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Universal Studios Singapore
Singapore must-have card | Universal Studios Day Tour Come to Singapore Universal Studios always has to arrange a day, theme park! Just like which national cities have Disneyland, going to travel will always go to play~ This Universal Studios in Singapore is on Sentosa Island, you can easily understand the feeling of becoming a city center + outlying island. Metro gets off at HarbourFront, C exits Vivo City and then takes the Sentosa Express to the island on the third floor. (You can use the transportation card) After you leave the station, you can go to Universal Studios. Although it is open at 10 o'clock, it is best to go at 9 o'clock, because you always take pictures at the door, and then queue up. I didn't buy a fast ticket, because Singapore's Universal Studios is still quite small, basically arrived early, and all the projects can be played. After queuing into the park, the map is taken. The entrance to the avenue is less than a stop, first play the key projects, and there is time to go back and take a photo. The most popular item is of course Transformers! Directly here, there are not many people in the queue~ This is actually the scene of the simulated Transformers battle (sitting in the car), I just sit in the first row, very realistic, fun! Red and Blue Roller Coaster is another popular project here. Roller coaster enthusiasts can't miss it. It seems that Universal Studios in other countries does not have this project. I am not courageous to play, the so-called red and blue difference, one is sitting in the car, and the other is the foot hanging outside, too horrible. . . This mummies, no one is queuing when I go, because it is also a hot item and I want to hurry! Its a bit uncomfortable to go to the door and say that you want to store your bags and items. . . Sure enough, its terrible! This is actually an indoor roller coaster. . . The whole process is dark, then there will be a period of rapid retreat, like to stimulate to go play ~ let me play once I refused! The stimulus project is actually the three, and fight for it in the morning. In the afternoon, when you have a little physical strength, you can play indoor sitting projects, such as performances, which is the first choice! Look at the time, go in and choose the seat, this program is interactive, so the seat has a color distinction, summed up is sitting in front will be wet! (There is a chance to be invited to the stage in the front row. There will be a bucket of water in the show. Hahaha.) I am probably sitting in a slightly wet area, and it will indeed be sprinkled by water.) Later, I also played some projects without taking pictures, such as drifting, this needs to bring a raincoat, otherwise it will be wet. As for the degree of wetness, the direction of the round seat drifting is uncertain, but the doorway There will be a dryer for the charge, it is best to bake it. Photographing what to put in the end, Xiao Huangren shop and photo must have a wave ~ basically I played before the dark, then go back to the B&B to rest, go to Geylang at night, eat Tianji porridge, if you have physical strength, you can also shop at Yifeng City + dinner.
Staycation Approved)
What are the top hotels in Singapore? book this hotel, I mainly want to see the hotel at this price? The Golden Sands Hotel has long been known, the net red top floor infinity pool is world famous, but the room is a bit old. This time, Ritz-Carlton, who is very hot, chooses a bubble bath in the bathtub in front of the red octagonal window. The window is the top night scene. The starlight in the distant sands and the sparkling water surface of the Bay Area make this The night has become a lot softer. Location: Located in the center of Marina Bay, very close to the tourist attraction, the invincible night view is the most direct reason to choose this hotel. Facilities: Entering the hall, there should be a word "magnificent", full of luxury everywhere, even the air exudes the kind of high-end hotel unique fragrance. The most like is the irregular glass at the top, which is especially designed. The bathroom in the hall, super five-star level, reflected in the details of the hand towel is a small towel. The configuration of the front desk covers the mainstream language of the world, and guests have no language barriers. The facilities in the room are very good and the details are reflected. Hardware: shower hot water in five seconds; ultra-quiet central air conditioner; double telephone supporting international conference; single storage room The luggage will not be affected and the room will be clean and tidy. Software: bedding top silky texture, skin-friendly is very good; cervical vertebra is not good, I have high requirements for pillows, some hotel pillows often feel neck when sleeping Sore, but that night I slept until dawn, and I didn't feel sore at all; The welcome chocolate on the bedside was very mellow. Two days over there, I saw that the hotel hosted quite a lot of banquets. People went to blingbling, and the mens suits and bow tie girls evening dresses.
