There is such a place at the foot of Mount Emei!!!

This place is divided into Above the Clouds, In the Clouds, and Below the Clouds. The most memorable are Below the Clouds and Above the Clouds. Below the Clouds is a kind of market place. There are many fun games and wonderful performances inside. You can buy some food tickets and exchange them for snacks inside. Experience the life of the previous generation. There are many beautiful places in the Below the Clouds. There are many types of games, and you can participate in the lottery after completing all the tasks on the card. The drama performance Above the Clouds is really shocking. Almost all the actors inside are college students. With each movement, each performance is different. Every time it is very shocking❗❗ The most memorable thing is the porter. The porter is also a child who doesn't want his father to work hard anymore. He doesn't want his father to do this job, but his father insists on doing it. Because what he carries is not just things, but a heritage. The word 'heritage' alone is enough. The performance here is really shocking. Don't miss this drama performance only in Emei when you come to Emei.
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Posted: Feb 12, 2024
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