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4.4/5Excellent41 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.74km from downtown
Since we were flying early in the morning, breakfast has not yet started, but the hotel prepared breakfast bags very thoughtfully. Sandwiches, juices and nuts are nutritious and healthy. The hotel is in a good location, right next to Bryggen Wharf, the herringbone house is just outside, and the cable car is very close to the Freien Mountains, which is basically within walking distance.
5/5Perfect11 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.12km from downtown
Very good location
4.5/5Excellent54 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.65km from downtown
The third country in the five Nordic countries, but also went to 8 cities and lived in multiple hotels! The overall feeling is more expensive, has always been a 4 star hotel, and slowly feel that the hotel is more and more expensive, so this time set this relatively cheap, to be honest, and did not expect the hotel's service! However, it is very pleasant to be surprised that the hotel is very close to the station and close to various attractions. It is completely within walking distance to various attractions! Although the room is a bit small and the bathroom is small, everything else is fine! Especially worthy of praise is that breakfast is very good! The reception service is also very good! Recommended! Before I saw someone commenting that there is nothing in the kettle that boils water, our room has a kettle! Of course, the European hotel has always provided no toothbrush and toothpaste and still the phenomenon of slippers! If you come next time, stay here again! I really like this city in general! There is a supermarket opposite the hotel, there is a light rail through the supermarket, go directly to the airport! very convenient!
4.3/5Excellent10 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.12km from downtown
The Good: The location is great. Right in the heart of Bergen and walking distance to the sights. The service was also good. Friendly and helpful people. The breakfast buffet was good, and we ate burgers here for dinner one night and they were tasty. The Bad: The bed was soft. That's a preference thing, but I didn't find it comfortable. The safe was almost on the floor in the corner of the room. To use it, you had to get on your hands and knees wedged between the bed and the wall unit the safe is installed in. The towel rack is behind the window curtains in the bathroom. So if you want privacy from the world, you have nowhere to hang your towel. The "closet" where you can hang you coat/clothes has a hanger bar that runs front to back, rather than side to side. So you can't grab one thing off the rack without either removing everything else, or fighting with the space to extract your desired item. Style over function... The Ugly: Again, it seems that style was the only thing considered when planning the rooms. Flashy colors and hip furniture, but poor functionality. There is no modesty here, as there is no door on the bathroom. No barrier at all. The glass shower door just inside the threshold has a artsy vinyl sticker on it, but otherwise you are on display for the room. They were kind enough to put a sliding glass door on the toilet area, but the room is tiled all the way around creating a volume enhancing chamber. If you were to, let's say... play a 'trumpet' in there, it would echo and be very loud for both you and anyone else in the room. Additionally, there is no exhaust fan, nor any windows that open in the room. So, any notes you might play on your 'trumpet' will linger in the air. For hours, and hours. You might even leave only to return later in the day to those notes still lingering in the air. Overall, I would not stay here again. It might work for single travelers, or those who have no modesty, bad hearing, and no sense of smell.
5/5Perfect12 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.11km from downtown
The room is large. One room and one living room, cooking and sofa in the hall, sleeping in the room. There is a refrigerator oven pot kitchenware. Breakfast can be ordered, but expensive, it is better to go to 7-11 to buy croissants, weekend specials 10 kronor, usually 15 krona. The apartment is very good, coming from the airport, taking the light rail to the byparken station as long as 39 or 33, much cheaper than the airport bus, to byparken a few hundred meters. Going to other attractions in Bergen, you can walk very close to the fish market, Bryggen, and Florentine. The Bergen train station, which is a miniature of Norway, feels like walking for ten minutes. There is a supermarket nearby, you can go to rema from Monday to Saturday, and there is a supermarket on the weekend. You can ask the front desk. You can cook your own food at the supermarket.
4.5/5Excellent39 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.73km from downtown
The location is superb, just behind the train station and you can walk for three or five minutes. Breakfast was good. Yogurt and salmon are available, but the salmon is smoked and salty. Non-breakfast time is also available for hot water. The room facilities are average, which is a little better than domestic express hotels; the roofs are moldy, and the bathrooms are large. The price is OK. Check in and check out were pretty fast.
4.4/5Excellent15 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.37km from downtown
I don't understand where the four stars come from, no toothbrushes, no slippers, no hair dryers. . . Parking 180 krona a day, breakfast is self-service, the location is very good, you can see the Bergen Wharf, the ancient city directly after going out for about 100 meters. . . If you drive by yourself, remember that the parking lot is not next to the hotel, a little further, called city park
4.8/5Outstanding17 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.08km from downtown
Hotel breakfast is generally very good, a lot of variety. The hotel's service staff is also very friendly and patient. The most satisfactory is the location, it is quite convenient. 7 minutes from the train station, 10 minutes from the pier, the famous statue downstairs, and other attractions are not far away. Very beautiful, there are flowers everywhere, the lake is out, the air is super good. The design is also good, the only dissatisfaction is the bathroom, the bath water is easy to overflow. Others are fine. Absolutely, I will continue to choose this home next time I come to Norway.
4.5/5Excellent18 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.33km from downtown
Hotel location is very good, from the airport by bus to the fish market down two steps is the hotel, but the facade is not obvious need to pay attention. The room decoration is styled, but the practicality is not enough. The standard room we ordered has only a small table, and it is full of things. Every time we need to use it, we must first remove everything. Our room is facing the most prosperous road, so there will be noise at night, and people who can accept it but have a light sleep should pay attention. At the time of check-in, I proposed to add more than 100 NOK upgrade rooms. We didn't accept it. I don't know if I arranged this room. The breakfast at the hotel was very good. It was saved in the morning and even lunch. Walk to the train station within 10 minutes, all attractions can be reached on foot.
4.7/5Outstanding36 Reviews
Bergen City Center Bergen|0.6km from downtown
During this trip, this hotel is the best, high grade, complete facilities, good location, good service, this hotel is close to where the cable car is right at the hotel, right turn, so many people line up. Very close to the fish market, there are a lot of food inside, two days of rice are solved here. In the herringbone group, the bus is also very close, 15 minutes walk from the train station, the airport bus terminal stops in front of the herringbone house, the penultimate station stops at the fish market, the bus from the airport is the bus, credit card and credit card Can give cash, 130 Norwegian Krona everyone, the credit card did not know what happened? Just can't brush, the driver still let us get on the bus, thank you very much for the bus driver. There is no money change at the airport. When I get to the city center, I change my money. I take 60 NOK per person on the bus. The hotel has a sauna gym, you have to go to the front desk to get a gym card, you can enter, on the 2nd basement, the sauna is great, you can try it. The breakfast at the hotel was not bad. In short, Bergen left a good impression on me.

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Bergen Resorts review

4.6/515 Reviews
Everything is pretty much the same. On the first night of staying, the bathroom was very tasty, the staff couldn't handle it, only one night would be. There was no such problem when I changed the house the next day. There is a pool table in the lobby and the children have a good time. The price feels a bit high. There are gas stations and supermarkets nearby.
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