Ivana Zhang
Singapore Travel | Orchard meets what you want to eat, drink, play, hh/ Recently, a friend is going to play in Singapore to ask the group to take the classics. I havent thought about Singapores travel recommendations yet. Speaking of Singapore, if you want to have a one-stop shop to meet the needs of travel, then I must first promote the landmark shopping mall on the Orchard Road - Ai Wu Festival! Because it is so good to go shopping! feels that Aiwu and Orchard have successfully achieved all-in-one, not only can experience Singaporean food for free, but also enjoy Singapores high-altitude night scenes and various novel exhibitions, as well as super-complete brands. Have fun in the store! Of course, travel is indispensable, and AiwuWujie is the second hometown of my afternoon tea star. I really eat tea in all countries within 500 meters! Henri Charpentier is a popular Japanese dessert, Les Financiers heavy oil brick cake is delicious and wants to cry, no wonder it is Japan's best-selling classic; full of Moroccan romantic exotic Bacha Coffee, from more than 200 different producing areas 100% Arabica coffee beans, fragrant coffee with awkward, who can refuse such an afternoon tea. There are also Australia's T2, Singapore's TWG TEA and The 1872 Clipper Tea Co, which are really satisfying! B4 has a gourmet culture conference string, you can try a variety of Singaporean food for free, Lin Zhiyuan's popular meat chop, Yakun Kako Toast shop's Singapore traditional Kako Toast, three-patrol Hainan chicken And Yahua Chaozhou Bak Kut Teh, etc., will basically be full after a lap. Free registration of the AiwuOrchard Food Culture Conference has a 5-year SGD coupon, as well as a guided tour of the origins and history of the local food culture. Every Thursday is a guide to Mandarin. Comprehensive one-stop shopping center, subway station direct access to shopping malls, convenient transportation! The above-ground L1-L3 is mainly a variety of first-line big-name and light luxury fashion brands, Gucci, LV, Cartier, Roger Dubui, Lange are here, the goods are very full, and even some brands have exclusive limited editions in Singapore. Buy it and earn it! You can print the tax refund directly at B3's duty-free service counter and save money. The Burberry Tempest series or the unique British style Ted Baker, Moncler's new cooperation series 2 MONCLER 1952+ VALEXTRA are good choices for autumn and winter shopping, and the mall will have discounts from time to time. I want to buy another ticket and fly over. In addition to shopping, the places to play are also arranged! During the day, watch the ION ART art gallery, the whiskey museum and other brands' flash-themed exhibitions in the mall. In the evening, go to the ION Sky viewing platform, enjoy the sunset panorama of the Lion City and the mosaic light show, and enjoy the delicate and feminine snowflake dynamic change. The process of diamonds and jewelry. As long as you spend 20 SGD in the mall, you can redeem an ION Sky viewing platform for free! The babies who are preparing to leave Singapore recently, dont miss the love ~
Staycation Approved)
Goodwood Park is a hotel I have carefully selected for Xiaotoutou. This hotel built in 1900 has a rich history and unique luxury style. It was formerly known as the Teutonic Club, a gathering place for German expatriates living in Singapore. In the late 1930s, after being converted into a hotel, it became famous. At that time, the Duke of Windsor, the Prince of Wales and other famous people all came here. In 1989, the historic tower of this five-star hotel was listed as a national monument. . Such a hotel, walking inside is a kind of enjoyment! Although the room package is a bit old, it does not affect the look and feel here. What's more, this hotel actually has two swimming pools! To know that in the heart of Singapore, the swimming pools of most five-star business hotels are luxury. The pool of Liangmuyuan, a small and beautiful, hidden between the lush greenery and the pavilion, has an extraordinarily romantic atmosphere; a large and elegant, split two areas, one side is suitable for children to play. The children's pool has a water depth of about 60cm. Even if the little girl plays in the room, there is no need to worry. On the other side is a standard swimming pool suitable for adults to swim. In the daily life of Liangmuyuan, enjoy a hearty breakfast in the morning, then take a little gimmick to play around, have lunch outside, go back to the hotel for a nap, then go to the pool Have fun for a while, then push the little girl to take a cup of tea or enjoy a dinner on the Orchard Road. This kind of unhurried leisurely leisure is the correct way to open a family vacation!