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Things To Do in Zhaoping

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Ancient Settlement
茱丽叶very suggestive, can spend an hour or so walking around and taking photos. the drive there is also nice. inside the village there are some cafe to sit down but probably not worth it. can get some souvenirs instead.
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_We***87The weather was fine, I called a car to go, and I had to place an order one hour in advance, otherwise I couldn’t use it. I read the reviews and I was prepared in my heart. The result was unexpected. The scenery is beautiful and the environment is clean. The ticket office Walk in for 15 minutes and take a sightseeing bus for 3 minutes. The scenery is picturesque along the way, and bicycles can be rented. After the bamboo raft came back, I went up. The bamboo raft is very new. The whole journey takes about half an hour. Although the water is not clear enough, it is against the mountain peaks and green trees. The scenery is also pleasant, and the swimming in the water is super cool. It is really worth coming. One trip. If it is more convenient for Huang Yao to drift on the Yao River, it would be the best.
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M39***05Dailong Bridge is the largest stepped stone arch bridge among the 15 ancient bridges in Huangyao Ancient Town [1]. It was built in the third year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in the 23rd year of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (1759). The bridge is 22m long and 3m wide. It has two arches, one large and one small. The large arch is 3.2m above the water surface with a diameter of about 5.6m; the small arch is a dry arch, 2.55m above the ground, with a diameter of about 3m.
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Ancient Trees
M39***05"Dragon Claw Ficus" has been born for more than 800 years. Its height, width, width, thickness, thickness, strength, extension, connotation, luxuriantness, magnificence, and continuous melon shape are simply It is no longer a tree, nor can it be summed up as a "dragon claw", but has become a castle. Every day, large groups of people are hugged in its shade, women, old people, and children sit and chat. , Playing cards, choosing vegetables, frolicking... For them, Rong Claw is no longer a tree, but a country, home, parents and parents, husband and wife, son and daughter, the stove in the kitchen, and the pot. His food is sunshine and rain, water and air, or the breath of distant ancestors...
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Featured Neighborhood
姜如意Huanghua Ancient Town is the most characteristic place, the ancient lane is used in the green stone slab, has been more than 400 years of history, after the years of washing stone has been polished smooth meticulous, after the rain will also send out a burst of reflection, is also a lot of photographic material.
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qianjiangyueHuangyao Fairy Lake Flower Sea is located in Tawang Village, Zhaoping County, next to the original Zhoujia Reservoir. We went there mainly to participate in outdoor activities. By the way, we took a look at the flowers. The scenic area is large and there are some flowers, but not many. The flowers in the back look delicate and beautiful, and the scenery is still good.