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Things To Do in Shuyang

Umeji ecological park
100 Reviews
City Park
M77***51Roller skating at night, square dancing, etc., are very lively, suitable for running and walking at night, and it is still a little sun during the summer. After all, this is the nearest and largest park near the city.
Yuji Park
89 Reviews
City Park
M29***62Yuji Park, with a total area of more than 120 acres, is an artificial lake where dozens of miniature ships can swim, and the water surface is wide. A series of carved stone bridges with fun, stand on the water where each location is needed. The "East West Lake Embankment" sandwiched by the two waters has a towering terrain and dense trees. Due to the special location of the lake embankment, there is a breeze on the embankment. Standing on the embankment, watching the water and the scenery: the lake, the fragrance of lotus overflowing, the forest, the bird's language is crisp, making people feel as if they are in a fairyland.
Subei Flower Demonstration Park
20 Reviews
Botanical Garden
M29***58Walking into the ten thousand acres of elm leaf and plum base in Sangxu Town, Shuyang County, Suqian, Jiangsu, you can see elm leaf plums blooming freely everywhere, which makes people dizzy and refreshing. Looking down from the sky, the sea of pink flowers is as beautiful as a fairyland.
Nearby City
Santaishan National Forest Park
714 Reviews
TangBohuSuqian Santaishan National Forest Park is the net red punch card, the scenic area is the most beautiful eight scenery famous, landscape and rural, the movement and static appropriate, divided into "forest tourism area", "forest leisure area", "forest resort" three areas. Main attractions are: Putian, fruit forest landscape, Jinghu, natural mountain forest, Acacia Lake, Qingcui Lake and Meiyuan. There are Putian Flower Sea in spring, Qushui wind lotus in summer, red leaves in autumn, and snow boiled in Meicun in winter. It is a place for the soul to rest and is the dream of the original town you can't forget. The landscape is close to each other, the flowers and the seas are rippling, is a natural ecological oxygen bar. The land is large, the end of March and early April of each year is pear flower and February orchid bloom season. Walking here is the scenery before the startled, as if to the wonderland feeling, very suitable for punching in the photo.
Nearby City
The Ancestral Home of Xiang Wang
966 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
AnnieOne day, I entered the ancient city and dreamed of the Western Chu Dynasty, the Western Chu king, "Libashan Qiqianshi" [view] as the birthplace of Xiang Yu, is the place where Suqian travels must go, the huge and magnificent buildings are built into the ancient city of Western Chu, which reproduces the heroic life of the Western Chu king's legend. The endless thousand-year-old banyan tree, experienced the wind and rain of the hand planting, is the infinite admiration and memory of Xiang Yu! [interest] in the legend of Xiang Yu Yuji, in the Xiang Wang's hometown reappear the classic charm of the past, in the sound of the ancient music experience the prosperity and prosperity of the ancient city of the millennium! Majestic Xichu generals, soft and beautiful under the stage, a variety of large-scale real stage dramas on the stage!
Guandun Mountain Ski Resort
7 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
亮仔Not bad, the mountains and rivers are more beautiful, it’s worth going

Popular Hotels in Shuyang

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New Shu Yang Hotel
323 Reviews
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Huifeng Hotel
666 Reviews
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Berry Hotel Xingyue
3,038 Reviews
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Ji Hotel(Muhai Branch)
528 Reviews

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Mengxi Botanical Garden
Mengxi Botanical GardenSuqian,China

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Shuyang Yuji Resort
Shuyang Yuji ResortSuqian,China

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Shuyang Conference and Exhibition Center
Shuyang Conference and Exhibition CenterSuqian,China

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Umeji ecological park
Umeji ecological parkSuqian,China

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Tineng Amusement Park
Tineng Amusement ParkSuqian,China

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Subei Flower Demonstration Park
Subei Flower Demonstration ParkSuqian,China

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Shuyang Travel Tips

About Shuyang

Shuyang County, abbreviated as Shu, is so named for being located on the yang (north) bank of the Shu River. The county is in the transitional area between the hills of south Shandong and the Jianghuai Plain. Shuyang has many historic and cultural sites. There are the Neolithic archaeological sites of Wanbei and Zangdun and tombs from the Six Dynasties (222-589). There are the Western Zhou-era (c. 1046-771 BCE) sites of Mengdun and Yindun; the Western Han (202 BCE-8 CE) sites of Houqiu and Yinpingfang City; the irrigation projects left behind by great Song polymath Shen Kuo (1031-1095); and a series of attractions associated with the birthplace of legendary Consort Yu (the eponymous concubine of the Peking Opera Farewell My Concubine): Yu Ji Channel, Yu Ji Temple, Jiulongkou (“Nine Dragon Confluence” - where nine rivers flow together), and Bawang Bridge. There is also the barracks of the Ming general Liu Tingzhu, who fought against the Japanese, a Chinese wisteria planted by Qing-era poet Yuan Mei (1716-1797), and the elegant and ancient Xiaoyaoting.

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Here are the best places to visit in Shuyang, including: Umeji ecological park,Yuji Park,Subei Flower Demonstration Park
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