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Things To Do in Nantong

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M46***81Let me evaluate it! And the object's May Day trip, especially happy! I suggest you pay attention to the WeChat public number before you go, which has show time, then you can plan a whole day trip to the zoo according to the show time. We went at 9 am and didn't come out until 8 pm. Make sure to bring good food and water! Bread is arranged for everything! Food in the park is expensive, such as 10 pieces of intestine! Not necessarily delicious! Usually there is a street performance in the morning and then start watching animals. We finished the pedestrian area before 1 pm, and then queued for a small train, which was a one-hour queue. But the small train was quite disappointing, because the animals were still in the fence, just like the pedestrian area, it was still far away. But since you go, don't have any regrets, I suggest you experience it! Then we went to the big circus, the big circus is not famous, it is wonderful! Have a concert feeling haha! It is recommended to go to the queue early, pick a front row seat, and interact with the staff. After watching the big circus, the sea lion show also looked at it. Although it is very regular, it is convenient to take a break, because it is really tired. When you go, you are going to have 20,000 steps a day. Go to the white beach to see the light and shadow show at night! The twinkle of the lights is also eight wrong! But the wind is very strong and the temperature difference is very large. It is recommended to bring a jacket 🧥! Although we forgot to bring it haha. After the whole day of the show, it is over! Although tired and cold, this is the normal after each play, be prepared! After all, happiness is also true! It's a wonderful memory for me and my partner!
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Sissi帶你看世界🏕 No winter can not pass the Langshan Mountain in the southern suburb of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. It is a famous natural scenic spot. It consists of Langshan, Maanshan, Huangnishan, Jianshan and Junshan. It is adjacent to the Yangtze River and mountains and waters in the west, and is commonly known as Wushan. Langshan is located in the middle, 106.94 meters above sea level, the most precipitous and high-level show, many cultural relics and historical sites, other four mountains such as the stars of the arch moon, Langshan became the first of five mountains. Chinese name: Langshan Scenic Area Location: West side of Jinghai Commercial Street, Nantong City Open Time: All year (North Gate) 07:30-16:30; All year (other entrance) 08:30-16:30 Attraction Level: AAAA Level Ticket Price: 50 yuan (off season) 70 yuan (high season) According to legend, the wolf mountain once lived on it, and it is named because the mountain is like a wolf. During the Suihua Year of the Northern Song Dynasty (990~994), Yang Qi, a state-run animal husbandry, felt that the name of the Langshan was not elegant, then changed the Langshan to Lushan, and then because the rocks on the mountain were purple, so later called the Zijingshan, Nantong City has also got the elegant nickname of "Zijing". Wangshan was in the Yangtze River, the Tang Dynasty's high priest Jianzhen third east crossing Japan in the Wolf Mountain to shelter the wind, the Northern Song Dynasty Wolf Mountain and land rise. Since the Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty built a temple temple tower, the general name of the Guangjiao Temple. In Buddhism, Langshan was the first of the eight small Buddhist mountains in China. Catholics built churches at the northern foot of Langshan Mountain at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, which was called the "Langshan Lude Cathedral." In 1930s, the Roman Holy See issued several books to grant "All Amnesty" to make Wolf Mountain one of the 12 major pilgrimages of Chinese Catholicism, and it has a high religious status and influence in the Far East. Luo is one of the famous poets of the "first Tang Dynasty", who joined the Yangzhou assassination history of Xu Jingye to fight against Wu Zetian, and exiled to Nantong after defeat. Locke tomb is parallel to the south song national hero Wen Tianxiang's staff, Jin Ying and Qing "Gozan Quanzhi" compiler Liu Nanyue tomb, three tombs on the Korean patriotic poet Jin Lijiang tomb. Langshan south Changbei, north to the mountain as a screen and garden, cliff steep wall inscription, titled slope. The cliffs in the garden are the streams of the river, the western water is a huge stone, the famous modern calligrapher Wu Changshuo is entitled "Dazhao Rocky Stone". Up to now, there are still buildings such as "Zhaohui Shenxiu Building", "Linxi Jingshe" and "Yumei Building" built by Zhang Chun. There are scenic spots such as matsuzakakaku, kaizuki rock, kasuiwa, sunset cave, senjin cave, and kangyoizumi.
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tiramisu1130There is a landscape called Venice on the sea! Non-holidays, Venice on the sea really no one, contracted the whole beach here is still a good scenery like photographing friends must not miss!
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D55***78the trails that run besides the canals are a beautiful and relaxing treat especialy at night when the lights are turned on !
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Botanical Garden
_We***98it’s a very beautiful place in nantong! it feels like a little amsterdam. you can see lots of different types of cactus and fruits. people should come and explore that beautiful place...
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mayiAdd a lot of projects, Meng Pampered Paradise children play for a long time, and there are ocean ball pool, slides, sand painting, space sand, are the baby lingering and forgetting to return. The variety of marine animals is less, the extra charge is a bit higher, overall ok, suitable for sheltering from the wind and walking around

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Looking to the distance, one can spot the beach treads and waves, and the surrounding area of ​​Nantong is close to nature.
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Nantong sits amid charming scenery of the rivers and sea and is a city of gardens known far and wide. The Weihe River passes through the city, meandering among pavilions and buildings. The cultural heritage and pleasant scenery complement each other well. Nantong has the reputation of a “city of museums,” and in addition to Nantong Museum, there is also the city museum, the textile museum, and others which are worth seeing. Chengnan Wulang Mountain is chief among the eight lesser Buddhist mountains in China and is another worthwhile destination in Nantong.

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Here are the best places to visit in Nantong, including: Nantong Senlin Yesheng Zoo,Lang Mountains Scenic Area,Bihai Silver Sand (Venice Hotel on the Sea)
You could try Lang Mountains Scenic Area,Sik Park,Haohe Scenic Area,Nantong Intercontinental Green Expo,Nantong Ocean World in Nantong
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