Things You Must Know Before Going to Dubai|It's not expensive to spend a warm winter

The meeting of desert and sea, the blending of water and fire, the symphony of day and night. Spending a warm winter in Dubai is not as expensive as imagined. Although it depends on personal spending habits, it has a much better cost performance than the crowded tourist islands. It's really a great choice for winter❗️ 🌟Places not to be missed🌟 1️⃣AURA Skypool, overlooking the Palm Island and coastline from a 360° infinity pool 200 meters high in the sky, where Cristiano Ronaldo and the Prince of Dubai have checked in. The front row loungers facing Palm Island need to be booked weeks in advance, but if it's a slightly cold December-January, the cheaper and easy-to-book lounge is also a good choice. 💰pool access 200-675 AED, indoor lounge 100-300 AED 2️⃣Visit the 'Top of the World' Burj Khalifa, you can book the *** restaurant on the 122nd floor, and also avoid the tower climbing fee. Dinner window seats are in high demand, book in advance. 3️⃣How can you overlook the center of Dubai without the silhouette of the Burj Khalifa? The best cloud viewing platform is the sky view observatory directly facing the Burj Khalifa. 4️⃣Al Seef, an Arabic-style antique district, is very comfortable for taking pictures and strolling around. It's relatively less known in China, recommended to go in the afternoon. 5️⃣The world's deepest pool: 60 meters Deep Dive Dubai, lost ancient city, underwater billiards, fitness cycling... dream underwater journey. 6️⃣The futuristic museum full of technology, and also a standout in Dubai's architecture. 7️⃣Leave at least half a day for desert sand dashing. If you have plenty of time, it's recommended to stay in a desert resort for two or three days. 8️⃣Jumeirah Al Qasr is not only a popular antique building area, but also a good place to view the sailboat hotel. 9️⃣Dubai Creek Harbour at dusk has a beautiful skyline of Dubai. But the necessary route is congested and the turn to the tourist parking lot is not very clear, be sure to set off in advance, otherwise you will miss the beautiful golden moment like me. 1️⃣0️⃣The first edition of 'Lost Space' Aquarium, with a deeper sea atmosphere than the same kind in Sanya, I think people will like it. 🌟In addition, Dubai is only 1.5 hours drive from Abu Dhabi, it's recommended to visit the Louvre on the sea and Sheikh Zayed Mosque (reservation required). ✈️Entry and Exit✈️ ✨Chinese passports with more than 6 months remaining validity are exempted from visa for 30 days. ✨Drones not declared upon entry will be confiscated if found. 🚘Transportation🚘 ▪️There are many speed limit captures, and the fines are large, so don't speed. ▪️Dubai's main roads have up to 20+ lanes in both directions, with fast speeds and many adjacent exits, navigation is not enough just by listening, you must turn on car play. ▪️The highway from Dubai to Abu Dhabi has step-by-step speed changes and a lot of speed captures, always pay attention to the speed limit. ▪️Traffic is severe during peak hours, try to avoid traveling. 🏡Hotels🏡 Luxury hotels are abundant and cost-effective, ordinary five-star hotels in Dubai are everywhere at 1K+, luxury hotels usually start at 3K+. Abu Dhabi's overall price is even lower. 🌟Other🌟 💳In today's overseas payment environment, a visa/mastercard chip card is a must. ☀️Winter and early spring are the most suitable seasons, the Spring Festival period in January and February is only over 20 degrees. There is a large temperature difference between morning and evening, so mix and match short sleeves and knitted jackets. 💰Tipping country. 👗There are strict dress codes for entering mosques, women need to cover their hair. 🌛Try to avoid going during Ramadan. At that time, you can't eat or drink in public places, Muslims don't eat before sunset, and many restaurants will clos
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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