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Popular Attractions in Ramsau

319 Reviews
Parent-child tour
King's Lake is a very deep lake in Germany, located just a few kilometers south of the small Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden on the German-Austrian border. The lake is long and thin, surrounded by mountains in a gorgeous scene reminiscent of the fjords of Northern Europe. Known for its emerald-colored waters, King's Lake is considered one of the cleanest, most beautiful lakes in Germany.
Hohensalzburg Fortress
406 Reviews
Located on Monk's Hill in Salzburg Old Town, Hohensalzburg Fortress is an iconic building of the Old Town. First built in 1077 and gradually expanded by successive archbishops, it is a well-preserved fortress in central Europe. There are museums and cafés inside the fortress, and the top of the watchtower overlooking the city provides a great view.
Eagle's Nest
84 Reviews
Observation Deck
Magic Forest
60 Reviews

Ramsau Weather

Aug 7, 2020
14 °
Aug 8, 2020
Partly Cloudy with Thunderstorms
Aug 9, 2020
Intermittent Clouds
Aug 10, 2020
Intermittent Clouds

Trip Moments

Shirley Zhu   
When I came to Ramsau, I would recommend staying in the chapel (town center). It is convenient to eat and the scenery is good. Or on the hintersee side, the lake in the morning is very charming, just at the entrance to the magical forest, convenient for hiking. And this hotel is in the middle of the mountain, lonely on the side of the mountain, longly to my unbelievable, more incredible is actually encountered in this place Chinese and still quite a lot. If it is not self-driving, it is not recommended. The Beshof Alpine Hotel looks like the smallest room in the room (smaller than the photo), the two boxes are stretched out in the room and the bathroom is small. No way, when I booked Ramsau, I was the only one left. The view of the hotel is very good, invincible mountain view, it should be awesome when it encounters snow or fine weather. Unfortunately, the two days we stayed in the rainy weather, did not take pictures. The hotel's own restaurant is the best value for us in the restaurant we eat all the time, with free parking. After checking in, take the travel discount card from the front desk and check in. The hotel's own restaurant, the business is surprisingly good. Although the restaurant is not large, the waiter has only one aunt-level, so it takes a lot of patience to order food and other dishes. Main course, order roast turkey with tomato sauce and potato cake. Chicken chops have always been my favorite. This house is also wrapped in a circle of similar seeds of melon seeds, which is particularly fragrant. The side dish is no longer a single dumpling, the sauce of the small tomato is sour and sweet, and the rice cake is delicious. This dish is right~ too much for my taste! husband ordered roast pork and mashed potatoes, according to him, it is also delicious. After eating our consistent evaluation of this restaurant, it is a good conscience! Because not only the volume is good, the price is not expensive, the staple food is generally more than 10 euros. If you dont live here, you can come and eat if you go to the hintersee. [tips] Most hotels near Kings Lake offer travel discount cards, you can enjoy free bus rides, half price for parking lots and more. Remember to ask the front desk staff when you check in!
Posted: Jul 5, 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Ramsau can be described as a paradise in Germany. The scenery here is difficult to describe: the snowy mountains in the distance are clearly reflected in the blue heartbreaking blue sky, and the floating clouds outline a few traces. The white church stands tall. Between the green mountains and the green waters, it is not magnificent, but elegant and graceful; the ancient wooden bridges bear the traces of the years, crossing the end of the house from the end of the church; the green creek flickers in the sunlight, like Green is not green, like blue and non-blue, only the stream is clear and clear, green and rhyme. When approaching Ramsau, the beauty of the scenery on both sides of the road continues to escalate with altitude. The mountains are dense, the jungle is quiet, the forest has just been dyed in autumn, and the distant mountains have been covered with snow. In one picture, we saw a transition between the two seasons. The road near Ramsau is the most beautiful part of the German self-driving line in our hearts. As we planned to take the chapel in Ramsau before dark, we went to the hotel and immediately rushed to the town of Ramsau, 2.4 km away. When I arrived here, it was the sunset, no step ahead. Although the sun is blocked by the snow-capped mountains, the sunset glow of the sun has already stained the snow on the top of the mountain. The night scene of the Ramsau Chapel has been sung on the Internet, but the sunset is equally beautiful, isnt it? Snowy mountains, small bridges, flowing water, simple country churches, the perfect composition is pleasing to the eye. This church is destined to be born for this picture, because without this church, the picture in front of the picture is missing the main body, can only be said to be mediocre; and if the church is placed in other fields, it is just the most ordinary small The church does not attract so much attention at all. Ramsau will not be named as one of the "world's most beautiful towns" because of this postcard-like picture. Fortunately, there are no tourists who come to such a place as Hallstatt, only the independence and independence. When you come or not, it is there, day after day with the stream, accompanied by morning fainting. At night, the lights in front of the chapel are lit up, and the surrounding world is lit up like a fairy tale. We were still indulging in the dusk of the chapel, and as the Hua Deng was first brought into this dreamy atmosphere, I have been reluctant to leave for a long time. [Shooting TIPS] 1) Please bring a good shutter release or remote control, and use the long burst to shoot the river here. 2) The chapel that lights at night must not come very late. It is best to have a dark blue sky when the darkness is not dark, and the warmth of the dim light is particularly good. The top two shots were taken at 18
Posted: Jul 5, 2019