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5 star

Huamao Gusuli Service Apartment (Shantang Street Branch)
4.8/561 Reviews

Huamao Gusuli Service Apartment (Shantang Street Branch)

Shi Road/Shantang business district Suzhou|0.93km from Shantang Street
Suzhou Huamao Gusuli Service Apartment ( referred to as "GUSULI" or "Apartment") is a serviced apartment of Huamao Group. It's located outside the ancient city of Changmen,Gusu,Suzhou, by the river. And it's to the east of Changmen Ancient City Wall, near by Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou Museum. Many famous attractions could by walking,such as Shantang Street, Lingering Garden, Xiyuan Temple, Hanshan Temple. We have a unique garden landscape, culture and natural resources.It was mentioned from 《The Story of the Stone》 : "The most and second-class prosperous place in the world". GUSULI built by a number of well-known artists and masters who is come from local or international. They have restored the garden, legendary garden of Jiangnan, The Violet Garden has been lost for hundreds of years. In the future, the apartment will be neighborly by the first Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Suzhou, Super Grade A Office Buildings, Luxury shopping center and an art museum designed by the international architect Tadao Ando. You can feel the international lifestyle when you go out. When traditional and modern styles blend with each other, the many of modern buildings around the garden , They become very dreamy, kind of travel through time. GUSULI has 225 modern art rooms, they are modern and artistic style, This style is very natural and pure, like an ink painting presented in front of the eyes. One of the most special room is the Warm Family Suites, the theme of the appropriate to show the multiple aspects of Suzhou, traditional and modern; "Crazy Kids" ,the children's theme suite is a paradise room tailored for children, with joy, safety and warmth for the purpose of building;We have eight Fantastic Terrace Suites:they have a pretty view of the The Violet Garden, It is the perfect place to have a cup of tea with friends and family. We are also offers Pet-friendly Suites for pet lovers.The five-star hotel standard in GUSULI equipped it with comfortable bedding, linen, fresh air system, whole floor heating, private kitchen and attentive butler service to provide guests with a better stay experience. In addition to public spaces such as heated swimming pool, whiskey bar, children's playground and gym, we also provide a set of customized service : Suzhou Style wedding,in the garden. As well as rich and colorful content activities, such as baby care, summer camp, psychology with parent and child, Intangible cultural heritage research, and traditional cultural experience.

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Family friendly

Atour Hotel Suzhou Beisita Taohuawu Street
4.9/511 Reviews

Atour Hotel Suzhou Beisita Taohuawu Street

Guanqian Street/Pingjiang Street/Downtown Suzhou|1.12km from Shantang Street
The hotel is located at No. 28 Liaojia Lane, Gusu District, Suzhou City (a 10-minute walk from Exit 5 of Beisi Pagoda of Metro Line 2). It is adjacent to 5A scenic spots such as Tiger Hill, Humble Administrator's Garden, and Lion Grove. It is close to Suzhou Station and close to Stone Road, Guanqian Street, Pingjiang Road, Shantang Ancient Town business district. The high-end version of Atour Group's brand is a boutique hotel Pro that allows you to experience the city's lifestyle for both business and leisure. Whether it is business travel, tourism, vacation, or study and examination, it is your best choice for high-quality accommodation in Suzhou; in the heartbeat of the city On this occasion, pursue that quiet and exquisite area. The design concept of the hotel is based on the themes of "reading" and "humanistic photography". The hotel's design style has Soviet-style garden characteristics, bringing you an elegant, natural, quiet and warm lifestyle. Here, the tranquility in the room is a kind of relaxed and natural tranquility; all guest rooms are equipped with high-quality bedding from the Atour Life Series; the lobby is equipped with a large reading club (Bamboo House) and an exquisite self-service local specialty restaurant (Xiangzhao) Take you to experience the unique and diversified healthy breakfast; the hotel has a large courtyard with a water view that is comparable to the check-in spot of Internet celebrities. There is an observation deck on the third floor to bring you the visual impact of ancient and modern times, instantly awakening your warm and jade-like Jiangnan memory. , giving you a wonderful living habitat for leisure and quiet reading.

