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| Experience a different must-see drama. This winter❄️ can't go to Erbin, always take the children to Mount Emei, ❤️《Only Mount Emei》❤️ is a drama that can't be missed at the foot of this mountain, both me and the children👭 feel it's worth the trip! Especially Chenchen, who has a deep memory of each plot story, feels that the art cells have been sublimated! - 🌈The whole drama through different scene changes, immersive experience of different misplaced time and space, as if seen Li Bai, seen porter, seen you and me, seen everything that happened on this mountain - ✅"Above the Clouds" is an indoor theater Through 6 interlocking stories, it deduces the touching stories that happened on Mount Emei, plus the beautiful and shocking lights and the actors' superb performances, it's hard not to be infected 👉Cloud Sea Inquiry 👉Golden Top Floating and Sinking 👉Dream Chasing Years 👉Phoenix Valley Cloud Smoke 👉Thousand Years Porter 👉Hometown Nostalgia ❤️Every story has a place that touches your heart, only those who have been there have deep feelings ❤️What I remember most is "I am a porter, you are also a porter, we are all porters, just carrying different things" Isn't this the case, modern life's mortgage, car loan, having old and young, isn't our responsibility on our shoulders also a porter - ✅"Under the Clouds" is in Gaohe Village 🌈As soon as you enter the village, you can feel a strong sense of the times, and now there is also a garden party with the theme of the Dragon Year🐲, a lot of small games, both adults and children are having fun, and there are snacks when you are tired👍 Mount EmeiTourismEmeiEmei DramaEmei FoodEmei CultureTourism
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 11, 2024
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