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Things To Do in Pingnan

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水晶软糖The Dragon Boat Festival takes children out for a trip. The hotel is very special. The room is spacious, the environment is beautiful, and the hygiene is clean. The restaurant is a buffet. You can eat while watching the tiger. The children are very happy. The package ticket for the hotel + wildlife world ticket is very cost-effective, good value for money, good scenery, fun and fun, overall great, you can brush two when you have time!
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118***60Guiping Xishan Qujing path is quiet, cultural deep, is a good place to relax. You can go to the mountainside first, then walk to the top. Of course, the reverse is also possible. There are many roads in the mountains, it is difficult to play all at once, suitable for many trips.
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_We***35I am a native of Jinghua Village. When I was young, I went to pick the star anise and walk through the current tourist area. It took 2 hours to walk. At that time, even a horse could not walk on the road. We had to go early and return late to pick the star anise from the mountain. Come back to sell. In the first few years, the main source of income there was the star anise. It is now developed. The scenery is so-so, maybe because I grew up there since I was a child, I don’t feel fresh when I see it too much. The bus drives directly to the middle of the mountain. At present, the scenic spot is still under construction. The secondary road passes directly through our hometown, which is very convenient!
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_We***95The cruise ship is in Longtan Forest Park. Tickets are 60 yuan, tickets and cruise ships are 99 yuan. It is cost-effective. Guiping drives 30 minutes to the scenic gate. The scenic gate is 20 minutes by car when you enter the cruise ship. You can drive by yourself or take the sightseeing car scenic spot of the scenic spot. The Dateng Gorge has a beautiful environment. Fresh air, pleasant views and a great place to take family
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_We***85The picture does not match, the place is a bit small! But you can go. The museum is a place where the culture of a place is displayed. It is a safe for culture. The combination of culture and travel is now advocated. The museum is a place where poetry and distance are truly combined. One of the best ways to understand the cultural heritage of a place is go to the museum!
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M37***17This place is very beautiful, beautiful scenery