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Trip Moments

Due to the local climate, our flight to Tengchong was delayed. After arriving at the inn, we took a special bus to the entrance of the Lotus Hot Spring Scenic Spot. There will be a ferry in the scenic spot to pick us up at the inn. The service is very warm!

We stayed at the Bajiao Guan Mabang Inn in the scenic area. Because of the convenience of the hot springs, the inn can go to the forest hot springs, and the price is not expensive, about 200-300 a night.

This is a schematic diagram of the whole scenic spot. After we arrive, we must first familiarize ourselves with the familiar environment. Each scenic spot can be taken by car at the sightseeing car, which is quite convenient.

Before I came to see the temperature in Kunming, I felt that it was still a little cold. I forgot that the temperature here was actually a lot hotter than Kunming. After that, I obviously felt that I had to change my clothes.

The whole inn is built on the hill, backed by the green hills and facing the bottom of the big Yingjiang valley. The scenery is charming. When you walk in, the whole building is mainly made of wooden structure, retro and generous, with novel design. The inn has three floors. At the top, there is a lookout platform. When the weather is good, watching the sunset above should be very good.

The sun is very warm, the attendant waits to the reception hall, and actually sees the piano, the guests can play at will, the companion is interested, let me play, think about it for many years, I will forget Its almost the same, its strange, its awkward. After a while, check in, we are ready to go to the room to rest. The space of the

twin room is quite large, and the interior of the room is mainly a wooden frame, which will bring a rich holiday atmosphere and local characteristics of Tengchong!
Tengchong Thermal Sea Scenic Area
In the vicinity of the county town of Tengchong County in the western part of Yunnan Province, there is a natural geothermal hot spring wonder. According to expert surveys, these hot springs were formed due to local volcanic activity.
As a famous geothermal scenic spot in China, Tengchong has found 64 geothermal activity areas, with more than 80 hot springs, with a maximum water temperature of 96.3 °C. Among them, the most powerful and external display is the Tengchong Atami, which is about 8 kilometers in the west of the city. Surrounded by green hills, it is full of water, with sulfur ponds in the north, Songshan Mountain in the south, Zhongxiao Temple in the east and Banana Garden in the west. The hot sea area is centered on cucumber, bath pond and sulphur pond. There are many hot springs, the most spectacular of which is the large pan.

adults 60 yuan; children over 1.2 meters, 60-70 years old, full-time students with valid documents 30 yuan; children under 1.2 meters, seniors over 70 years old, active duty soldiers, Disabled people are free. Hot Sea Bath Valley Hot Springs is 268 yuan, and Hot Sea Beauty Pool Hot Springs is 238 yuan.

It is a very enjoyable thing to eat in a hotel in the hot sea area. During the day, you can go to other scenic spots and return to the hot sea at night. Soak your feet, massage, and wash the hot springs.
Atami only the beauty pool hotel accommodation free hot sea tickets.
Traffic information
public transportation
Tengchong County Hot Sea Road Black Tea Factory bus stop sign, there is a van running directly to the hot sea area, the fare is 6 yuan, irregular.
Tengchong County takes bus 2, the terminal is a hot sea area. The fare is 3 yuan.
Take a taxi from Tengchong County to the hot sea area, the fare is 40 yuan