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Things To Do in Pinghu

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Water Park
皓明It's still good to play with children, children like it. Buying tickets online is still convenient and fast. You can use tickets on the day, and buying tickets two days in the morning can be cheaper. It is still too much for 20 yuan to go in the box to put things.
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无目的闲逛fresh air. The best place for vacation. There are not many people, the transportation is not convenient, and there are many locals. It is a good recommendation for friends to party and play! It's better to have a car to travel by car. Food, drink and fun are all available.
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Ancient Settlement
E40***53The bus from Shanghai South Bus Station took about an hour and it takes you right to the scenic area. Hotels can get you a discount on the entrance ticket price. Easy to get lost wandering around the narrow walkways. So many shops and tons of food to choose from. Good for a day trip from Shanghai or a quick weekend getaway.
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陆小凤In fact, the Chocolate Town of Gophisson is located in the sweet town of Jiashan Dayun. There are various flower-planting fields, red, yellow, blue, green, blue and purple, driving all the way on the country road, beautiful ~ Now arrange a trip, will see if there is any way to take children on the return journey. Where to make up for the small regret of the holiday passing ~ The chocolate town is not small. After the lobby entrance, there is a small train station, one hour later, and a round, attach a timetable for reference ~ After crossing the colorful garden composed of the flower sea and the windmill, Arrive at the Chocolate City Hall, the chocolate kitchen on the left hand side, you can buy a package ticket containing making chocolate in advance online, remember, after making it, you need to leave a full 45 minutes. In order to shape the chocolate work ~ one person's sights, determine his vision; A person's vision determines his actions. I am willing to abandon some traditional education and give children some free feelings ~ fun and fun, overall superb,
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City Park
柴康伯爵East Lake Park is the Pinghu's landmarks, open-style lakeside park without tickets, Lotus-style architecture around the lake, is Li Shutong (Yiyi Master) Memorial Hall, there are ancient temples, Pavilion Pavilion such as the Jiufeng a glance building, more show the cultural heritage of Pinghu Lake. Recommended to visit at night, the bright East Lake Park will make you linger.
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博士小美女Located in Jiaxing City, Nanhu Lake is a national 5A-level tourist area and a provincial scenic spot. Scenic area 6.56 square kilometers, water area 1109 mu. Subtropical humid monsoon climate, no cold in winter, no hot summer, warm and cool in spring and autumn, four seasons. The scenic area is evergreen, rivers are dense, beautiful scenery.