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Observation Deck
Rape Flower Observation Deck

Rape Flower Observation Deck

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"Observation Deck"
"Many viewing platforms have been built in Menyuan Rape Flower Sea, among which the most popular is the Daban Mountain viewing platform. After playing arrogantly in the rape field, we passed the Daban Mountain Observation Deck on the way back to Xining. Located next to the 227 National Highway, not far from the Daban Mountain Tunnel, the highest in Asia, it is very popular. From here you can overlook the famous Gangshika Snow Peak. Of course, the biggest attraction is the Baili Flower Sea in Menyuan. At that moment, it was really shocking. The sky and the earth were connected together without a gap. Although the clouds were a bit dark and my photography skills were super bad, the rape blossoms illuminated the world. The rape blossoms on the edge of Qinghai Lake cannot be compared with this place, because it is better in scale and momentum. In July’s Menyuan, a hundred miles of river, along the slopes of the river are covered with yellow satin-like rapeseed flowers. The golden rapeseed flowers are like the tide of the Qiantang River, one after another, with the blue sky and white clouds, and distant mountain villages outlined. Natural oil painting. The best time to view rape blossoms in Menyuan is in the middle and late July. At this time, the Menyuan Rapeseed Flower Festival and the Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race will be held simultaneously in July. There are many attractions and activities."