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Xiaozun Sitang Hot Spring Hotel
4/566 Reviews
Dapuqiao Area
The environment is invincible, tatami, soup, free kimono trial and photo, including the waiter Miss Sister are very gentle. The object is long-distance love, it can't be too good to come here, is very memorable journey ~ If we are dining, we are late, no hotel daily, order a sushi takeaway, then soak soup and eat sushi really cool. Regarding the check-in time, the hot springs were closed at 12 o'clock but still hot water, we also checked in early, in fact, the time for the soup was very sufficient, even soaked not to want to soak, in short, it was a very good experience.
Gokurakuyu Spa Hotel (Shanghai Biyun)
4.2/5419 Reviews
Pudong Jinqiao District
I stayed in an executive suite and the experience was not very good, mainly due to the room facilities. 1. The air conditioner is useless. It’s zero degrees in Shanghai on weekends. It’s almost as cold inside the room as it is outside. You have to wear a cotton-padded jacket indoors. It takes about five or six hours to turn it on before the room gets a little warmer. 2. The noise is very loud. The room was probably close to the computer room. The fan made a loud sound, not even the air conditioner (the sound was still there even when the air conditioner was turned off), and there was a constant buzzing sound. I can't sleep without earplugs. In addition, the sound insulation is also very poor. There is a naughty child opposite the door, and the sound of running and screaming in the corridor seems to be in my ears. 3. The room is really too dark. Japanese-style rooms are not as dark as caves. They are extremely dark even during the day. 4. To be honest, the bathtub in the private bathhouse is not very clean. When I got in, there was a hair stuck on the wall. I didn’t care about it. I just rinsed it with water. I want to complain about this bathtub. The water is too small. The water in the bathtub has to be left for at least half an hour. There is no temperature control. It will either burn you to death or freeze to death. Please, the name you brought on Ctrip is called Private Soup, not just a big bathtub. 5. Expensive. To put it simply, everything is expensive. The food you eat is not as good as takeout, but it is three or four times more expensive than takeout. To be honest, I'm quite disappointed. In addition, I spent almost a thousand dollars on back rubs and meals, so that's all the experience. If you don’t come here next time, why not go to a place with natural hot springs elsewhere. In other words, the service can be worth a little of the ticket price, or more.
blossom villa
4.4/5206 Reviews
Chongming Island, Changxing Island, Hengsha Island
The room is spacious and comfortable, and the butler's service is attentive and responsive. The quality of the meals from breakfast to dinner is unparalleled. It reflects the concept, quality and taste of from farm to table. The chef's skills are amazing. Each dish is served on a different plate. The dish is extremely fast. Every dish I tasted was of a high standard, as expected of being made by one of the best chefs in Chongming! The happiest thing is that I can bring my Teddy baby to live with me❤️❤️!
Qianyun Peninsula Forest Private Tang Holiday Courtyard
4.6/5256 Reviews
Shanghai Disney Resort
The environment of the room is very good, the space is large, and there will be a welcome fruit when you check in. The TV is a smart TV with functions such as screen projection. The floor heating and air conditioning are also very warm. The only drawback is that it had just rained in the mornings when my partner and I stayed. The ground in the yard was wet and the temperature was very low. Let me talk about the service. The service is very good. The boss and the housekeeper are very enthusiastic and very active when providing us with services. When we were going to the pharmacy the next day, the boss took the initiative to drive us to the pharmacy in town. The housekeeper usually stays in the cafe. You can go there to find him if you have anything. If you want to take a hot spring bath, just tell him and he can put water in the yard to soak. The breakfast of the B&B is also good. Compared with other B&Bs, it is richer and tastes okay. There is also a thoughtful service to deliver it to the room. In general, this B&B is very good, and the experience of staying is very good. It should be better if the weather can be warmer.
Zhuli Jushe Hot Spring Hotel
4.2/5556 Reviews
Qingpu Zhujiajiao/Oriental Land
The price of a five-star hotel and the environmental facilities are only three-star standards. To us, bathing in a hot spring is just the feeling of a public bathroom. Not as stunning as expected. My mother said that the air conditioner was okay, no noise, and the heating was better. The sanitation of the room is still acceptable. The general environment needs to go further. If you want to soak in hot springs, it is not recommended to come here. The advantage is that it is very close to the Zhujiajiao Ancient Town Scenic Area🌹
Shanghai Wuwen Bamboo Language Homestay (International Tourism Resort)
4.6/5281 Reviews
Shanghai Disney Resort
Nice simple home stay in the middle of the big village. Disney is located far away from the city, so there are many villas/houses for similar price. Hotel provides transfer back and forth Disney. But on the way back first need ti take a bus#1 or 15. It’s convenient, just confirm with the driver. I also left some things after checking out, so the hotel stuff kindly sent it to my city within SF express. The beds were super soft! The blanket and pillow too. TV had some English movies.

