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Huatiang Guangxing Baota Romantic Sakura GardenNearby City

Huatiang Guangxing Baota Romantic Sakura Garden

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""Hanatian Guangxing" Romantic Cherry Blossom Garden The romantic cherry blossom garden is located in the southwest of the center of the "Huatian Guangxing" tourist attraction, next to Jintang Avenue, covering an area of about 2,000 acres. It is the largest area of contiguous cherry blossoms in the southwestern region, the largest variety of cherry blossoms, and the most rural cherry-themed flower viewing base . There are more than 20 kinds of cherry trees planted in the park, including the famous Han Fei Sakura, Matsue Sakura, and Oyama Sakura. There are many landscapes implanted with bamboo culture in the park. Bamboo corridors, bamboo fences, bamboo ladders, etc. correspond to the cherry blossoms, whether it is the Chinese Red Ying Garden, Zhaojun Sakura Garden, Poppy Sakura Garden, Royal Concubine Sakura Garden or Sakura Forest Maze, Sakura Seven Fairies Garden and Panda Sakura Corridor are inseparable from the cherry blossom theme, and the cherry blossom food street, children's amusement park, and cherry blossom tea garden greatly increase the joy of cherry blossom viewing. Traffic Guide Address: Baota Cherry Blossom Garden, Baota Village, Guangxing Town, Jintang County, Chengdu Bus: Depart from Chengdu Wukuishi Station to Jintang (Penny) Bus Terminal (Fare 25 yuan). Then take the bus to Guangxing Town or Tuqiao Town (the fare is 2 yuan) to reach the "Huatian Guangxing" tourist attraction. Self-driving: Take the Chengnan Expressway and get off at the Penny's Toll Gate, turn left onto Jintang Avenue and walk for 10 minutes to arrive at the "Huatian Guangxing" tourist attraction, just navigate to "Huatian Guangxing". Ticket information Ticket price: 30 yuan Opening hours: 8:00-18:00 Under the influence of the Internet tide, Hanada Guangxing Romance Sakura Garden can not only buy tickets on major tourism website platforms, but also get more favorable prices than on-site purchases, and it is very convenient to redeem tickets!"