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Things To Do in Menyuan

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翼儿爱自由Rape flowers everywhere, but the source of the Qinghai Menyuan rape flower is more spectacular. Menyuan, located in Qinghai Province, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Every summer season, the full range of the mountain rape flowers, covered the whole hillside, plain, the scene is very spectacular! The canola flower mountain is set against the blue sky and white clouds, the endless golden yellow looks unusual, the simple composition of the large colors give rich imagination. You can watch the sunrise of the flower sea in the morning here, when the sun rises you can see the distant mountains, villages and the canola flower field blend beautiful scenery. You can also be everywhere in the rape flowers, in the sea of flowers. Walk into the door, as into the natural oil painting scroll. 
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118***20Xianmi National Forest Park is the largest forest area in Qinghai Province. The park is located 30 kilometers east of Menyuan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, covering Dongchuan, Xianmi and Zhugu Towns, Menyuan County, 55 kilometers north-south, 95 kilometers east-west, total land area 14.8 million hectares. The park was approved as a provincial forest park in 1996 and upgraded to a national forest park in 2003. Due to the influence of the Qilian Mountains, the Xianmi Forest Park is rich in surface water and groundwater resources, and is the source of several Yellow River water systems in the south and many inland water systems in the north. Xianmi Forest Park is located in the confluence of Lenglongling and Dabanshan mountain systems in Qilian, and is composed of mountains, canyons, qifeng, cliffs and karst caves. Influenced by the two mountain systems of Lenglongling and Dafanshan and Datong River, the natural geography conditions are unique, the ecosystem is diverse, and the landscape resources such as biology, geoculture, hydrology, heavenly and humanities are abundant and beautiful. Old and vigorous primitive forest, vast plateau meadow, scenic alpine lake, deep and dangerous ditch, brave and daring streams and rivers, historic Tibetan Buddhism, vast and profound Huahe culture, quaint and exotic folk customs, intoxicating and unreturnable.
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翼儿爱自由Among the mountains in the Qinghai Plateau, Mt. Tatsuki is only a small character, but its special geographical location makes Mt. Tatsuki famous in the plateau. The sea level is relatively low in the valley area on both sides of Dabanshan, and the climate is cool and warm, which is an important agricultural and animal husbandry area in Qinghai Province. In the Dabanshan observation deck, you can overlook the Snow Mountain of Gangska, and the spectacular Menyuan hundreds of miles of rape flowers...
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陌染MMTraveling to Qinghu Lake, the car came out of Xining and drove along the road all the way to this place called "Huahai Mandarin Duck", only to see a lot of people on the roadside gathering there to play with a bunch of white things, like a small mountain Looks like, I was also curious. I called the car to stop and took a look. It turned out to be a lot of frost. It should have been frost at night, and then it rained, which washed the frost down the mountain and piled up. A lot of passers-by passed by here, and everyone was so excited that they all got out of the car to play frost. Of course, I also joined the team.
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88topThere is a snow peak in Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, Gangshika, which shows the scenery of the northern country. It is the first peak in the tourism circle around Xining. It is one of three mountaineering peaks which the Qinghai Mountaineering Management Center has decided to develop. Gangshka snow peak is not high, is the ideal place for the tourist enthusiasts to climb the mountain, also can be used as the training base for mountaineering and mountaineering. With the increasing of the visibility of mountaineering and exploration tourism in our province, it has attracted many domestic and foreign mountaineering and exploration tourism enthusiasts. If the weather is fine, you can clearly see the Gangshika snow mountain independent peaks on the Dalu Mountain Ring Road, the momentum is spectacular.
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_We***24Heiquan Reservoir is located in Baoku Township, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Qinghai Province. It is beside National Highway 227. It is 37 kilometers away from Qiaotou Town, Datong County, and 75 kilometers away from Xining City. The total storage capacity is 182 million cubic meters. The total project investment is 77.25 million yuan. It is Qinghai. An important part of the "Yin Da Ji Huang" project, plays an important role in ensuring the industrial, agricultural and domestic ecological water in Xining and surrounding areas

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Xianmi National Forest ParkHaibei,China

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Huahai YuanyangHaibei,China

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Gangshenkaxue MountainHaibei,China

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Gangshenka Qicai Bing WaterfallHaibei,China

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Menyuan Qian Mu Jinxiuhuatian Sceneic AreaHaibei,China

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About Menyuan

Menyuan Hui Autonomous County is located in the north of Qinghai Province. The county has a long history as it was one of the first places where Yellow River culture developed and from where this culture spread. Menyuan is rich in tourism resources. Several ethnicities and cultures merge in this county to form unique folk customs. Within the region, the large gorges are a feast for the eyes. The plateau pastures along the Huangcheng Grassland are well worth checking out.

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Here are the best places to visit in Menyuan, including: Menyuan Rapeseed Flower Field,Xianmi National Forest Park,Dabanshan
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