Immersive Theater Drama | I was shocked by 'Only Emei Mountain'

For the first time, I watched an immersive large-scale stage play🎭 The performance of a hundred people was shocking~ Every detail has a story plot The combination of costumes and lights is unparalleled From watching to slowly immersing in it With the scene change of each act Different feelings, different moods - 🎬Theater: 'Only Emei Mountain' 📍Address: Only Emei Mountain Drama Fantasy City ✨The entire theater is divided into 3 parts✨ Above the clouds👉In the clouds👉Below the clouds - ☁️Above the clouds: Sea of clouds questioning, Golden top floating and sinking, Dream chasing years, Wind valley cloud smoke, Thousand years of carrying husband, Ten thousand years of homesickness Immersing in it and walking around is really shocking ☁️In the clouds: The scene is filled with mist, as if in a fairyland, every shot is a blockbuster~ It's worthy of Emei Mountain fairyland! ☁️Below the clouds: Real-life village theater, back to the 80s in a second. Garden party: The village actors are all dressed in old clothes, experiencing various games that only existed when they were children, and all the challenges can be drawn🥇, as if they were a member of Gaohe Village, not only garden performances, but also martial arts recruitment, tea art performances, face-changing performances~ It can be said to be very innovative! The overall experience is really worth a whole day, lingering and forgetting to return, it's worth a try~
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Posted: Feb 15, 2024
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