical museum, you must come and see it. It is located at the end of Carl Zeiss Street in Jena. It is not very inconspicuous, but the exhibits inside are very amazing. A comprehensive display of the results of the cooperation between Carl Zeiss, physicist Ernst Carl Abbe, and glass technology expert Otto Schott, the museum displays a large number of exhibits, from electron microscopes, stereo microscopes and reflecting telescopes. This museum displays one of the largest collections of glasses in Europe, as well as binoculars, microscopes, photographic equipment from various periods from the darkroom to digital cameras, and many other exhibits. From reading glasses to cosmic telescopes, people can see almost everything related to optics here.
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Historical Architecture
118***88To be precise, it is not a tower. It is a 30-story cylindrical building. The top floor is designed with an observation deck. There is a coffee shop on the 28th floor with seats along the windows for viewing. The viewing ticket is now 3.5 euros.
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Famous Residences
轻轻的一个蚊This is Liszt’s former residence in Weimar. In this circle of yellow houses, Liszt lived for 11 years and brought his immortal music to Weimar, and pushed Weimar to the German music of that period. art Center. Liszt is a Hungarian. There is also a Liszt statue in front of the Budapest Opera House. Even people who don't know much about music and art know Mozart and John Strauss in Austria, Beethoven in Germany, and Chopin in Poland. They seem to have never heard of Liszt's name. However, without Liszt, there would be no final achievement of Chopin.
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大姐小露開心果The small town of Weimar that was once the cultural center of Germany Has many cultural monuments History in Germany Culturally and politically Has an unparalleled importance Goethe Created many immortal works here Buy a ticket and visit inside A glimpse of the life of a great writer Because it represents the tradition of classical culture Praised as the Athens of Germany~
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乖小咪The Bauhaus Museum is a private museum in Weimar, where some private collections of cultural relics are displayed. Although the area is small, the value of these cultural relics is very worth seeing. This museum is located in the city center, it is very convenient to come and go, and it is worth visiting.
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乖小咪Both Goethe and Schiller were from Weimar, and both were literary masters and good friends. The two statues in front of the city hall are the city symbol of Weimar and the most famous statue here, attracting many tourists to take photos.

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Optisches MuseumJena,Germany

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Stadtmuseum JenaJena,Germany

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Friedrich Schiller University JenaJena,Germany

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Das RomantikerhausJena,Germany

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