Come to Emei and watch "Only Emei Mountain·Above the Clouds" again

It is said that only by watching "Only Emei Mountain·Above the Clouds" can you truly understand Emei Mountain The whole process is not just sitting and watching You will participate in a walking style One and a half hours, 6 scene changes Several times I saw tears in my eyes It's about life It starts with the famous natural scenery of Emei Mountain: "Sea of Clouds" and Buddha's Light It's really a visual feast The light and fluffy costumes are really like clouds Until the sound rang, I realized that they were all real people performing Follow the guide to experience the story of 6 different scenes A conversation between a girl and an old lady If people live for themselves, they can only live in a corner People live for others, can live out the real self There is a profession on Emei Mountain that has existed since ancient times, "Millennium Porter" Stage, lights, actors, props Present this profession to us He's right, we're all porters Just carrying different things I think I will never forget this trip to Emei 📍Only Emei Mountain Drama Fantasy City Mountain Surrounding Tour Emei Mountain to go on the weekend
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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