9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

Nov 6, 2023


  • Sapporo: One of The Most Snowiest Cities
  • Singapore: The Best Shopping Spot
  • Cebu: A Good Experience of Blue Christmas
  • Reykjavik: Aurora Gazing
  • Kobe: A Paradise for Food and Hot Springs!
  • Luzern: Celebration of Carnival
  • Queenstwon: The Capital of Exploration
  • Moscow: A Storybook City
  • The Sheraton Full Moon Island: A Holiday Paradise
  • Jeju: A Family-friendly Travel Spot
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Sapporo in Hokkaido is a northern city known for the snow. The snowflake-shaped city emblem expresses the citizens' love for snowflakes.

All of Japan revels in the Sapporo Snow Festival, held every winter in Odori Park. Snow sculpture contestants use their imaginations to the fullest to bring the winter scenery to life, on display for tourists from all over the world!

Ski resorts in Sapporo are very famous worldwide. The Sapporo Teine Ski Resort, where the 1972 Winter Olympics were held, is still very popular today.

Perfect snow quality, spectacular slopes and impeccable service will definitely provide a fantastic skiing experience. Even beginners will be impressed by the infinite charm of this winter sport!

In addition, enjoying hot springs in the season of snow and ice is also a favorite winter activity for locals.

You can feel the heat opening up the pores all over your body, and all the cold and haze will disappear, rejuvenating you during your journey!The beautiful and peaceful snowy scenery and rich winter activities in Sapporo make it a well-deserved top destination for winter travel.

9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

If you want to escape from the cold winter and go abroad for fun and shopping, Singapore is your best choice!

Although there are "4 summers" in a year, off-season discounts are by no means lacking! The Christmas season discounts are so large that they can rank among the top 5 in the world. Compared with Milan, New York and other cities, the cost-value ratio is extremely high.

Starting from November, Christmas discounts will last for more than 2 months. All the major shopping malls along Orchard Road offer ultra-low discounts, and many Christmas markets are also very impressive. You can typically find handicrafts and high-grade perfume here, and you can easily find good products!

In addition, there is good news for friends who like the Christmas atmosphere! In the past, all of Orchard Road was decorated with colorful lights and Christmas decorations during the Christmas season. And this year, it's even more surprising!

In 2019, the Christmas lanterns on Orchard Road will be arranged by Walt Disney Company in cooperation with Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA).

Disney elements will be incorporated into every detail of the lighting and divided into 4 series: Disney Princess Series, Frozen, Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie. Following the footsteps of the crowd, you will be able to get up close with Disney idols! Hearing this news, Disney fans really can't wait!

9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

During cold winters, I always miss summer very much. Actually, it's pretty easy to go back to the summer, just go to Cebu! Here, the dry season, which starts around mid-October, is the most comfortable season.

On Christmas Eve, many devout local people will gather in the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino to pray. You will also receive friendly greetings from strangers on your way, showing the kind-hearted nature of this small town.

Nearby, Bohol Island is a perfect holiday paradise. The jelly-like crystal clear water allows you to see the most spectacular underwater world. You can also lie peacefully by the sea, which forms a charming landscape. You will forget the winter cold completely.

In addition, every adventurous traveler shouldn't miss the chance to swim with a shoal of sardines. In Oslob, you will also have the chance to bump into a whale shark, the biggest fish in the sea!

9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is pronounced with two plosives, with a light rhythm just like a spell from Northern European Mythology.

It is the northernmost capital in the world, with endless glaciers and auroras floating in the night sky, showcasing the mysterious and shocking power of winter.

The famous Great Geysir is located 80 km northeast of Reykjavik. In an ice sheet, the churning Great Geysir looks like a blue eye of the earth. The jet of water spurts more than 60 m high. The huge noise before the eruption is definitely something to behold.

