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Things To Do in Xishuangbanna

6,301 Reviews
Botanical Garden
E29***58Be it a sunny day or a cloudy one, this place never stop me to amaze by its beauty. If you are here, and its not cloudy, do not miss out on the amazing sunset from the garden's decade old suspension bridge.
6,285 Reviews
City Park
_We***44This park is amazing! It's so close to the city and has many beautiful places to see. It's a lovely place to take a stroll and see the culture of this beautiful city.
3,530 Reviews
Nature Reserve
D55***30Wear comfortable shoes. Especially if you go for the walk the elephants. It's hiking up a steep mountain pass and flip-flops were a bad idea. The elephants were beautiful. The caretakers clearly had a bond with them. We got to feed them carrots.
2,607 Reviews
AmberIOWA lovely scenic attraction. Have the choice to walk or get a shuttle bus which will stop at each of the areas. once you are in the forest it doesn’t require so much walking or energy so I think it’s suitable for different abilities. The peacocks were beautiful, I have never seen them fly before. It was a little sad to see the elephant alone and in such a small fenced space, I could tell that the elephant was also very sad. The views and scenery are very pretty.
1,780 Reviews
National Park
M12***48The tour guide looked very honest and had a good attitude. There was no shopping. There is nothing to say. There is no nonsense to say. I told some stories on the way back. The time will not affect the itinerary of the city. Overall is very good.
1,671 Reviews
自由行省钱侠客See so many comments on the Raiders, in Xishuangbanna Dai Nationality Park, participate in the water splash festival interactive program, why not one person mentioned this Raiders "skills", this is very helpful to "poor travel" people. It is to prepare a small plastic basin in advance in the price of one or two yuan, otherwise, the organizer prepared for "30 yuan Renminbi rent one", I hope this review can help people with hearts. No, "throw" is OK.

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Natural Landscapes
National Parks
Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest: A Poetic Vision of Landscape Painting A great green wall built along the mountain, Tianshan Xueling Spruce Forest lies on the southern slope of Tianshan in Xinjiang Province, along the western portion of the Kunlun Mountains and Junggar Mountains. During the summer, Tianshan’s light green grasslands turn a dark green and the scattered houses and beautiful clouds complement one another as if in a landscape oil painting. As you take in the view, you’ll be able to feel a pleasant breeze caress your face and hear the pleasant sound of singing birds.
avtarTripBlog   Dec 5, 2019

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About Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna is a famous tourism location in Yunnan, known for its magical rainforest landscape and unique ethnic customs. Xishuangbanna is the home of the Dai people. Because it is close to Buddhist countries like Thailand and Myanmar, the Dai people are generally devoted Buddhist believers. Xishuangbanna is dotted with Southeast Asian Buddhist temples and pagodas. It is also a kingdom for natural life, with a wide variety of animal and plant resources, many of which are rare and endangered species. Every year in April, the Dai celebrate their version of Songkran (or Water Splashing Festival). This is an experience unlike any other and attracts visitors from all over the world to join in and experience the fun.

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Here are the best places to visit in Xishuangbanna, including: Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Manting Park,Wild elephant valley
You could try Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Xishuangbanna Primeval Forest Park,Xishuangbanna Dai Minority Park,Tropical Flower Garden,Mengjinglai Scenic Resort in Xishuangbanna
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