West Slope Of Changbai Mountain
Changbai Mountain
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Things To Do in West Slope Of Changbai Mountain

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梦露夫人Spring came to the west slope of Changbai Mountain, spring river water warm duck prophet, to the river to see the flock of ducks in the river just opened the river play and play. Driving by yourself at the top road of the Songhua River bend, is a very happy trip. [Scenic]. [Interesting] high. [Cost-effective] high.
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Outdoor skiing
铁胆小飞侠1. Five-star hotels have their own ski houses, and it is very convenient to change equipment! Snow cards are also activated on the hotel self-service machine 2. The trainers organize warm-up exercises in the snow field (very necessary) 3. Skiing skills sharing for irregular times in the snow field! Ski assistants can help you wear snowshoes and take snowboards (for some guests) 5. Coaches bring recorders to help you record actions 6. Cableway belt windshield is not cold, there are 2 meters of magic carpet at the gate entrance! There are also tissues on the gates for tourists 7. Safety officers on all the snow lanes, but they will arrive at 8. Gentleman and Little White Tiger Intermediate Road is perfect for the entry exercise book
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LCting001It is beautiful!! And a lot of fog 😂 I knew I wouldn't go to the Demon World! The Demon World is cold and expensive! ! It's very warm and how can the fog be sunned? Hahaha, every pool is not far away, the water temperature is warm enough, so it won't be too cold, but if the towel is wet, it will freeze as soon as it is put 😂 It is recommended that you put some towels outside for replacement.
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ann_ywangThe Jinjiang Grand Canyon is all located in the north Jinjiang Valley on the west slope of Changbai Mountain. It is formed by volcanic accumulations through more than 1,000 years of fault tectonic action and flowing water erosion. It is known as the "volcanic natural lava bonsai garden". The Jinjiang Grand Canyon is 70 kilometers long, with an average depth of more than 80 meters and a width of more than 100 meters. It is V-shaped. Most areas on both sides of the gorge are steep cliffs. There are peculiar lava peaks and forests on both sides of the canyon. Large forest, the trees are straight and strong. Due to years of freezing and weathering, the lava forests in the valley have different shapes and different shapes. Some are like the moon, some are like golden roosters, some are like camels, some are like Guanyin, some girls are attached to their lovers, some mothers hold their beloved sons. Wait, nature's magical work has formed a beautiful picture scroll, waiting for your eyes to discover. Visiting the Jinjiang Grand Canyon is that tourists walk on the circular plank road built within the canyon, pass through the dense forest and then to the edge of the Grand Canyon. You can see the volcanic lava peak forest landforms. According to the different footsteps of each person, visit the Jinjiang Grand Canyon. The time varies from 40-60 minutes.
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_FB***19If you a one of the lucky few, you will get to travel up and view this crater. Take a heartdropping ride up this magnificent mountain and see it for yourself
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李青娴StarryOverall evaluation: The facilities are complete, the planning is reasonable, and the overall feeling is very professional. There are many facilities, in addition to the snow farm and many hotels, there are: resort town, water park, snow play park, Mengchong Park and so on. We arrived at noon on the first day, and we brushed the two small fun items given by the hotel as planned, and skied abundantly for the next two days.·Wow Cool Snow Park has many snow items, snow circles, snowmobiles, excavators, etc. The excavator is for the dolls play, snowmobile I think is also the children play. The most happy for us is swing and snow football at the beginning of the field empty play, I and the time planner played a while, and attracted a lot of people to play together. The time planner exercise cells are very good, playing the curling first right in the heart! The latter several accurate head is also very good. December at the end of 4 hours and the black through, go to play early, after dark, nothing can be seen. · The water park opens at noon to the evening, indoors, you can finish your dinner and play, and the first day is very full. · The snow farms of Wanda are all very well built, skiing sunny and night, sunny 8:30-16:30, night 16:30-21:00, enter after 16:00 even night.

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Changbai Mountain Tianci DriftingWest Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Guosonghanna Hot SpringWest Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Jinping peakWest Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Tiyun Hot SpringWest Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Changbai Mountain Reclining BuddhaWest Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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West Slope of Changbai Mountain Scenic AreaWest Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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