9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

As for the 2 most "healing" things during winter, there is nothing better than delicious food and hot springs! Arima Onsen in Kobe is one of the 3 famous hot springs in Japan. Even the little frog in the game Travel Frog has traveled here. Why don't you follow in your little frog's footsteps and take a bath in the hot spring?

The most famous hot springs here are respectively Kinsen (Golden) and Ginsen (Silver) hot springs. They have wonderful recuperation effects. Everyone who has soaked in the hot springs is full of praise!

Needless to say, Kobe beef is one of the world's best meats. For a taste of Kobe beef, Kobe beef cuisine in Kobe City is the most authentic.

Kobe beef is evenly distributed with marble lines, oozing fine grease under exquisite cooking techniques. The moment when the beef enters your mouth, the delicate and rich flavor will leave you thinking: "This is my happiest winter!"

9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

Luzern (Lucerne) is a city in Switzerland with intact medieval features, and is known as the "Home of Honeymoon" of Europe.

If you travel to Switzerland in winter, you must not miss the biggest "Luzerner Fasnacht" in the country. This gorgeous and dazzling celebration will begin in early February after the new year, and will last for 6 days!

People are wearing fancy masks and costumes, playing and singing Swiss songs, just like a team from medieval fairy tales! Among them, there are many strange and terrible costumes, which are to scare away the ghosts of winter and welcome the elves of spring.

You can also board the Lake Lucerne Cruise. On the newly-built cruise ship, you can not only enjoy the full view of the carnival, but also taste a variety of local cuisine and have an encounter with a pirate ship!

9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

Winter in the northern hemisphere is almost a stiffening experience. If you want a warm outdoors experience, it is better to fly directly to the southern hemisphere for winter. Queenstown in New Zealand is known as "The Capital of Exploration".

The bright sunshine and beautiful scenery around February will make every adventurer stir. You can experience the excitement of rafting in the rapids, or take a jet boat with New Zealand characteristics to experience the speed and passion on the lake!

Travelers who love outdoor exploration will never miss skydiving. The perfect weather and oil painting-like scenery will make your adrenaline soar and satisfy your eyes!

If you want a vibrant winter, come to Queenstown and challenge yourself.

9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

The winter in some cities is quiet and beautiful, while the winter in Moscow is like a colorful postcard, intense and unforgettable.

Pure snowflakes, beautiful ice sculptures, eastern European churches with onion-shaped tops, and the incessant laughter adorn Moscow as "The City of Winter Fairy Tales".

The Red Square, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, all of which have experienced many vicissitudes of life, glow with sweet and dreamy colors at this moment.

Let's take a cross-border train this winter to see Moscow, the most beautiful city in our hearts.

9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

The Sheraton Full Moon Island in Maldives is a holiday paradise for every island lover. If you want to escape for the winter and look forward to a lazy holiday with clear water and white sand, then this island will be the best choice.

From December to April of the following year, the sea breeze in Maldives is less hot and humid, bringing a welcomed coolness. There is no need to worry about the wind and waves that come during monsoon season.

During this time, this island has the best white sand beach for relaxation and the clearest sea waters for diving. In addition, there are special water villas on the island where you can walk directly from the room into the sea.

With the 5-star service and the 6-star luxury island, you can enjoy a perfect island holiday without having to worry about coordinating your ideal trip.

9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2024

Recently, many people choose to take their whole family with them and go abroad for the Spring Festival. If you don't want to travel too far or put too much effort into planning a holiday, Jeju Island is a very suitable place to travel.

The visa-free policy of Jeju Island is very friendly to travelers who travel with the whole family and can save a lot of time and effort. On the island, the famous Halla Mountain, as well as the Teddy Bear Museum and the Ecoland Forest Train, are perfect for the whole family.

The Dongmun Market, Chilsung Fashion Street and the famous Black Pork Street on Jeju Island are definitely treasures for shopping and food lovers.

If you are tired, you may want to experience the most authentic Korean steam rooms! Family members sit in a circle, recuperating and feeling the warmest family life in South Korea.

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