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Scholar Shan Tang Hotel
4.8/51723 Reviews
Shi Road/Shantang business district
Hotel have airconditioning which is very rare during march un shanghai, heated floors, heated toilets, with balcony, windows cant be open though. Outside the hotel is the famous street on shantang. Very nice place . Breakfast is not ok though , they have complimentary drinks though and the ambiance of the hotel is perfect for photoshoot
Manxin Suzhou Shantang Jiangnan Weaving House Hotel
4.7/51093 Reviews
Shi Road/Shantang business district
Located right in the middle of Shantang street which is a main tourist attraction, hotel entrance was easy to find as well. Room was quiet even though it’s right by the tourist street. Accessible via metro, but will need to walk about less than 10 minutes through a pebbled stone street - will recommend to reach slightly earlier in the day, as the street can get VERY crowded at night especially on weekends/peak periods, which will make it challenging to navigate with luggage.
Blossom Hill Inn · Shantang
4.8/5739 Reviews
Shi Road/Shantang business district
I have stayed at Huajiantang only 0 times and countless times. This is my second time staying at Huajiantang. The walls of the room this time are a bit old, but the room is very clean. The fruit in the afternoon is so luxurious and the service is really good. , there are many tourists during the festival, and there is also a queuing service. You can cook tea around the fire in the small courtyard of the hotel in the afternoon. If you like slow-paced travel, you must stay at Huajiantang. It is the first choice to go out to play Huajiantang.
4.7/50 Reviews
Shi Road/Shantang business district
💡[A little surprise for me from the homestay] There are two cats, one named Fat Tiger and one named Hua Hua, Hua Hua is very lady, she is very good when she is Rua, Fat Tiger is very lively and makes him play with him, and he also saves face, We lived on the second floor and saw the spectacular sunset on the first day. The photos were very good, it was amazing! The small disadvantage is that the second floor will be a little hot 🙋[For the landlord, I want to say] The landlord is very gentle and nice, and can be said to be responsive. Forgot to bring a towel and disposable towels are provided. On the last day, I was fortunate to taste the landlord's cold salad, which is super delicious 😋 📍[For the convenience of the surrounding area, I have to say] You can walk straight to Shantang Street, which is quite convenient. If you have a small motorcycle, it will definitely be more convenient than walking there. The surrounding Lele home-cooked dishes are also delicious! 🏖[The attractions I visited during my stay] There is Shantang Street here. I think it is very convenient to call a taxi. It is basically within three kilometers to Pingjiang Road and Xueshi Street, and it is not far from the train station. Shantang Street is at night. There are a lot of people, and there are relatively few people around 16:30. It is a pity that I did not take the boat this time. I hope that I can experience it next time. There is a chicken feet shop on the corner of the bridge hole on Shantang Street. It is quite delicious. The shrimp slips taste good too, I will try this hairy belly next time I have a chance
Qiaoshe Oarsing B&B
4.7/520 Reviews
Shi Road/Shantang business district
We originally booked 3 nights, but after arriving we were attracted by the autumn and winter scenery of Jiangnan, so we extended the stay for 3 more nights. The little surprise was that there were activities on the platform for the last 3 nights, and the boss gave us a very cheap price. The first reason for retaining it is that the location is particularly good, at the entrance of Shantang Street, right in the scenic spot. It is relatively close to the subway station and train station. It is very convenient to go back and forth to places around Suzhou in the same day without having to carry luggage. Second, the small two-story layout is very comfortable. The first floor is a small hall. It is quite comfortable to sit on the dining table and make tea and chat, or lie on the sofa to check the mobile phone. It is a pity that it is noisy facing the street, especially the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs next to it. The shop is very popular, it gets noisy late at night, and tables often block the door. Of course, it is still a good choice for those who are not sensitive to noise. Overall feeling is pretty good 😄
The Pushi Mansion
4.8/5270 Reviews
Shi Road/Shantang business district
Located on the banks of the bustling ancient canal, close to the ancient Suzhou city wall, you can see the brightly lit Qilishantang across the river. The environment is " and " without losing elegance, and the bustling is quiet. Not to mention the ichthyosaur dance at night, but watching the refreshing wind in the morning, I feel very comfortable! Think of the ancient south to north, stationed in the boat, fragrant tea, dessert, lingering in the ears of the outsider who can't understand but the tone of the pingtan, ah! Comfortable, I am a modern person intoxicated. Say goodbye and see you again!

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