TOP 10 Chengdu Hotels

Youhao Jinjiang Hotel Hotel Exterior
Youhao Jinjiang Hotel Hotel Exterior
Youhao Jinjiang Hotel Rooms
Youhao Jinjiang Hotel Rooms
Youhao Jinjiang Hotel Fitness & Recreational Facilities
1575 Reviews
No.2 Wuke East 2nd Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
15.4km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
9.7km from Chengdu South Railway Station
1.7km from Chuan-Zang Flyover
1.8km from Wuqing South Road
"Self-driving tour, as soon as I entered the parking lot, I was warmly guided by the security staff. I found that the security staff, no matter who is driving, will go seriously to patrol, very good, not worried about losing things. The room is classy and spacious. The hotel staff are all smiling and welcoming. Because I get up early and come back late every day, I don't have time to eat at the hotel. I don't know how to eat. Next time I stay, I must taste the hotel's food and beverage. Again, the work is very comfortable..."
"When I arrived at the hotel, I was shocked by the installation. The European-style decoration style, my daughter liked it, and the lobby was clean. When I checked in, because I was visiting Chengdu, Mei Tao at the front desk explained patiently the tourist attractions in Chengdu and the surrounding snacks. This trip was really nice to choose this hotel, it feels very kind. After entering the room, it is also clean and tidy, and I like the staff"
"The room is large and children can sleep without an extra bed. It is less than 30 yuan fare from the airport, wide and narrow alleys, Du Fu Cottage and other attractions."

1444 Reviews
No. 81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, China, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.1km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
6.5km from Chengdu Railway Station
540m from Chunxi Road
610m from Dongmen Bridge
"Incredible experience - well beyond my expectations. The hotel is beautiful and in a perfect location with easy access to the Taikoo Li shopping complex. Staff amongst the friendliest and most helpful I have experienced during any travel. When asking for a good hot pot restaurant, the GM even instructed one of the staff to come with me to a nearby hot pot restaurant to help me order. An absolute surprise and delight, this team is dedicated to providing an unforgettable stay. I would definitely book again, and would recommend anyone traveling to Chengdu to stay in the Temple House."
"We loved this beautiful hotel — fantastic location close to both western and Chinese food; super helpful and accommodating staff assisted us with tickets and information; quiet, beautiful, and spacious rooms; fabulous pool and steam room. This is the perfect place to relax in Chengdu for a few days."
"Awesome property with awesome service... The guest hospitality was outstanding... They do have a amazing property and a amazing team...Great breakfast too... Location was superb... It's fab all the way!!! Totally recommend... Will return for sure. "

739 Reviews
No. 251-1 South Huanhua Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.0km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
7.2km from Chengdu Railway Station
850m from Qingyang Taoist Temple
1.4km from Provincial Orthopaedics Hospital
"Traveling with a baby in the summer vacation, I am glad to be sure of the hotel. The hotel is located a few hundred meters from the Du Fu Caotang. There are also a lot of food around, just stroll. The hotel has a butler at the reception. We are very fortunate to have a careful and thoughtful approach to Snow Sword. Every day, we pay close attention to whether we have arrived safely, sent delicious ice powder and fruit, and patiently recommended tourist attractions and tips. The hotel's decoration is very characteristic, and every detail is very hard to see. The breakfast is quite varied. I am very happy in Chengdu and feel that everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Worth coming often"
"If you come back to Chengdu, you will definitely choose this hotel! Good service: This hotel features butler service. Our housekeeper is Xiao Song, warm and courteous. We have added WeChat to each other. If you have any travel or accommodation problems, you will help us for the first time! Xiao Song also gives us a complimentary fruit platter every day, Chengdu special ice powder, milk. On the last day, we also drove us to the Chengdu East High Speed Rail Station! Location: quiet in the middle of noisy, a few minutes to nearby attractions (Sichuan Museum, Du Fu Caotang, Kuanzhai Alley, etc.) Hotel decoration: Chinese style, elegant"
"The hotel is elegant, quiet and tidy, with a touch of humanity and art. Especially the service of the housekeeper Xiao Liu, Huang Long, Li Sha, Chen Long team is a highlight! Sour plum soup, ice powder, fruit plate, milk turn round! (Catch up with my wife's treatment at the center of the month, XD) When the game is over, the sudden rain will send a message asking if you need help! The service is thoughtful, people are lingering! Definitely the first choice for hotel stay!"

