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Things To Do in Elunchunqi

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Military Site
曹 操Still lying quietly in the bussuri military zone in the deep mountains, there is a scenic spot on the mountain behind. This is an abandoned military base. The barracks below have been converted into hotels. It will take about half a day to complete the transfer.
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首席监理The Gaxiandong site is located 10 kilometers northwest of Alihe Town, Olunchun Autonomous Banner, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Gaxian Cave site is a large natural cave. The entrance of the cave is on a cliff halfway up the mountain, 25 meters above the surface. The back of the mountain and the water face the entrance to the southwest. The cave is 120 meters long from north to south, 28 meters wide from east to west, and more than 20 meters high. Stone carvings of Zhuwen were discovered at the Gaxiandong site, and pottery, stone, bone, wood, bronze, iron, and jadeware were unearthed, as well as gold belt ornaments with Sanlu pattern and gold earrings. The pottery unearthed at the Gaxiandong site is mainly pottery pots. It belongs to the Warring States Period. Most of them are handmade dark brown sand-filled rough pottery, and a few are wheel-made fine mud-grey pottery. The pottery slices are mostly printed, and a pottery was found. Pottery pots full of grains; stone tools unearthed at the Gaxiandong site, fine stone tools dating back to the Mesolithic era, including stone arrowheads, stone spears, and scrapers. National key units.
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Water Sports
Water Park
M35***33I took my child to Water World last year, and it was not bad!
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City Park
m93***40The 3A-level scenic spot in Heilongjiang Province is a veritable forest park with high forest coverage. There are paths made of cement, some pavilions for people to rest, and there are many small cultural attractions. There are several routes to go from east to west. Standing on a high place, you can overlook the whole city. It is a free attraction worth visiting.
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Uncle_FengziIt's a bit like a large science and technology museum, where you can learn a lot of things and gain knowledge. You can also understand the Daxinganling fire that shocked the world in 1987. Daxinganling Resource Museum, with a construction area of 2,800 square meters. Daxinganling Resource Museum is a AAA-level tourist spot in Heilongjiang Province and a patriotic education base in Heilongjiang Province. The facilities in the museum fully display the rich forests, wetlands, wild animals and plants, water, minerals and other resources and ecological landscapes in my country's cold temperate forest areas, reflecting the spirit of working hard and breaking through the alpine forbidden zone in Daxinganling, and paying attention to the display of science and education. , Knowledgeable, interesting, and participatory, with a complete multi-language explanation and computer query and multimedia presentation system. The Daxinganling Resource Museum is to inspire people to care for nature and love Daxinganling, establish awareness of protecting the living environment and natural ecological environment, and strengthen patriotism An important place for education.
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行天下品生活Kuturqi is an Oroqen language, which means "a blessed and auspicious place." Kutulqi Square was built in July 2006 and is the core link of the Ali River tourist attraction chain, the capital of the Oroqen Autonomous Banner. It includes four components: Dongmen Archway, Totem Pole, Anil Statue, and Relief Wall. A bonfire can be lit in the center of the square. On both sides of the road more than 500 meters from the square to the Oroqen Folk Village, there are several statues of the Oroqen people living in hunting and fishing. On the left is Gaxian Lake, and on the right is a monument to the victory of unity in the War of Resistance.