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🌟The most anticipated part of the trip to Mount Emei is to watch . I have seen some dramas before, but this progressive viewing mode is very novel~ It breaks my understanding of the traditional drama viewing method, and the freshness is 💯 🌟Arrived at the Only Mount Emei Theater at more than 3 pm, and visited the Garden Fair at more than 4 pm. The real scene was built, and it took you back to your childhood in a second. Rolling iron balls, skipping ropes, ring games, "neighbor's" small shops All are full of memories The New Year is approaching, and there are some New Year garden activities, lively and festive 🌟Watch Above the Clouds at 7:30 pm Sea of clouds, world, life, ideals, hometown Different scenes tell different stories The only thing in common is that they can all trigger our different feelings It's drama, and it's also a dialogue with life The audience walks and watches, and if they are not careful, they seem to be in the play Different topics, many moments can bring applause from the audience For me, the most touching is the scene of the husband's back For thousands of years, there has been a husband carrying Mount Emei On the other hand Maybe we are all carrying husbands, just carrying different things We now What we carry is life, and it is the daily necessities of life 🌟If you have the chance to travel to Mount Emei, remember not to miss ❌ is worth seeing. Emei Mount Emei Surrounding Tour Emei Tourism Drama
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Posted: Feb 15, 2024
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