2064 Reviews
2 Section 1 of Guangdu Avenue (Guangdu Dadao Yi Duan), Chengdu, Sichuan, China
7.7km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
13.2km from Xinjin Railway Station
420m from Shuangliu Square
1.3km from Sanliba
"We stayed here for four nights and everything during our time here was splendid. Highly recommended, very clean and spacious room and bathroom. The front desk staff were very friendly and attentive that we received free breakfast during the duration of our stay. The breakfast buffet had a variety of both Chinese and western cuisines which were delicious. Foreigner friendly service and will definitely stay here again and again. "
"Xiao Xu, the service is very good, the hotel is more spacious than the imagination, bright, we live in an executive suite, the price is not expensive, very big. Almost 100 square meters, three big rooms, there are chicken feather shops around. It is very good to eat. The price is very cheap. Unexpected. The surrounding airport fields are very close to the plane landing."
"Awesome! Great location near Shuangliu airport and train station. 200 metres away from Shuanliu GuangChang subway station line 3. Hotel and Room were clean, comfortable, spacious and with many facilities. The staff were very friendly and cooperative and special thanks to Syrena and Ailsa. Overall a great stay. 谢谢! 😊"

167 Reviews
No. 28 Kuan Lane, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.8km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
5.2km from Chengdu Railway Station
330m from Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys
740m from People's Park
"When I came to Chengdu for tourism, I turned to the Wren Hotel and knew that Kuanzhai Alley was a tourist attraction. Before I went there, I thought the hotel would be mysterious in Kuanzhai Alley. Opening the antique door, there was a stream of water inside, and the housekeeper specially came to pick us up at the door, giving us a homely feeling. The style of the room is also Chinese. Every small object is very careful, and the bathroom is very large. Early is served in the house in the morning, very rich, and good night milk in the evening. The service is attentive, and the courtyard across the door is very quiet, completely different from the lively wide alley. I will live in Chengdu again, and I am especially grateful to the butler Wang Ying for his warm and thoughtful service."
"The location is great. It’s in the middle of Kuan Alley in Kuanzhai Alley. It’s quiet in the middle of noisiness. It’s a lively attraction right out of the door. There are all kinds of specialty restaurants and cultural programs. It’s very comfortable to stay for a few days! High cost performance and good value for money. Throughout the process, I especially felt the hotel team's considerate service, meticulous. The breakfast was delivered to the room, which was very hearty! Special thanks to Tang Hao for the manager for us to arrange a lot of details. This trip is very enjoyable, come again next year :)"
"In the wide alley of the wide and narrow alley, quiet in the middle of the noisy, soundproofing is very good, will not be disturbed by the noise of the street. The bathroom is large, there is also a terrace, that is, the plants on the terrace are not very well managed, and need to be watered regularly. There is good night milk for check-in, although we don't drink milk, it is recommended to add the option of sweet soup. Breakfast is delivered to the room, very rich. The service of the sales manager Ms. Wang is very intimate and thoughtful. The front desk brother also helped to send the luggage to the intersection when he took the luggage. I hope you can do better."

1743 Reviews
Building 2,WIFC,No.258 Dongda Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
18.6km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
6.7km from Chengdu Railway Station
560m from Dongmen Bridge
860m from Chunxi Road
"Hotel location: near Taikoo Li, about ten minutes walk to Taikoo Li, if you come by car, the entrance is a one-way street. The advantages of the hotel: the design is atmospheric, simple and modern; the facilities are new; the hygiene is clean; the softness of the bed is moderate; the breakfast is exquisite; the service is good (especially the boy Kevin). Disadvantages of the hotel: the smart toilet is average, and the remote control is not very sensitive; the breakfast variety is not rich enough; although the location is near Chunxi Road, it is still a little far from Taikoo Li; shower gel and other supplies also need to be upgraded."
"Staying at Lang Po Hotel for two nights this time is so satisfying The hardware facilities also make us feel very comfortable, the bed is so good that people want to buy it home🤣🤣 There is a super beautiful night view to enjoy at night, and the breakfast in the morning will not disappoint. The Chinese and Western breakfast buffet opens us up beautifully One day, the dining experience of the cloud kitchen is very, very good, whether it is breakfast or dinner👍👍 Next time I want to come back to enjoy this five-star experience~~"
"🍃Environment: The overall feeling is very comfortable. After entering the lobby, the first thing you will see will be bright. After arriving at the front desk, the service staff will be very patient, kindly answer and give some precautions. The room is very comfortable and the bedding is very soft and comfortable"