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Shanghai Hot spring Hotel Guide

Unveiling the Enigmatic Charm of Shanghai: A Must-Experience Delight

Shanghai, a metropolis where old-world charm merges seamlessly with modern marvels, offers an array of unique experiences that are bound to captivate any visitor. Embark on a journey through time as you stroll along the historical Bund, where stunning colonial architecture stands tall against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers. Explore the enchanting Yuyuan Garden, a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city, renowned for its classical Chinese design and serene atmosphere.

Encounter the vibrant pulse of Shanghai's nightlife as you wander through the neon-lit streets of Xintiandi, a trendy district brimming with stylish bars, restaurants, and boutiques housed in charming Shikumen-style buildings. Immerse yourself in the local culture by attending a captivating traditional Chinese opera performance at the Shanghai Grand Theatre, where ancient tales come to life on stage.

Convenient Locations for First-Time Visitors

The Bund: A picturesque waterfront area offering stunning views of the city skyline and iconic landmarks.

Nanjing Road: China's premier shopping street, lined with a plethora of stores, malls, and luxury boutiques.

Xintiandi: A trendy entertainment district with a blend of traditional Shikumen architecture and modern establishments.

Yu Garden: A peaceful retreat showcasing classical Chinese gardens, intricate pavilions, and charming tea houses.

Oriental Pearl Tower: An architectural marvel that provides unparalleled panoramas of Shanghai from its observation decks.

Tianzifang: A labyrinth of narrow alleyways bursting with quirky shops, art galleries, and cozy cafes.

Better to Know Before Visiting Shanghai

Before embarking on your Shanghai adventure, it's essential to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, obtaining a valid Chinese visa is necessary for most international visitors. Additionally, ensuring you have a reliable translation app or phrasebook can greatly facilitate communication with locals, as English proficiency may vary.

It's worth mentioning that carrying a small amount of Chinese currency (renminbi) in cash is advisable, as not all establishments accept international credit cards. Lastly, familiarize yourself with basic cultural customs, such as respecting personal space and removing your shoes when entering certain establishments.

Effortless Transportation in Shanghai

Shanghai boasts a well-connected transportation system that ensures hassle-free exploration of the city. Upon arrival at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, travelers can conveniently access the city center via the high-speed Maglev train or opt for a taxi service.

For those arriving by train, Shanghai Railway Station and Hongqiao Railway Station serve as major transportation hubs. The extensive metro network, spanning across the city, offers a cost-effective and efficient means of getting around, connecting popular attractions and neighborhoods. Additionally, abundant taxi services and ride-hailing apps provide convenient transportation options tailored to individual preferences.

Indulge in Shanghai's Culinary Delights and Dazzling Entertainment

Shanghai is a culinary paradise where food lovers can savor an array of delectable flavors. Delight your taste buds with the iconic xiaolongbao, steamed soup dumplings filled with savory goodness, or indulge in mouthwatering local dishes such as "lion's head" meatballs and "beggar's chicken."

After satiating your appetite, immerse yourself in Shanghai's vibrant nightlife scene. From trendy rooftop bars with awe-inspiring views to lively jazz clubs and traditional tea houses, Shanghai offers an abundance of entertainment options to suit every taste.

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