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About Nantong

Nantong sits amid charming scenery of the rivers and sea and is a city of gardens known far and wide. The Weihe River passes through the city, meandering among pavilions and buildings. The cultural heritage and pleasant scenery complement each other well. Nantong has the reputation of a “city of museums,” and in addition to Nantong Museum, there is also the city museum, the textile museum, and others which are worth seeing. Chengnan Wulang Mountain is chief among the eight lesser Buddhist mountains in China and is another worthwhile destination in Nantong.

Popular Attractions in Nantong

Lang Mountains Scenic Area
3,315 Reviews
Sitting on the Yangtze River, the Lang Mountains Scenic Area is one of Nantong's most famous attractions. The mountains are full of lush trees and numerous historical sites. The main attractions include Guangjiao Temple, Luo Bingwang's Tomb, Sanxian Temple, etc. Go to the top of the mountain for an excellent view of the Yangtze River. The Lang Mountains is the famous Buddhist mountain in China. Buddhist structures are spread all over the mountain range. Many people frequent this area to worship.
Nantong Adventure Kingdom
1,476 Reviews
Theme Park
Located in the Gangzha District of Nantong City, Nantong Adventure Kingdom is a modern comprehensive theme park. Activities in the scenic area include prehistoric expeditions, 3D and 4D giant screens, tortoise adventures, children's dream world and other projects, suitable for tourists of different ages. In addition, there is one of the first domestic constant-temperature water worlds in the park, which can be used for large-scale children's water games such as giant water villages and river rafting. It is very suitable for summer family fun.
Nantong Ocean World
827 Reviews
Nantong Ocean World is an aquarium located in Nantong Sports Center. It is divided into a tropical rainforest pavilion, coral marine museum, animal performance hall and other attractions. The performance hall is home to several magnificent animal performances, providing guests with opportunities to get up close and interact with marine animals.
Haohe Scenic Area
1,678 Reviews
The Haohe Scenic Area is located in the Chongchuan District of Nantong. It is a preserved ancient moat surrounding the ancient town. Visitors to Weihe River can take a river cruise and enjoy the bright lights and gorgeous nighttime scenery on either side of the river. Visitors may also choose to visit some of the picturesque locations along the river, including Tianning Temple, Arctic Temple, Nantong Museum and more.

Nantong Weather

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Trip Moments

Posted: Jan 2, 2019
This time in Nantong accommodation, the Novotin Hotel is set. First of all, the location of this hotel is relatively good. It is not far from where we are going. If you drive, you can get it within 10 minutes to 20 minutes. .

Second, this hotel has a good evaluation on the Internet, the price is not expensive, it also includes two early, and there is not much discussion. Everyone unanimously passed and set a stay for two nights.

The decor of the hotel combines the western style with the Chinese elements of the East style. The luxurious crystal chandeliers and LED large screens are elegant and elegant, and the style is extraordinary. When you walk into the hall, you will have a warm waiter to help you. Luggage, it is quite intimate.

Check in at the front desk, and the sisters in the same room have a double room with a higher floor. The front desk is also very smart, giving us a heading that can see the night scene.

The room was unexpected to me, the area was large, there was no smell, it looked like a new hotel, and everything was quite satisfactory. I usually live in a lot of hotels, the requirements for this are naturally high, this hotel is really good value for money, the companions are also very satisfied.

In addition to the desk and a small tatami sofa, the two of us are not crowded at all, everyone is doing their own things, there is also a bar, you can make tea and coffee, quite comfortable.

The bathroom area is not small, 24 hours of hot water is sufficient, bath products are also very complete, take a comfortable hot bath, sleep beautifully, to meet a new day. By the way, the breakfast at the hotel is quite rich.
Posted: Dec 17, 2018
The basic display of Nantong Museum is not based on historical order, and it does not emphasize character events. Instead, it reorganizes and combines various cultural relics to reflect the production and living conditions of predecessors under the times and geographical changes.

Continue to go forward, Wenhua Yiyun unit divides etiquette and religion, literature and art, city life and other small topics, the exhibits seem to be normal, but in fact carefully selected, the pieces are strong Native colors.

The Ming and Qing Dynasties famous doctor Chen Shigong's blue and white porcelain , the Qing Dynasty famous painter Li Fangzhen's literary genre, the Qing dynasty champion Hu Changling, the Qing dynasty's second eye Wang Guangyin and the third plaque, Yinxiang furnace, Chengyin mud... ... are included in the topic of the literary arts.

The beautifully drawn Tongzhou 36-line map is a vivid portrayal of the life of the city in the late Qing Dynasty. There are also three-inch golden lotus, drum-shaped tin flower tin powder box, magpie invitation, red satin dress, etc. Presenting the original wedding customs of Nantong.

Before going out of the exhibition hall, I saw a Japanese old-fashioned textile machine, which is said to be still operational now. Machines like Japan have not been retained, so they once wanted to buy this machine back, huh, huh! We certainly won't sell it!

In addition, don't miss the Wenchuang souvenir counter of the Museum before leaving. It looks good, it is really a conscience price, and some discounts. I think the tapes in the National Palace Museum in Taiwan are sold 60, sold here. Its too conscience, every time I want the rhythm, I bought a few, here is not the picture, anyway, look good, let you leave some thoughts.
Posted: Jan 2, 2019


Looking to the Distance, One Can Spot the Beach Treads and Waves, And the Surrounding Area of Nantong is Close to Nature
Explore Nature
Water Recreation
Green Travel
Looking to the distance, one can spot the beach treads and waves, and the surrounding area of ​​Nantong is close to nature.
TripBlog   Nov 21, 2019