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About Bengbu

Bengbu is named after the production of river oyster and pearls. Beng means oyster and bu means town in Chinese. Bengbu is an important transportation hub in Anhui Province and is located at the intersection of several railways. With beautiful scenery, there are many fascinating sites worth visiting in Bengbu, such as Cao Shan, which is said to be the place of Cao Cao’s barrack in the Three Kingdoms Period, along with state-level protected cultural relics, Dongou Prince of Ming Dynasty, Tanghe's Tomb, Quaternary-period glacier relics, Jingshan and Tushan, which is the location where Dayu once worked the rivers to prevent it from causing a flood.

Popular Attractions in Bengbu

Bengbu Flower Drum Lantern Carnival
709 Reviews
Amusement Park
The Bengbu Flower Drum Lantern Carnival exists primarily to present and propagate the Huaihe River Basin's comprehensive dance-based art form. The carnival has songs, dances and dramas, presented with a unique, creative style in a rich artistic language. The carnival's dance movements are simple, lively, cheerful and free-spirited. The style of the performances is rich in local flavor. The carnival's music is derived from local folk songs with a wide range of subjects, varied rhythms, and degrees of excitement or mellowness. The dances and songs here are representative and powerful folk dances of the Han nationality.
Bengbu Redang Island Indoor Heated Water Park
290 Reviews
Entertainment Center
Located northeast of the intersection of Huangshan Avenue and Chaoyang Road, it is an indoor heated water park on Redang Island, Bengbu. Various options, such as aquatic entertainment, health spas, cultural and artistic performances and family-friendly activities create a unique environment in the heated water park, and make it a fantastic place to spend your leisure time playing in the water.
Longzi Lake Scenic Area
434 Reviews
The Longzi Lake Scenic Area is divided into the North Lake Scenic Area, South Lake Scenic Area, West Lushan Scenic Area, Cone Mountain Scenic Area and four other major scenic areas, mainly consisting of Longhu, Caoshan, Xuehuashan, West Lushan and Cone Mountain. Green mountains and clear waters are connected throughout the scenic spot. The lakeside is full of twists and turns and is ever changing. The water is deep and open, and unusual rock formations are exposed on the cliffside. There is beautiful natural scenery and a wide variety of cultural areas. Martyr Cemetery and Tanghe Tomb in the scenic spot have become a base of patriotism education. Other scenic spots, such as Huaihe Style Garden and Water Paradise, are also wonderful and have distinct characteristics.
Great Ming Imperial Hot Spring Water World
108 Reviews
Hot Spring
Great Ming Imperial Hot Spring Water World combines outdoor hot springs, leisure and health, along with a family-friendly, parent-and-child water park. The most innovative aspect of the water park is that it has successfully constructed a large-scale, four-season wellness hot spring and entertaining water world. Encircled by mountains and forests, the area is clear and the proven rich geothermal resources are well explored and well used. The hot spring water of about 50 degrees Celsius is extracted from aquifers sourced deep from below the earth's surface. Built on the culture of the Ming Emperor Yongle and using the stories of Zheng He going to the western oceans as the main theme, as displayed via multi-dimensional projection technology, music and mud therapy, guests are able to fully appreciate the long history of China's hot spring culture.

Bengbu Tours & Tickets

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