5246 Reviews
No. 999 North Section of Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
14.1km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
2.5km from Chengdu South Railway Station
820m from Financial City
1.3km from Hi-Tech Zone
"Our experience was overall great. Booked and checked in on the same day. great response time and they managed to provide the request i had for the themed room. We love the themed room (highly recommended) my daughter enjoyed very much particularly the large stuff toy and the tent setup. I appreciate very well how they give special attention to children, having free cotton candy on the lobby, giving some goodies when we were checking in, give a specially arranged breakfast. That was all a plus for me Had some issue with the room temp where it was so hot and that when we asked about the problem they just addressed us to open the windows, which kinda absurd considering theres a sticker advising not to open it for potential insects. Breakfast was good, have enough variety to choose from. They even had ice cream! Also the breakfast time from 630 to 11 is good specially for late risers like us. Overall i will still comeback and book the hotel. It was a pleasant experience. Will spend more time next time"
"Our stay was great. We booked a room on the executive floor with lounge access. There was a good selection of hot dishes like fried rice, chicken nuggets and a noodle station. For breakfast you could get an omelette. The facilities were good and I would not hesitate to book again when in Chengdu."
"Is a one time stop hotel for boarding, dine and enjoy amenities "

1552 Reviews
Building 1, No. 300 Jiaozi Avenue, Gaoxin District,, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
12.3km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
4.2km from Chengdu South Railway Station
570m from Jiaozi Avenue
930m from Financial City
"The service, food, room facilities are good, the only thing is that the sound insulation is not very good in the dead of night. There is also a suggestion for the hotel to deliver breakfast to the hotel. Can you add a Sichuan special bean curd set? Many foreign tourists still want to taste it. The existing meal delivery breakfasts are mostly Western-style and Cantonese-style."
"It's very comfortable to live, and there are fragrances everywhere. It was the first time I stayed in Chengdu W. The girl at the front desk thoughtfully changed the room with a street view. It's really convenient that B1 can also do nucleic acid. Thank you Ida~Stella~ Anyway, I'm very happy."
"The hotel is even better than expected. The receptionist in the lobby and the waiter in the restaurant are very good. The bed is comfortable, the breakfast is delicious, the location is very good, and it is very comfortable to go out and hang out. I'll go there in the future"

87 Reviews
No.23 Toufu Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
20.1km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
3.0km from Chengdu Railway Station
840m from Wenshu Monastery
1.5km from Liangjia Alley
"The location of the hotel is in Wenshuyuan. The history is very heavy, the design and details are good, but the comfort of staying is a bit poor. The bed is very large, and the bedroom is very crowded; the sofa in the living room is crowded, which is cramped. It may be to keep the characteristics of the old building, not easy."
"The location of the hotel is actually very close to Taikoo Li. The hotel has a first-class environment and first-class service. The brand of toiletries is Salvatore Ferragamo. The taste and feel are very good. If I come to Chengdu again, I will only stay at this hotel."
"Longyuan is a beautiful small yard ~ I like it very much with my children ~ The housekeepers are very nice ~ Playing with dogs in the yard "hee hee", or drinking tea, feel the slow life of Chengdu people. Next time I come to Chengdu, I will choose Long Yuan ~"

1781 Reviews
No. 88 Shijicheng Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
15.3km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
6.2km from Chengdu South Railway Station
980m from Century City
1.2km from Jincheng Plaza East
"Temporarily decided to stay in Intercontinental, booked a deluxe room, the room was upgraded to an executive big bed, which was upgraded strictly in accordance with the regulations. If you are on a business trip alone, you no longer expect anything else. The layout of the room is very upright, very typical for a business stay in a hotel. The bedding was comfortable and soft, and there were many choices of pillows, which caused me to fall down and sleep for half an hour when I went to the room. The welcome gift is fruit, but the handwritten welcome card and the anti-epidemic package are carefully prepared. The details are not bad. The bathroom is small and the bathtub does not look very clean, but I am satisfied with the shower. The water temperature and pressure are all satisfactory. The spare part is L’Occitane, and I still like the taste of verbena. Turndown gave a cute intercontinental red panda, this one is a bit like the one from Fairmont, and I brought it home to make a couple. Ben at the front desk has a good attitude and level of service and is worthy of praise"
"The breakfast area of the hotel is beautiful, the dining environment is very distinctive, and the breakfast is rich; room facilities need to be improved, but fortunately the housekeeper Laili is very reliable. She started to provide services before arriving in Chengdu and upgrade the room types for free. Attentive and meticulous service, next time I go to Chengdu, I will still choose InterContinental"
"The hotel is well decorated, spacious and bright, simple and elegant. The breakfast is rich, the parking is convenient, there are many specialty restaurants around the hotel, and the travel is convenient...Here, I would like to thank Mr. Fang Ziwei, the front desk brother, for his warm reception and provided a fruit and small gift to our room. Thank you!"